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  1. Coach Strong and OCS

    Pitt has lots of tradition and a much bigger fan base. We have a very small fan base and little to no tradition and we aren't exactly building any kind of tradition at Rayjay either.
  2. Coach Strong and OCS

    No way we get into a P5 conference without an OCS...we will never be considered a serious program until we build one.
  3. 2018 QB

    Octavious Battle
  4. 8 team playoff

    The winner could still play in a NY6 bowl.
  5. 8 team playoff

    The G5 Should just have their own 8 team playoff.
  6. Week 6 Games of Interest

    Winning 6 games in the AAC is no accomplishment...two thirds of the conference is flat out awful. USF and UCF are good, Navy and Houston are solid and the rest are pretty terrible. When bad teams play each other, someone has to win.
  7. Week 6 Games of Interest

    Tulane is not good at all
  8. Bowl Projections are a joke

    If we played FIU in a bowl game we might be 50 point favorites...that might be the worst bowl matchup of all time.
  9. 10 years ago today

    Hard to see us ever getting back to that point. It was a great night though, that's for sure.
  10. Opening line for ECU

    If we bring our A game on offense we could easily get north of 70...ECU gives up 625 yards per game...we could rest QF for the game and still easily cover the spread.
  11. First 4 Games' Report Card

    I completely agree that the offense has not been impressive on a consistent basis so far, but what would we consider good at this point? 60+ points per game and 750+ yards per game? It seems a little nuts to expect such ridiculous output when 40 and 500 will probably win us every game.
  12. First 4 Games' Report Card

    The Bullspen, where 40 points and 500 yards per game is bland and ineffective...lol
  13. First 4 Games' Report Card

    Defense A- Offense C+ Special Teams D+ Coaching B
  14. Anybody a wee bit concerned about Flowers?

    The only thing Temple did well last night was rush the passer. I don't like how all of our pass plays seem to be from the pocket. Would it be too much to ask for a roll out or a bootleg?
  15. Attendance is an embarrassment

    Anyone that expected a bigger crowd on a Thursday night against this Temple team is delusional...we have around 20k season ticket holders so that puts attendance at 15k - 25k for just about every game at this point. Just accept it until we build an OCS.