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  1. footnfan1

    The War on I4 begins this weekend

    I stand corrected
  2. footnfan1

    The War on I4 begins this weekend

    All pitchers were pretty spectacular.
  3. footnfan1

    The War on I4 begins this weekend

    Nice game. UCF was very fortunate to beat the USF ace. Finfrock was on tonight in a big way. Cre Finfrock, best name in College baseball IMO. Finfrock, 5 scoreless vs.Miami, and now 6 scoreless vs.USF.
  4. 42-21.I think it is wrapped up for the year.
  5. He has been trying to run away from FGCU for 2-3 years. He was even interviewing for assistant coach positions.
  6. Orlando based team will be coached by Steve Spurrier,and play the at UCF
  7. footnfan1

    Malik Martin leaving USF MBB team

    I was told that he was graduating next month so this allows him to transfer not sit out and choose a team where he will get minutes. Good luck to him.
  8. footnfan1

    College Football News has USF Going 9-3

    Phil Steele SOS rankings. https://philsteele.com/2018/03/21/toughest-opponent-records-for-2018/
  9. footnfan1

    Somebody has to step up

    USF AD: school full speed ahead on new football facility http://www.orlandosentinel.com/sports/college/college-gridiron-365/os-sp-usf-indoor-football-facility-update-20180313-story.html
  10. BOOM! Well done.
  11. footnfan1


    Sad. Sorry. Mike, I would happily share in social media, but I have no footprint there.
  12. footnfan1


    @Mike Stuben Any update?
  13. footnfan1

    Football Complex (IPF) News

    @Triple B Let google be your friend Trip. https://www.google.com/search?biw=1536&bih=774&ei=dBicWsmnPJG85gKcgaWACA&q=usf+indoor+practice+++581&oq=usf+indoor+practice+++581&gs_l=psy-ab.3...32377.34578.0.34979. Notice of Bid/Request for Proposal DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION University of South Florida USF 581 - USF Football Center NOTICE FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES MAJOR PROJECTS NOTICE FOR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES The University of South Florida (USF) announces that Professional Services in the discipline of Architecture/Engineering will be required for the project listed below: PROJECT NUMBER: USF 581 PROJECT AND LOCATION: USF Football Center, University of South Florida, Tampa Campus, Tampa, Florida. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The USF Football Center project is a new 165,000 GSF, 2 story facility, consisting of two major elements: new Football Operations Building (67,000 GSF) and new Indoor Practice Facility (99,000 GSF). The Football Operations Building will house the team, coaching, training and operational functions of the USF Football Program, and the Indoor Practice facility will provide an enclosed and environmentally controlled synthetic turf practice field for the USF Football Program. The project design services will include 100% Construction Documents (CD) phase for Indoor Practice Facility and up to Design Development (DD) phase for Football Operations Building. Pending progress of work and funding availability, the design services may extend to 100% CD phase of Football Operations Building. The project construction budget (pending) is: $13,000,000 for the Indoor Practice Facility and $19,500,000 for the Football Operations Building for a total construction project budget of $32,500,000. The project delivery method is Construction Management at Risk. The selected firm will provide design, applications for permitting, construction documents, construction administration and post-occupancy services for the referenced project. The selected firm will be required to provide computer drawings according to the standards of the USF System. Blanket professional liability insurance will be required for this project in the amount of $3,000,000, and will be provided as a part of Basic Services. Project development including professional services is contingent upon availability of fundraised funds. If additional funding is realized, USF has the option to incorporate additional scope/funding under this contract. PROJECT SELECTION CRITERIA: Selection of finalists for interview will be made on the basis of professional qualifications of the proposed design team, including experience and ability to meet the project requirements and the goals and objectives of the USF Strategic Plan; past experience; design ability, and volume of work. As part of the USF Strategic Plan, the USF System made a commitment to foster a diverse community distinguished by a shared purpose, collaboration, open and timely communication, mutual respect, trust, and inclusiveness. The USF System is an equal opportunity institution, and, as such, strongly encourages the lawful use of Certified Business Enterprises (CBE) including certified Minority (MBE), Women (WBE) , and Veteran (VBE) Business Enterprises in the provision of design and construction-related services by providing a fair and equal opportunity to compete for, or for participation in, design and/or construction-related services. CBE participation information shall be provided by the firm in response to a periodic request from the USF System Supplier Diversity Program office. The plans and specifications for USF System projects are subject to reuse in accordance with the provisions of Section 287.055, Florida Statutes. As required by Section 287.133, Florida Statutes, a consultant may not submit a proposal for this project if it is on the convicted vendor list for a public entity crime committed within the past 36 months. The selected consultant must warrant that it will neither utilize the services of, nor contract with, any supplier, subcontractor, or consultant in excess of $25,000 in connection with this project for a period of 36 months from the date of their being placed on the convicted vendor list. In accordance with Section 287.055, Florida Statutes, a fair, competitive and reasonable compensation shall be evaluated based upon the following information: (1) Compensation on similar projects; (2) other compensation reference data; and (3) after approval of the ranking, proposals requested from the shortlisted firms based upon a scope of services document to be provided at the time of negotiations. INSTRUCTIONS: Firms desiring to apply to provide professional services shall submit one (1) original submittal and four (4) spiral bound copies consisting of the information as required in the Submittal Requirements of the Project Fact Sheet including a letter of interest, a completed USF Professional Qualifications Supplement (PQS), and any required or additional information within the proposal limits. Applications on any other form will not be considered. Applications which do not comply with the above instructions may be disqualified. Submittals are part of the public record. Application materials will not be returned. All applicants must be properly registered at the time of application to practice its profession in the State of Florida. If the applicant is a corporation, or joint venture, it must be chartered by the Florida Department of State to operate in Florida. Request for Meetings: Requests for meetings by individual firms will not be granted. No verbal communication shall take place between the applicants and the employees of the USF System except as provided at the Pre-Submittal Meeting, the Pre-Interview Meeting and in the USF Professional Qualifications Supplement (PQS) and Request for Qualifications dated February 2018 (which includes project information and selection criteria). Request for Information: Requests for any project information, including the PQS and Project Fact Sheet must be submitted in writing or email to: Terry Mead, Contracts Specialist, University of South Florida, Facilities Management - Design And Construction, 4202 East Fowler Avenue, OPM100, Tampa, FL 33620-7550, email: tmead@usf.edu, (813)974-0843, or Fax: (813)974-3542. Pre-Submittal Meeting: All interested firms are invited and encouraged to attend a Pre-Submittal Meeting to be held at 9:00 a.m. ET, Friday, March 9, 2018, at the: University of South Florida, Tampa Campus, FPC109 Conference Room, 3820 USF Holly Drive, Tampa, FL 33620, to review the scope and requirements of this project. (Directions and parking information can be obtained at the Campus Information Center at the Fowler entrance, or view map at website: www.usf.edu/administrative-services/parking/maps/index.aspx). Submission: Submittals are to be received in the University of South Florida, Facilities Management- Design And Construction Office, 4202 East Fowler Avenue, OPM100, Tampa, FL 33620-7550 by 2:00 p.m. ET, Friday, March 23, 2018 Facsimile (FAX) or electronic submittals are not acceptable and will not be considered. Submittals that do not comply with the above instructions may be disqualified. The Selection Committee may reject all proposals and stop the selection process at any time.