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  1. That I'll give you...and it's apparent he can still throw and is mobile as shown by that TD! No clue why he was non-existent as a threat then the entire 4th. Didn't pull it back and run himself once until the end there. Just odd!
  2. I'll say this, if Flowers is hurt and has been sucking it up but scared to run because of his hand then he shouldn't have been in there. A Flowers that can't run is a completely useless player.
  3. I hate this playcalling. You're up three scores. And look what it got you. A super short field again.
  4. Holy dive. Of course Mountain West garbage refs fall for it.
  5. I've never seen them wait that long to set a ball waiting to decide if it needs review or not. Odd.
  6. Put some guys in the short area that can catch I see.
  7. Weist had better be staying and left the heck alone on that side of the ball.
  8. Wouldn't be a Bulls game if Auggie isn't leaving his position to bite on a run leading to that haha
  9. Grew up in Bono, Arkansas right outside of Jonesboro so the ASU Indians as they were and Fred Barnett were always faves of mine. This made my day growing up there and being a USF alum
  10. I'm with the "Hope he falls flat on his face moving forward group". Congrats on moving up but that's where it ends!
  11. I honestly have to ask...do you read before you post?
  12. Sanchez looks so darn lost again.