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  1. I don't think any P5 team is going to be lining up to play USF and or a couple of other American schools, the competitive ones. Especially in the near future. They (P5 teams) are going flock to line up the the baby seals.
  2. Baseball Vacancy

    Has been filled
  3. Kingston interviewing in SC

    Evidently the bump did not change his wanderlust. Pay him.
  4. Made the times

    Start the IPF fund. Nice picture.
  5. American football preview

    Should be a run away for USF
  6. Mark Kingston

    Needs a raise IMO
  7. Game vs the Gators today

    I like your dead Uncle.
  8. Its a coin toss. Winner is home or has the choice of dug outs.
  9. Gameday!