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  1. Hardship waiver, close to family & 1-0 against Auburn. Sign him up.
  2. 1) South Florida2) 34 - 283) Quinton Flowers4) Marques Valdes-Scantling5) 489
  3. So Special Teams Are An Issue

    Definitely need to work on ST & get a new ST's coach...sorry Burke ya got to go.
  4. Injuries?

    Hope your right; he is a talent.
  5. Deadrin Senat

    Completely agree. He lead with his hands on the chest with a push. Yes the helmet clipped his chin area, clearly not intentional ( I know that is not the rule), but it was only because he was falling forward with the push.
  6. Our O-line is dominating & making openings for DJ & Tice.
  7. Feel like I am watching high school football. It is Friday.
  8. Ridiculous call. He lead with his hands and pushed him down in the chest.