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  1. That was Martin Fennelly. And to no one's surprise, he came off as an absolute moron. Martin Fennelly's destination: Garden writing.
  2. I think it would take hiring someone like Jim Calhoun or Rick Pitino themselves to get people that excited. Those are proven, high quality coaches who have long track records of success in basketball. USF is not in the position to hire those types of coaches. We will need a program builder who is willing to put in the hard yards to get USF successful. Chris Caputo has been on Larranaga's staff for the last 15 years and those two have turned Miami into a men's basketball power. It's a very similar environment to USF, Miami was essentially "meh" before they came in (yeah, they won games, but they were an NIT program on their best years). He's an excellent recruiter and a defensive mind. All grit, not a ton of flash, but wins will get people in the seats, and that's what I want. He's also going to be motivated to win quickly-Larranaga is 67 and unless they want to promote Caputo up next year while Larranaga retires, I think they will lose him. Win in three years, he's gone, we have a buyout for our next coach. EDIT: I should also point out that nine of those years were at the mid-major level at George Mason. While the AAC will be essentially a high major conference once Memphis and UConn rebound to their normal high levels, someone like Caputo will have the networks and resources to go after the right types of players that we can get rather than being dependent on transfers and home run longshots.
  3. USF is getting amazing at bat and ball sports...seriously. KIngston has baseball on the rise, softball has been consistently good under Ken Eriksen, and lest I forget we are the Alabama of American college cricket.
  4. It's not like this is the football team where you have 60 players to keep track of. You have 9. This is embarrassing.
  5. Congrats! May she have a long, healthy life with lots of success in every area of life.
  6. Fortunately, it didn't matter. And it would suck if they basically gave FSU the win even though they melted down.
  7. GAME! SET! MATCH! BULLS WIN! BULLS WIN! Massive upset over #3 FSU in Tallahassee!
  8. Not deep enough! Now up to our bullpen to finish this off. Save the game, pull the big upset!
  9. It was, now a line drive by Villar puts it to first and second. Need another good base hit here. The Noles are collapsing. Can U Feel it!
  10. We're all tied up and the bases are STILL loaded! Hit for the cycle team!