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  1. The new GA State Stadium (old Turner Field) is getting the Foo Fighters concert Apr. 28. Pretty big deal for GSU. On Apr. 25 they play FL State Fairgrounds. What's the last big concert to play at the Sun Dome? Looks like the Sun Dome is focused on boxing and comedy events for extra revenue. You can get those for free in Ybor.
  2. Our next head football coach should be

    I thought the same thing, especially if he doesn't have any major personal or professional screw ups before Charlie leaves. That said, I think there are several P5 programs that would be willing to chalk up the past to a 'learning experience' and take a chance on him. Here is where I see him landing next year: 1. Arkansas - They hired Petrino, enough said. They are in desperation mode. 2. Florida - yep, especially if Frost takes the Nebraska job. The Gators aren't happy unless they blow people out. Lane will have no problem doing that a la Spurrier. He will also get the QBs UF has lacked since Teabow left. 3. Ole Miss - They would dance with any devil that could get them to compete in the SEC West. 4. Louisville - If Petrino bolts for an SEC job, I think this has a solid chance of happening. 5. Miss St. - If Mullen bolts for Gainesville. 6. Auburn - Lots of chatter Malzaan is out if he can't win the big game. 7. Kentucky - If Stoops bolts in the chain reaction after UF hires somebody. 8. TX AM - Sumlin seems to be on thin ice for the same reason as Malzaan. 9. UCF - If Frost and when Frost bolts but it would be another 1 year gig. Lane is the King of the 1 Year Gig, perfect fit.
  3. This is a big IF, but if Lane Kiffin doesn't step on his stick at FAU, I think he could be a good fit at USF for a few years if CCS leaves in the next couple years. The guy knows offense and put up 60+ last weekend. He has Tampa ties and his pop can coach D. Don't like the guy as a person but he's in the same league as Bobby 'Road Rash Face' for offense. Plus Lane can say to recruits 'Meet me at the ABC across the street from Mans at 12:00 AM and I'll buy you some Lickaaa' with a straight face.
  4. HB Dive or Option

    Q is an awesome running QB and we would be nowhere without him. But just imagine if he could run the read option like Cam or Vince Young back in the day. My hunch is we would be talking about one of the greatest dual threat QBs of all time. Does Gilbert teach the read option? Seems like his strength is teaching passing/footwork/throwing fundamentals. Imagine Q getting coached at Auburn for example, he would destroy the SEC (except Bama). For those that don't think Q could play QB in the SEC look at how he destroyed South Carolina in last years bowl game. Of course he needs to be in the right offense. My sense is when the game is on the line, Q is going keep the ball and run, even if they call a dive. His will to win is something that's not talked about but the guy is super competitive. He's headbutting the guy from Temple because he mouthed off about last years game. He's got moxie and the team feeds off it. I'm also going on record that Q is going to be a late round draft pick of the Patriots next year. He's going be like Edelman or Amendola on steroids (although I think those munchkins are juicing anyway).
  5. 38K would have filled 95% of the proposed OCS

    I say build it to hold 38K, just sounds like the right number, with expansion to 48K. The design needs to have an arena football field feel, right on top of the action. Also put some hedges in there, all big time stadiums have hedges. Have a Bull run end zone to end zone before kick off. Cheerleaders dress like Cowgirls (see Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, hot!). Have a cigar smoking section since its in Tampa. You can smoke a cigar on a college campus right? Free orange juice since Tropicana is just down the road. And there needs to be sunscreen, shade, bathrooms and cold water everywhere. Make it the best experience in college football! (paid for by the Right to Have a Good Time at a Bulls Game Foundation).
  6. UF, FSU, UM and even ucf have built up both programs better than USF. No reason both programs can't be solid. Can we just make FGCU a satellite campus and use their program?
  7. Gilbert still doesn't get it

    The only thing I can think of is he's saving the plays for QF in the red zone until he needs them. He doesn't want to get those plays on tape. He didn't need them against Cincy. So when he needs them they line up tight in power running formation and QF makes a run/pass play. I would think it would be the opposite of what he said, scoring touchdowns creates confidence, no matter how you do it. We also have a kick ass defense this year, something Willie didn't have, ever.
  8. Critiquing Joey Knight

    Joey must be butthurt Baker gets to cover UF and FSU, I'm talkin REAL BUTTHURT!
  9. First #2 Clemson then #8 Washington St

    Props to myself for getting 2/4 correct for wins. If I had bet the spread I would have won all 4! That's why I don't gamble, when I don't bet I do well, but maybe I should
  10. Maybe their stadium is a dump after all

    I think the USF/ucf game should always be played at a neutral site not on either campus in a well built stadium, Raymond James Stadium.
  11. First #2 Clemson then #8 Washington St

    I also hate Dabo and his big mouth. So my weekend is off to a tremendous start and I'm going to a Whiskey tasting tonight. If USF wins, I'll drink alot of Whiskey. If they loose, I'll drink more.
  12. First #2 Clemson then #8 Washington St

    I cannot stand Mike Leach so I'm a happy camper after the demoralizing WSU loss. When he was on Sirius XM College Football he trashed USF back in the major realignment days a few years ago. His teams put up points but don't play D. That said if he gets fired from WSU and there is a HC opening at USF, I'd take him in a heartbeat just to get a copy of his playbook.
  13. First #2 Clemson then #8 Washington St

    Mostly agree but if a lot of upsets happen and we beat ranked UCF and Navy teams I think our chances improve to one in 175M.
  14. First #2 Clemson then #8 Washington St

    FWIW, here are my top 25 upset picks for today: 1. WVU over #24 TT. I like the Eeers at home in a shootout. 2. GTech over #11 Miami. Jackets running game so tough, especially if they get a ahead and can control time of possession. 3. Texas over #12 OU. Just a gut call but I think this is Herman's first big win at UT. 4. LSU over #10 Auburn. The Tigers looked alot better last week and the game is in death valley. I think Orgeron saves his job with this win.
  15. 538 playoff predictor

    Wow, throw in a ranked UCF and Navy and we 'coulda been a contenda'. Still have to take care of our own business and we never have, ever.