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  1. The only rounds that are slotted are the top ten. Max bonus after round 10 is $100k unless they want to dip into their bonus pool. If you are picked after the 10th round you are not guaranteed a bonus and seniors have no leverage at all.
  2. They can pay you nothing as a Senior bonus wise. Odds of Cavallaro getting into the top 10 rounds next year would have been pretty slim so if he wanted any kind of bonus at all he would have had to sign now. Something is better than nothing i guess.
  3. He would be more successful here. How much more could they possibly pay a baseball coach than us?
  4. I agree with everything you said. McClanahan doesn't care about his teammates or USF at all. Not sure why he even went to college at this point, all he sees are dollar signs but doesn't want to compete to impress anyone. Leal batting fifth killed us last night, if Coco is hitting there we probably win.
  5. Exactly...winning 3 games when you literally have one pitcher left is not gonna happen. I think we would have won this game 1-0 If McClanahan were more of a gamer.
  6. The season is over if you lose this game...who cares about tomorrow
  7. Typical USF...bound to happen eventually
  8. If Kingston had intentions of winning he would have put Strezelecki in instead of Valdes
  9. There is no way Kingston called for a bunt there...if he did he is awful. Merrell is obsessed with burning and he should never do it in a run producing situation. He has been hurting us more than helping us lately.
  10. Took care of business today. BCC is pretty terrible though. Need McClanahan to bring his A+ game tomorrow.
  11. FSU has been on fire, not sure I would wanna be there over Gainesville. Pick your poison, that's for sure.
  12. That's as easy a first game as you can get as a #2 seed. 73 RPI and only 2 top 50 wins. UCF gets Auburn with an RPI of 45 and 13 top 50 wins. Quite a difference considering they are playing better than us and won the conference regular season.
  13. Away is not on campus, every field and mound are different. They are not good out of their comfort zone. Winning % at home = .838, on the road = .476. The vast majority of your post season games will not be played on your home field so they need to get much better playing on the road. I would like to see that road winning % closer to .600.
  14. This team has not played much good baseball away from home and that is on the coaching staff IMO. They need to play way more games on the road next season. They need to go to Cali and or Tex in the OOC next year, not just sit at home for 30 games.
  15. He has had a rough few weeks...can't see anybody wanting him right now.