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  1. 1) USF2) 53) Banks 164) Martin 105) 81%
  2. USF Team Advocates

    I'd be happy to help out with men's soccer. It's been a couple years since I've posted on the topic but I still keep up with the team.
  3. USF Football Center... It's real!

    That's a hefty price tag. It sounds like they're going to build a premium facility.
  4. Valdes-Scantling

    No. The school record is 822 set by Adams in 2015 and 2016 (same yardage both years).
  5. Ucf

    This is an amazing deal. The price of the tailgate alone is cheaper than what I've seen for past away game tailgates. The fact that it includes parking and transportation to and from the stadium makes this a no-brainer.
  6. Uconn Game

    Red lot Section J
  7. Uconn Game

    For sure. I'll be driving my group and will get in later than then rest but will share the location once I know it and am at a rest stop.
  8. Uconn Game

    I already shared this with a couple people here but want to let others know. There's a chat with a bunch of folks going to the game today. If you click through the below link, you'll be able to join our Facebook Messenger chat. Once folks are parked, they'll share where they're setting up for tailgating. https://m.me/join/AbaPneuR62cWlWuA
  9. Uconn Game

    Some of us started a Facebook Messenger group for the UConn game. There's been some discussion about tailgating and travel up to the game. DM me if you want to be added to the chat group.
  10. Uconn Game

    I will be there with a bunch of others. AFAIK, there's no official tailgate. The uncertainty of the game time kept USF NYC from hosting anything.
  11. Rodney Adams

    I'm a little surprised by this one. I thought he had a great preseason with them.
  12. Uconn Game Time

    66%. Is that high enough?
  13. Uconn Game Time

    I'm coming up with 3 others. It sounds like quite a few other NYC folks are heading up.
  14. 10 Years Ago Today

    It's been exactly 10 years since this wonderful day: http://www.espn.com/college-football/boxscore?gameId=272860058 The 2007 USF/UCF game was my first as a USF student. That game got me hooked and turned me into one of the fans who made his schedule fit USF football rather than the casual fan who attended games when it was convenient. I remember the energy walking into the student section for the first time, yelling until I lost my voice and then yelling a little more, and laughing as our team continued to put points up on a hopeless UCF team. What do you all remember from this game?
  15. We made it onto the list. Don't love that we were grouped together with UCF but enjoy that others are taking notice. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2017/10/12/16463820/ncaa-football-teams-2017-which-team-should-i-pick