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  1. This Game Will Be Won or Lost by....

    Coach Strong, is that you?
  2. GAMEDAY!!!!

  3. Attendance is an embarrassment

    FSU losing to NC State 27-18 currently. If FSU losses.. a. Will this boost attendance to USF home games from FSU alumni? b. Will we be ranked above FSU next week?
  4. USF Repped in NY on College Game Day

    This was cool to see flash by just a minute ago!! Go Bulls!! \m/
  5. Looking for a parking pass for tonight's game. Will be driving from Orlando. Please let me know. Thanks
  6. #FreeQuintonFlowers

    Can we hire this guy to be our beat writer?
  7. Here is a great article from Mark Cuban talking about the experience at the events trumps even the product being watched. Food for thought... "but you have to understand what makes going to an nba game unique. it’s the energy. it’s the participation , it’s being the 6th man and supporting your team. its high fiving or hugging the person. next to you that you dont know, because your team just hit a big shot . Most importantly it’s the look on the face of your child , or your date and the everlasting memories that are created from games. Doesn’t everyone remember their first game with a parent ?"
  8. Fan Fest August 12th

    Had a blast today!! Go Bulls \m/
  9. since I can't find the emoticon of stirring the pot, the pitchfork mafia will have to do
  10. USF is mentioned at the bottom of the article. Does anyone know when we started flashing our horn sign?
  11. Non-sports: USF Call to All

    Anyone know how to post this to social media? I feel getting it to go viral on social media may help. Thoughts?
  12. USF gear in Tampa

    Thanks Boomer, my wife looked on the google maps and the campus bookstore showed closed, but to her credit we got to the campus after they had closed. Still disappointing to see the little support I see in the area for USF gear. I suppose stores would carry more gear as demand calls for it. Hopefully things change after last year's performance and the buzz we have going into this season. Guess I'll have to order online
  13. USF gear in Tampa

    So I went to the Spring game today and was hoping to find a lot of places that sold USF gear in Tampa. I live in Orlando, and I come across UCF gear all the time, but never USF. I've been to 2 Bealls outlets, 1 Target, 1 Dicks sporting goods and I must say I'm disappointed on the amount and variety of USF gear here. Can someone advise on where there is a good selection of USF gear in Tampa? Ps the campus store was closed with today being a Saturday GO Bulls \m/
  14. Yesterday's CCS Press Conference

    Is anyone else having issues watching CCS National Signing Day press conference on or is it just me? The 15 second commercial plays then it just gets stuck after that.