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  1. Maybe even before that. Why did we need so many WRs? The fact that he only tried to take a few speaks volumes. In my opinion of course...
  2. Maybe Strong wants his players to announce on signing day. It would draw attention to the class if he got a lot of signing day flips.
  3. I hope he isn't trying to oversell a weak class. The current staff wasn't left much to work with and WT has poached the top, probably because he half ass recruited the entire year anyway.
  4. King seems to be excited about the class. Or at least he is acting that way on Twitter. Time will tell but WT left this class in serious trouble. I have faith but it looks weak right now. We will be fine moving forward regardless of this class.
  5. Thats why I put it in there. LOL I could care less about what he does or where he goes. But when recruiting you have to consider the personality as much as the talent. The talent may be there but I am not sure about the personality. Of course, I dont know him so thats a decision CCS has to make.
  6. No, but I also wouldn't be dragging a friend with me saying "I will only work for you if this person does also." He started playing the game so it says something about him if he doesn't finish. In my opinion, that speaks volumes. As WT always said, I want kids that want to be here.
  7. Judson, Burch and Hogan seemed to be a package deal Judson and Burch seem to be all about Oregon now but where does that leave their boy Hogan? From an outsiders perspective they sure seemed to leave him out to dry in this situation. Not sure if thats the teammates I want around here....
  8. Here comes the Waaambulance....
  9. I have lived in Land O'Lakes by Sanders for the past month. I have only seen it once. When we try to walk at the new park they try to carry you away. It is a shame because the new park is really nice...
  10. Are you currently on the board? This was the worst year in a long time and you never see the spray truck.
  11. there was a picture of him posted on twitter all dressed out in nice Cincy gear with the comment "Congrats on committing to UNC." I hope it works out for the kid, if not he could always transfer back like everybody else...
  12. For what it is worth Grady commented to him on twitter that "everybody knows your picking USF." I think he likes the attention he is getting, I probably would also.
  13. Also, I do not think Solomon is on campus yet. I hope he sticks but all the sites still think he is going to get scooped by a bigger school..
  14. I think the staff is doing a great job. They are going after quality over quantity. No point in just giving scholarships to any player that wants to come. If next year goes the way last year finished then it could be a good thing to take a few extra scholarships into that class anyway. I think we hit on some big time players around signing day...
  15. All he posts about on twitter is USF and trying to get other players here.