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  1. Indeed, and he's doing this under a looming NCAA cloud. Nobody knows what the NCAA is planning or how far reaching the academic problems are. Here's the good news-GT interfered with the NCAA investigation and the NCAA in response decided to give them a rectal exam. Not a chance that Harlan, Gregory, and the administration will interfere with this investigation.
  2. Gregory on a rampage. This are all midlevel players who are the types of players we should have been looking for all along. It's too early to make a determination, it's been barely a month on the job for CBG, but he's coming out fired up and trying to get guys who are going to play well here.
  3. But it is hot. Hot and humid and just killing the other team's players with that heat.
  4. I've met him before, he's one of the admin guys. He is indeed everywhere and it's interesting to follow him around.
  5. Houston would have had a very good case last year. Wins against top ten UL and OU OOC, wins against ranked Temple and Navy in conference, plus wins vs. Bowl teams Tulsa, Memphis, and UCF. That's 7 teams that went bowling and four of them that were ranked at some point during the season. Navy would likely have stayed ranked if they didn't keep losing QBs.
  6. WBB

    Does she like contact on the basketball court? If so, she'll be a top contributor from Day 1.
  7. I'll be there, going to confirm with a friend who lives in the Bay Area if he wants to come.
  8. Bring out the brooms! Swept those irritating gnats into the trash!
  9. Offenses are typically behind the defense in spring, and the O is a bit more complex than last year's. That said, lot of work to do. Can't have 6 turnovers.
  10. I would say that Bartow did some nice things with very limited resources and the team actually played better with him at the reigns. I think you keep him for the Xs and Os side, he's won 300 plus games in his career, he knows what to do. He's got the mind and the success, that gives us two former head coaches on staff too with winning records.
  11. Go undefeated, win the NY6 bowl, and if Strong leaves so be it. We'll throw his buyout money on the basketball and football books and keep building. That will be 2.5M if he leaves this year, enough to fund another year of a good coach.
  12. Unfortunately defense was the key to winning the two game we lost last year, which would have definitely gotten us 40k in the stands for navy and UCF.
  13. As other people have said-let the facts play out first guys. We weren't there, we don't know what happened. Until proven otherwise, Childs is innocent.
  14. GoUSFBulls.com

    She may be trying to put on a front while not being very happy with the state of the basketball program. Usually she's just fine but having to attend something and imagine the pain ahead probably isn't much fun for her.
  15. Did you miss the part where he kept them around .500 starting in year two despite being hamstrung by sanctions right after he was hired? http://learn.uvm.edu/wordpress_3_4b/wp-content/uploads/Georgia-Tech-public-report.pdf Those sanctions exist partially up until today (yes, it's 2017 and the sanctions aren't fully removed). I get it, you're a great basketball mind, but there were extenuating circumstances that kept Gregory from recruiting to the level he could have. Add in that he was in the ACC and that isn't the easiest conference to recruit in. He recruited and coached just fine at Dayton when he had no such restrictions. Thank you for continuing to support USF. I don't expect ANYTHING next year. If they win 10 games, I will be ecstatic. If they go .500 in year 2 or 3, I will be cheering. This is a shame seeing how close we were to finally breaking through four years ago. That said, he has his work cut out for him. Either gregory is truly desperate to be a head coach, or he believes so highly in himself that he thinks he can resuscitate a moribund basketball program that has never been beyond the Round of 32. Either way, all power to him.