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  1. Our Pain May be Short Lived

    I know many say Frost is a done deal for Nebraska, but he would be foolish not to take the UF job if offered. He's already showing with Florida talent.
  2. Sands

    A great learning experience for him I'd say. Just glad those mistakes happened in a game where they won by 30. Those types of mistakes can lose games.
  3. Use this bye week to work on Special teams, stupid penalties, and what was it? Oh yeah defense. But it was nice to see them tighten up on d after the half.
  4. Young guys have to learn from it hopefully
  5. There's the halftime adjustments we were talking about
  6. In reality we left a bunch more than that. Special teams blunders etc...
  7. That 1 point we left on the field is gonna drive folks nuts