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  1. AAC Bubble Watch (02.05.18)

    In what world is Houston a lock? They are a bubble team. Temple has no shot unless they win the AAC Tourney. SMU better win a lot of games, close to all of them. No team even remotely close to .500 in the AAC is getting an at large bid.
  2. Gotta think the coaching change had some influence on the voting. Seven out of nine starting position players returning and two preseason all conference starters plus Perez at the back end of the pen...top 3 at worst IMO.
  3. Willie to FSU is official

    Willie was out of sight, out of mind in Oregon. I liked it better that way.
  4. So wait...I don't think Josh Heupel was going anywhere.
  5. This seems like an odd hire to me for UCF. A large step down from Sumlin.
  6. I would be shocked if FSU paid that much for Willie. He has done very little overall in his career as a head coach. If a couple good years in the G5 and one .500 season in the pac12 get you that much money there is something very wrong going on.
  7. The ucf Experience

    Exactly...an IPF is unnecessary and nothing but a luxury. An OCS is NEEDED and if the USF administration can't see that by now, they never will. Mortgage the campus, be in debt until the end of time...who cares, just make it happen!
  8. The ucf Experience

    A cheap, piece of crap OCS is better than RayJay...until the people at USF figure that out we will always be small time.
  9. Mitch Wilcox

    And how many games do you think we win last year without Mack and Adams...it's all relative. Last years defense would have given up 70 yedterday
  10. Mitch Wilcox

    MVS was not good...everyone else was great.
  11. Mitch Wilcox

    But are they really worse? The defense is better, the offense is less explosive and scores a few less points and the special teams is bad. The biggest difference is no Mack and Adams. Was Gilbert too conservative most of the season, sure, but two incomplete teams. Just in different phases of the game.
  12. Sanchez?

    After the first quarter our coaches finally realized that our LB's are not good and played with none. For all the good that Willie did, he left the pickings slim at LB.
  13. Mitch Wilcox

    He fumbled, but that is what he does. Any time he catches the ball, which isn't very often, I say to myself..."hold onto the ball." His fumble percentage per catch has to be astronomical.
  14. I guess none of the blame goes to the players...they played like crap and it doesn't matter what plays were called.
  15. I don't know if I agree with this. Our defense was so bad last year that it might not matter.