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  1. Sanders goes a whole 4 innings...guess we wanna get the bullpen worn out early in the tourny.
  2. Nice effort by Merrell but he has to eat that ball and throw home...Genord braindead on the play didnt help either.
  3. The noon game is starting at 12:45pm...I would say we start closer to 4:30pm.
  4. Winning the tourney would be nice but being ready and as healthy as we can for regionals is the most important thing. Winning this tourney without one or two of your starters is impossible with the amount of games you have to play. I would say we have a 2 seed wrapped at this point.
  5. The overall record looks nice but the team isn't as good as their record indicates. The OOC schedule inflated their record and they lost half of the conference weekend series. It has been a good season but I certainly would't expect too much in the post season from them.
  6. That would certainly be a nice boost next season if he is close to his old self. Especially without Merrell and Luke.
  7. I thought it was a decent throw that was very poorly played by the catcher. Speaking of catcher...we have first team all conference guy on the roster that hasn't played in two years and we are running out guys that aren't even D1 caliber. What is the deal with Levi at this point? Must be a horrible illness.
  8. Typical USF...coming up small.
  9. Resting is not injured...If he said Shane is injured and cannot pitch then that is fine but saying he needs rest is not acceptable in the most important series of the season. Have him go out there and throw 5 innings then go to the pen.
  10. Kingston looking like a fool right now...
  11. Unless he is injured he should be pitching. This game is way more important than any conference tourney game this season.
  12. Why is Valdes pitching?