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  1. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    Growing fan support for USF is like beating your head against a brick wall. Everyone remembers the power conference Big East days. I try and invite people to come to games weekly, for FREE, it's darn near impossible. I remember telling people to buy season tickets last year to help boost our chances at getting into the big 12. And that was WITH FSU, Navy, and UCF on the home schedule. I suspect that even with an amazing year this year, people will make their excuses. I know two or three people who will go, but not sure how to cover the rest. Got to keep working on the alumni population, but a lot of people aren't listening in my age group.
  2. USF Mens Basketball Non-cons

    Indeed. We have no idea how good or bad this team is going to be. You have to remember that USF was one of the 300-RPI level teams last year, and while I'm glad for our filled-out roster, 9 of those games are clearly winnable based on prior year RPIs (9 schools are rated 244 or lower in the RPI), and I'd say the goal needs to be to win 11 of 13. If we beat Indiana or Arkansas State, perhaps this team has an NIT run in them. Here's the good news-there's next to no cloud over this program post-NCAA review, the roster is filled out, and some of these players are going to be motivated to win in their last year as NCAA basketball players-and the talent level of the freshmen aren't bad at all. I'm predicting we exit OOC play around 8-5. If the team gels well in the first 13 games, we could easily see a team that gets to .500 overall for the year and that would be a win for me. NIT is at least three years away, so the goal this year should be to beat UCF.
  3. Kingston interviewing in SC

    Kingston was his hire and based on on-field results the best so far. I have plenty of trust in him to make a good hire here.
  4. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    I doubt there will be a "nothing". The Big 12 is vulnerable because of their overreliance on Texas and Oklahoma. You could easily see Texas/Texas Tech to the Pac-12 and Oklahoma/Oklahoma State to the SEC. After that, it will be a scramble as the other conferences move in. Schools like TCU and Baylor will have a hard time not getting left behind in the shuffle unless they're absolutely amazing teams over the next 6-7 years.
  5. USF MB NCAA Sanctions

    The UCF hacks who called us frauds and cheaters can go take a hike. COA might have been a poor coach, but he was not a cheater. This is almost nothing. The only downside is that it cost us a chance at the Big 12 because it looked like our house wasn't in order.
  6. They're still playing and it's close to midnight? How did that happen? They're probably going to be spending tomorrow recovering. Need to beat them strongly on Thursday.
  7. Under 100 days

    Nicely done. Buy them tickets and get a tax deduction too. But are they in San Diego or San Jose?
  8. AAC Baseball Scenario Chat/ USF

    Would be nice to sweep and finish the undisputed regular season champion. Of course, had we won just once more at UConn last week this would all be academic. Chances at hosting a regional now are super slim, but winning the regular season and conference titles might get it for us. I think that record against RPI 50-100 schools is what's dragging us down the most.
  9. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    It's kind of hard for us to make that argument given that Sterlin Gilbert coached under Briles. Who knows, maybe things were squeaky clean at Tulsa, but I did need to point that out.
  10. Non-sports: USF Call to All

    I have no doubt that USF wants to do this, but FIU alone had it rough enough just getting a law school, and they at least have the argument that their population base is too far to go to UF or FSU, plus they have lots of potential employers in Miami. If you think UF will allow a law school within 200 miles of theirs, think again. FAMU law is already in Orlando and that's the excuse they'll use for duplication of services.
  11. We are a top 5 conference and we just beat the #1 team in the #1 RPI conference. They probably won't lose much, but we'll gain a lot.
  12. PHEW! BULLS win! BULLS win! 10 runs to chase was just too many as Liput fails to hit for the cycle as he gets run out.
  13. Good god all that amazing work Roberts did and the relievers are blowing it.
  14. Sullivan to India, 1 run, OUT! Stunkel takes the catch on long-off as Liput manages to rotate the strike.
  15. Sullivan to Kolosvzary, OUT! Caught off midwicket!