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  1. Undefeated = Conference Championship & good bowl game.
  2. Congrats JPP! Would love to see him show some USF love and have him here for the Spring game.
  3. Reading these posts...I beg to differ.
  4. Our basketball program is a huge undertaking with a long road of recovery ahead, not exactly the most glamorous HC gig. As alum and fans we all have high expectations, but I think our expectations need to be dialed down a bit based on our current state of affairs.
  5. Very excited about this.
  6. Anyone else run the 40 in the past year? I went to a mock NFL Combine put on by the Miami Dolphins in their indoor practice facility and ran it without any warm up in 4.80...not too bad for 41.
  7. Would love to see him play with Jay Ajayi on my fins.
  8. Very sad news. Was he a USF grad?
  9. She is beautiful, congrats!
  10. She is beautiful, congrats!