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  1. 10 Years Ago Today

    It's been exactly 10 years since this wonderful day: http://www.espn.com/college-football/boxscore?gameId=272860058 The 2007 USF/UCF game was my first as a USF student. That game got me hooked and turned me into one of the fans who made his schedule fit USF football rather than the casual fan who attended games when it was convenient. I remember the energy walking into the student section for the first time, yelling until I lost my voice and then yelling a little more, and laughing as our team continued to put points up on a hopeless UCF team. What do you all remember from this game?
  2. We made it onto the list. Don't love that we were grouped together with UCF but enjoy that others are taking notice. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2017/10/12/16463820/ncaa-football-teams-2017-which-team-should-i-pick
  3. Week 6 Games of Interest

    We had a solid OOC schedule too. Wisconsin was on this year's schedule until a couple years ago when we had to find a replacement on short notice. I find it hard to blame the program for that.
  4. Week 6 Games of Interest

    10-3 SDSU... I don't think this UNLV defense is going to get the job done tonight.
  5. Week 6 Games of Interest

    Michigan State wins 14-10 with a Michigan incompletion in the end zone in the finals seconds.
  6. Week 6 Games of Interest

    You can turn things around pretty quickly once you get rid of Bresnahan and O'Leary.
  7. Week 6 Games of Interest

    Michigan State's giving Michigan a lot of trouble. The rain is really coming down at The Big House.
  8. Week 6 Games of Interest

    I plan on watching the first half. The Washington/Cal game should provide some good #Pac12AfterDark too
  9. Quiz: Interesting NCAA records and sundry

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 16/100 My Time 158 seconds  
  10. Week 6 Games of Interest

    I agree. WVU would've probably jumped us with a win over an 8th-ranked TCU.
  11. Week 6 Games of Interest

    Miami scored a TD
  12. Week 6 Games of Interest

    FSU seems to want this game to go to overtime.
  13. Week 6 Games of Interest

    I missed the FSU TD so I watched the replay. Switched back to Navy and see that Navy scored a TD while I was gone! Navy leads!
  14. Week 6 Games of Interest

    25 seconds left and 16 yards out. Navy needs a TD to win.
  15. Week 6 Games of Interest

    Abey made a fantastic throw just as I submitted this post!