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  1. 6 year deal? That is pretty solid.
  2. Yes he did, I was rather impressed by how he kept working hard to improve, during a very difficult season.
  3. JTRUe, I could be describing it poorly, here if GA comments several years ago: The league's athletic directors, meeting in Rhode Island last month, approved a policy that allows athletes in all sports to transfer from one member school to another, providing the athlete sits out one season (as already required by the NCAA) and additionally surrenders an additional year of eligibility. The latter part of that, in place with other leagues, is fairly prohibitive -- for example, an athlete who played as a true freshman at Memphis could transfer to SMU, but only after sitting out a year, and then having only two years of remaining eligibility instead of three.
  4. transfers within the AAC lose a year of eligibility ( in addition to normal sit out a year) per league rules IIRC.
  5. Not in the AAC if I recall correctly, everywhere else, yes.
  6. Richard Pitino. You heard it here first.
  7. I looked.....its a ghost town there. Just having a little fun Trip. Have a great weekend.
  8. 84-54 . Where you at? What a drubbing. Good thing you guys got that new Coach. I could barely hear those trash talking Memphis fans, although I am told that pre game in the hotel lobby, they were full of chatter. Sheesh. Let that sink in, loss by 30.
  9. She would be a good hire, but she is making about 400K all in, and just mover her middle school age (2) kids once, so you would need to finance the pain of another relo. That would be a tough sell unless you can break the bank $ wise.
  10. The very first time I have ever agreed with him He is walking click bait.
  11. No Pac-12 and no bein sports If I read correctly 12 At 35.00 per month, its hard to get excited, but less and less of my life revolves around Tv and sports.