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  1. ESPN sure knows how to suck any joy out of a W..
  2. Have they updated as to his injury? Antoine, I mean.
  3. I want to see how we look against a real offense.
  4. I'm looking forward to seeing this offense when they actually have a rhythm.
  5. Who has a worse "what is happening right now" face, CCS or Lovie?
  6. Field Conditions / Weather

    The Glazers didn't pay for Ray Jay, so yeah, of course, they wouldn't.
  7. Field Conditions / Weather

    Slipping was definitely was an issue at SJSU.
  8. Looking for a bright spot

    Hope you all stay safe!
  9. USF & U Conn discussing game . . .

    7:30 am Kickoff on the west coast? I'm thinking I haven't had a 6 am beer since I went to USF.