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  1. This staff is 1000 times better than the ******* staff that Antigua hired when he got here.
  2. Jon Rothstein ✔@JonRothstein FDU grad transfer Stephan Jiggets tells me his updated list is USF, Pacific, Seton Hall, George Washington, UMass, Fordham, Rider, and NCCU. 11:00 AM - 5 Apr 2017
  3. Herrion is the best of the 3 assistants by a wide margin IMO. He was Jamie Dixon's Associate HC at Pitt when they were one of the best teams in the country and recruited 3 top 10 classes at UVA.
  4. Durham has blew out his knee a few times already, might be cause for concern.
  5. As in went to school and played there.
  6. You guys do realize that Grant went to Dayton...
  7. You are right but we will be lucky to get any impact frosh for this upcoming season. It is very, very late to be getting into HS recruiting for our new coaches. Transfers and JUCO's might be the only fall backs that we have right now.
  8. There will be plenty of minutes to offer grad transfers and jucos, that's for sure.
  9. Every time he plays in a game where the players announce their name and school he says South Florida...He is a Bull. I can't believe some people don't think of him that way.
  10. Our RPI is 21...we have only played one game against a team with an RPI over 150...the schedule hasn't been that bad. We are gonna make it much easier on ourselves to make a regional with such a good ooc record.
  11. Our RPI is down to 21 after the wins today.
  12. The AAC has a handful of good programs but the conference as a whole is not a major conference. This was the first year that the AAC has finished ahead of the A10 in conference RPI and it wasnt by much. The AAC has been the 7th or 8th rated basketball conference since it started and has been well back of the power 6 conferences.
  13. Jim Calhoun and John Calipari are not coming back. Temple has only been really good playing in the A10. The AAC is a slightly better league than the A10 and I don't see it getting any better. It's a 2-3 bid league, maybe 4 in a really good year.
  14. What people forget is that we are not in a major conference anymore. It is comparable to the A-10 where BG had a lot of success. The AAC is a high Mid-Major conference and all we need is good high Mid-Major coach.
  15. Gregory will be better than Antigua, that's about I can say at this point. I'm sure it is difficult to find anyone that wants to take on this rebuild. Needed to pull the trigger so the coach can actually find enough players to field a team next season.