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  1. We will have plenty of time for this, 24 months in fact, if notice is given to terminate the Ray Jay lease.
  2. Impressive! Congrats & continued success to our basketball team.
  3. #7 is very depressing.
  4. Very nice. Does he have the potential to crack playing time as a freshman?
  5. When I was at USF, the Sundome was the host of some big gigs...like Wrestle Mania.
  6. I always thought the comma before "and" was optional. Sometimes I use the comma and sometimes I do not. I believe both ways are grammatically correct.
  7. Dead period ends today! Let the good news begin to role in...please.
  8. NR John ShinnJon WilnerJosh KendallRob LongJeff Miller LOSERS
  9. Lets hope he plays every game in his senior year like he played against South Carolina.