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  1. Hard to even fathom. Wow, good luck Q. May you soon get some good luck.
  2. Forever a Bull

    Good luck Quinton.
  3. Women vs. UCF

    Nice win.
  4. Dingle Relased from USF Football

    Good bye free education. SMH. Smart move, it was the only move.
  5. Dude Has 1 Fake Title

    He was 1-1 Vs. USF. I asked him to show himself out. He agreed
  6. UCF just cant let the billboard thing go! Well, at least some fans can't. LOL Located in Bammer land.^tfw&
  7. That's a keeper, but my choice of a dog, would not be a collie.
  8. I don't disagree. No one of any note will want to schedule UCF or USF. There are two primary types of OOC games IMO. Pay the baby seal to come get crushed, the resume enhancer which Alabama hoped FSU would be. Scheduling UCF or USF has no real upside for any P5 programs. Very few programs are willing to schedule the resmume enhancer, heck, just look at almost every P5 the wek before they play the annual rivalry game. The baby seals get the 750K, and go home in body bags.
  10. Is UCF

    UCF will be better next year. Just like this year, the replacements are stepping off the ladder at a higher level. Combined with the three recent big time transfers, including the native Orlando area Ole Miss transfer yesterday that will be eligible in 2018 it looks like, next year will be a very good year for UCF IMO.
  11. Its great news, these predictions are never right.
  12. This deserves its own thread ... Per Wolken: But the UCF situation, combined with a title game non-SEC fans don’t want to see, might be the start of a tipping point. Customers may be tired of arguing and would rather the Playoff be an actual playoff. We’ll see. More: Surprisingly, UCF gained traction by declaring itself national champions and won some attention and fans; arguably, the Knights were a bigger topic on talk radio and debate shows than Alabama and Georgia for much of the week. Danny White to some extent has shined a bright light on the nonsense of having a non division winner, non conference champ in the final game. The downtown celebration will shine more light on the foolishness. Then, the G5 teams need to continue to win, to push the elite to open the process. It wont happen without people pushing, and G5 teams winning, and winning big games against the "elite" programs. Just one guys opinion.
  13. This deserves its own thread ...

    People are talking....lots of people and saying positive things.
  14. Is UCF

    As seen in the Ft Myers News Press.