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  1. Quiz: Know the AAC

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 20/100 My Time 25 seconds  
  2. USF's Defensive Turnaround

    I actually think the Bull Shark defense was pretty darn good. It's big weakness is that power running ate it alive. They honestly struggled against FSU and Navy. The 4-2-5 is always going to struggle against the power run unless you have an absolutely fantastic player like Derwin James (FSU also runs a 4-2-5). We did well against Temple in 2015, yes, but I think part of it was that we jumped all over them early and our tackling was certainly better-they had to throw themselves back into the game and they never were able to really do that. That said this defense just takes away the football and the offense hasn't always converted on turnovers. We only got two FGs against Illinois against 3 INTs (although last INT essentially ended the game). If this offense starts converting on those turnovers like they did last year, there's not a team in the country that will be able to take us. There is still unrealized potential with this team.
  3. Week 3? Uniforms

    I remember people complaining that we had too much variety with uniforms during the down years. now we have too little during the winning? Lol.
  4. D'Ernest Johnson Thread for Illinois

    Mr. Johnson looks forward to giving the 3000 high school football players present on friday a glimpse of the transformational power of USF football.
  5. This brought a smile to my face

    Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBrian SquareKelly! Who has a defense as porous as he? SpongeBrian SquareKelly! If ranking nonsense is something you wish? SpongeBrian SquareKelly! Whose teams come on the field and flop like a fish! SpongeBrian SquareKelly!
  6. Some positive news about Friday night...

    I saw this and I'm genuinely excited. Since it doesn't rise to the level of an OV you're essentially giving a few thousand players a free look at the Bulls. I hope another 50 schools submit rosters.

    Actually just reviewed the press release. They're going to get moved to 2022 or 2023. I would say it actually helps our SOS because UMass was such a weak opponent. That of course assumes that we are not a weak team ourselves.

    So what happens to UMass?
  9. Help with Illinois Ticket Distribution

    If you login to your USF ticket account, you can transfer the tickets via email and they can print them out.
  10. I would suspect much of it is due to 1. the fact that students are now coming in with a plan and better academic records and 2. We can sell a reputation as a big city school that UF and FSU can't. It's a unique niche we fill where we're the best public city-based school in the state. UCF is good, sure, but USF has been on this push since Genshaft get here in 2001, UCF started later. They'll catch up eventually, but it's going to take a lot of time.
  11. USN&WR USF #140

    We're now in range of Temple and Cincy. Within 5-7 years, especially with the drive for preeminence and the AAU, we're going to be very close to Tulsa (and dead-even with FSU).
  12. Game on!!

    They already started watching film yesterday. They're back in practice today.
  13. Hills County Schools closed till Monday

    Would be nice just to get them in the door. No one else will be on that night and adding another 10k butts in seats would be nice.
  14. US NEWS College Rankings 2018

    That's a good point, but USF is offsetting that with getting veterans and African Americans through school efficiently and on time. USF is still a great value and will remain so long term.
  15. USF has reached preeminence!

    Rick Scott veto'd the bill they attached it to, so the old rules are back in place. I will refrain from further political commentary no matter how much I want to make fun of the Gator/Seminole lobby.