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  1. Game was too close to my liking. Thanks python
  2. watching it was insane. They couldn't miss from deep. Flores also had 17 dishes
  3. MEMBER!
  4. Medical humor!!!!!!!!
  5. Regarding Dillon, he has been hurt with that left foot/ankle all season. He's just hobbling out there every game but he's grinding it out
  6. nm
  7. Marlon Mack had an absolute bone breaking block on a QF run too, can't remember where. The perimeter blocking on this team, out of this world.
  8. I'm just sitting here and wondering how much Kennard Swanson would flourish in this offense
  9. they do not have game replay but there's indeed an official stream, albeit for only a few companies http://www.cbssports.com/watch/cbssportsnetwork/ the mobile app includes the stream too if you have any of those carriers
  10. https://twitter.com/RyanSmithWrites/status/784853102688075776 best tweet
  11. 1) USF2) 67-283) Marlon Mack4) Valdez-Scantling5) 536
  12. I buy NHL Game Center every year, and I use my parents cable login for watchespn, nbcsportsnetwork, abc for other sports on my appleTV. CBSSports has an online stream but no app yet.
  13. Bump