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  1. What a great article. Life takes you on a lot of ups and downs (some higher & lower than others). For him, thank G-D he met Jane Patterson. I wish him the best of luck. I hope he earned his degree.
  2. Tried posting a pic, but must have been protected...
  3. 10-2 or 9-3. I am hoping our offense can continue its success from last year, and that our defense can improve. However, an entirely new coaching staff could throw us some hiccups. Temple & Houston worry me most. Conference foes will definitely be targeting us with all the preseason hype anticipated.
  4. I believe Wilcox can be a beast. A big dude that can be a workhorse in this offense. I hope he works on his ball control in the preseason.
  5. That would be great for BJ. Go Atlanta!
  6. I am pleasantly surprised with this class based on CCS ( and some staff) late entry into this recruiting class. I see only good things ahead for this program. Go Bulls!
  7. Spectrum who?
  8. at 6'7" that boy needs to put some buffalomeat on that frame.
  9. Yes, thank you. Following this, Twitter & TBP. Cant get me enough USF Football news. Go Bulls!