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  1. San Jose State Time I called them last week with that exact question and they said they will be available once single game tickets go on sale. And yes you can purchase them in the USF section. They told me to check back in June. I am Northern California based and plan to do just that. Hope that helps.
  2. Ian Fieber, False Alarm

    I lived over the hill in Silver Lake going towards Los Feliz. Mostly morning or afternoon walks. That hill was a killer. The lack of really good sports bars used to drive me crazy. There were a few cool little spots but basically 1 or 2 tv situations. I find that people up north are well aware of who we are but are usually surprised to hear anyone discuss the Bulls. Other than a game actually being on at a bar. But in reality trying to get a Bulls game on when any Pac 12 game is happening is futile. As you are well aware I'm sure.
  3. Ian Fieber, False Alarm

    Living in Northern Cali it's really bad. I basically have to call it South Florida. I see USF (U of San Francisco) license plates regularly. I've had 1 guy say "Go Bulls" to me in the last 5 years. I said, "did you go there too?" His reply "Nah man." I used to walk my dog at Silver Lake dog park too. Never saw any Bulls gear, ever.
  4. This D looks like they're auditioning for the new coach.
  5. I just want to win a Conference Championship. Which conference? Any conference, really.
  6. What a difference a year makes

    This game isn't on a Thursday or Friday? We're good.
  7. 2017 USF VS San Jose State Moved

    Cool. My wife and I are into wine so yeah. We spend a lot of time in both Napa and Sonoma.
  8. 2017 USF VS San Jose State Moved

    Let me know if you make it up to Napa/Sonoma and maybe we can do a winery meetup. I live pretty close. This goes for everyone!
  9. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    And the inevitable disintegration of each Conference once we join.
  10. 2017 USF VS San Jose State Moved

    I will be there! 2 hour drive.
  11. CWT mentioned for LSU I doubt they'd take a run at him but his name was mentioned. Tom Herman though.
  12. Hopefully they can shake this off on focus on winning the conference. Or at the very least learn something from this.
  13. I thought they were going to call a feet recovery.