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  1. Nice story, better message, and thanks for sharing. RIP
  2. I will be rooting for him, maybe not so much when the Colts play my fins, but good luck Mack Attack! Happy Nate Allen signed with the fins $3.4mm 1 yr contract, hopefully starting Safety
  3. No question ESPN is the biggest boy in the room and probably will be for the foreseeable future. However, the Comcasts of the world are losing millions of subscribers each quarter to "non-traditional" media outlets (cord cutting). Screw exclusivity and negotiate a deal with a traditional media outlet & Google or Apple. ESPN cares much less about the non P5 conferences.
  4. Thanks for sharing & yes they do. Here is to not having to worry about the AAC bowl games & an undefeated season.
  5. Hopefully we are thinking outside the box. There are a lot of other options now outside of the traditional players who are all scrambling to take market share from ESPN (Hulu, Google, AT&T, Twitter, Amazon, among others). No long term contract. When ESPN gets its mojo back, which it will (this is just a cycle in the industry), then we will be in a better position to renegotiate or jump ship to another outlet. ESPN has been no friend to the AAC.
  6. Good ol Gators & Seminoles unfortunately.
  7. Welcome aboard...this is an area of need. Too bad he has to sit out a year.
  8. Nice rings. Can anyone post a pic of both sides?
  9. Nice article, thanks for sharing.
  10. I don't agree with that. I think "younger folks" watch sports just as much or more, just differently (i.e. on newer forms of media).
  11. Also not ranked in the The USA TODAY Baseball Top 25 Coaches Poll , but we did receive votes. Others Receiving Votes: West Virginia, San Diego, South Florida, Mercer, Florida State, Lafayette, Vanderbilt, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, Old Dominion, Missouri State, South Alabama, Minnesota, UCF, McNeese, Oklahoma State, BYU, San Diego State, Florida Gulf Coast, New Mexico, Oregon, Dallas Baptist, Loyola Marymount
  12. What does it take for this team to be ranked...GEEZ LOUISE.
  13. I have not seen anything on Jolly in the recruiting topic. ESPN also does not have much on him, other than he is not rated.
  14. Recruits to watch for every Way-Too-Early Top 25 team #20 Charlie Strong badly wants to win out close to home on prospects with Power 5 offers, and in the 2018 class, defensive line and playmakers are key. While the Bulls already have transfer running back Jordan Cronkrite on campus and sitting out the 2017 season, the losses of seniors-to-be D'Ernest Johnson and Darius Tice make the running back position a key need in 2018. Area prospect Patrick Jolly continues to fly under the radar nationally, but the versatile running back who can also play receiver has North Carolina, Iowa, Iowa State and UCF on an offer list that includes South Florida. For the Bulls, this would be an impactful close-to-home win at a position of need. -- Hamilton From ESPN.com.
  15. Lets see how this year plays out, but I am in agreement that he will get drafted (most likely) as a RB.