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  1. Good move, well done. My B In Law lost her first wife, very early in life to Colon Cancer. wife number two, refuses to get tested. She is about 58 years old. I just shake my head at that.
  2. Thank you NC, so am I.
  3. I decided at 53, to get a colonoscopy. No real issues, my wife then said, if you can do it, so can I so at 52, she went in, days after I did. Massive tumor, stage 3 cancer. Chemo Port in within days, 24/7 chemo, daily radiation, for almost a year , then surgery .I'll spare you the details, but she beat it. Not without ongoing issues, but she is 5 years post diagnosis, cancer free. I almost lost her, no symptoms. They caught it at the last "minute". Get tested. Colon cancer is almost totally avoidable. The worst part is not the procedure, but the prep. Just do it. It would have been an honor to shake Marks hand. I mourn for his loved ones. RIP young man.
  4. I only make that mistake about three times every day before lunch.
  5. RYAN CALLAGHAN vs. Callahan. There is your sign, you need new glasses.
  6. So 3 -4 years ago.
  7. Agreed. Best of luck. Love to see these teams making Power 5 shock waves.
  8. Best hitter against the best UCF heat
  9. Runner on, college
  10. Nice effort pitcher. He is a baller.
  11. What is Kingston waiting for, the poor guy cant find the plate.
  12. I think he is tiring.... Kingston should pull him......well maybe not. Nice pay by the D, runner was running. Doh!
  13. USF pitcher keeps doing weird stuff with his throwing it is wet or the ball is slipping.