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  1. Caption this photo

    I asked about that last year. I still don't know where it is. Someone grab NCAA 2014 and update please?
  2. WarOnI4 game week

    In the words of the great John McKay: "I'm all for it".
  3. This Game Will Be Won or Lost by....

    Actually I think the USF OL vs. the UCF DL is a bigger concern. Our team has had issues with blocking.
  4. You're right about that but right now I feel like it would attract all the wrong kinds of attention. Especially AFTER we just managed to clear an NCAA probe with no real issues.
  5. CCS and Coaching Openings

    Scott couldn't run an offense to save his life at UT, I get the USF connection is attractive, but I don't think he's ready for a full-time head coaching job yet. I know he didn't do badly at Miami but I think there are better options.
  6. CCS hates it here

    In fairness, Holtz fit that mold-an up and coming coach from a smaller school who was looking to win big for a few years and move on. he just didn't pan out the way people expected.
  7. Fun question

    Screw that I want an ACC or SEC team in the Peach Bowl. Beat UCF and Memphis and the rest will sort itself out. UF-FSU, your game is officially now less relevant than USF-UCF.
  8. UCF is going to beat us down

    They'd better be ready. Collin said on Twitter that it's possible the team got caught looking ahead after opening up the two score lead early. If they play like the team that we saw on the first quarter we can beat UCF.
  9. The predictions here are of doom and gloom. I get it. There are a lot of things that did not go well last night. Once a few years ago, I heard a former national championship winning coach speak at the convention center. He explained an exercise he did with his players before their bowl game, where they were heavy underdogs. In the interest of that, and spreading a little cheer and positive emotions on this board, I'll ask all of you to post something about this USF football team that you like. Something that people don't know about our Bulls that makes them a better team. I'll start-USF is #1 in the country for team tackles for loss per game (and just 9 TFL behind the leader, who has played one more game than us).
  10. Bright side?

    Here are some other positives. Tulsa ran it 55 times (including sacks) and had 3 YPC. We only had five penalties all night. We actually started fast for once and got out to a big early lead. We had 13 TFL.
  11. Bright side?

    I just took advantage of this at work and sat and had a pizza lunch with three of my coworkers. That's a bright side because our tech writer is eternally cheerful, so it's easy to forget how you felt last night.
  12. Tulsa Post Game Presser

    He had no issues throwing those pop passes in the past. I was perplexed to see him miss on throws he's hit many times in the past.
  13. Futbol Fever : USF v. UF

    Is a Lady Gator actually a thing? Female alligators are referred to as cows, which means that UF is trying to appropriate our mascot! Go Lady Bulls! Dominate the alligator cows!
  14. Today is the last day

    That we know for sure we can use USFWINS with Papa Johns and get 50% off pizza. Hate to say it but the basketball team doesn't give you a lot of confidence that we're going to be getting much pizza over the next few months. Of course, it would be nice if we could celebrate our win over UCF next saturday with some pizza....get it done team!
  15. OC Gilbert: 6 points in the last 50 minutes

    Gilbert seems to believe we have Alabama's offensive line opening holes out here and all they need to do is execute better. They had the right of it at the start of the game where they were running the offense wide open. It's glaringly obvious that we can run a much better offense but he doesn't want to do it. The team I saw in the first quarter would beat UCF. The team I saw in the last three quarters would have trouble winning a college football game.