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  1. AP and Coaches Poll

    CBS no longer projects USF in a NY6 bowl, that spot goes to SDST:
  2. Records: Illinois 2-0; USF 2-0. Last meeting: The programs have never met. Keys to the game Will South Florida struggle after a tough week? After Hurricane Irma forced the campus to close and the team to disperse, the Bulls did not practice from Sept. 7 until Tuesday. They had only three days to regroup and prepare for Friday's game at Raymond James Stadium. USF canceled its game last weekend at Connecticut as it braced for the storm. Will the Illini benefit from the Bulls being rusty? Will Mike Epstein keep it up? The freshman running back from Florida has made a quick impression, leading the Illini with 165 rushing yards and scoring two of their four offensive touchdowns. The Bulls allowed only 100.5 rushing yards per game in their first two. Can the Illini defense continue to take the ball away? Illinois is tied for 26th nationally with four takeaways (two fumbles, two interceptions). It's a message coach Lovie Smith has preached since arriving on campus. USF senior dual-threat QB Quinton Flowers has thrown four TD passes with one interception. Shannon Ryan's pick: The Bulls have had a rough week, but they have enough talent to outlast the Illini. South Florida 32, Illinois 17.
  3. Now wouldn't that be fun.
  4. First Loss of 2017 ?

    Hope it doesn't happen , but thinking an early season stumble against UCONN or ECU might happen. USF will be their bowl game and they will play out of their minds to win. Boise will be G5 rep at the Peach Bowl.
  5. Pagano on Mack

    Fantasy football alert, I've seen him going in mock drafts in late rounds. Especially helpful in PPR formats, sounds like he's going to be their 3rd down back in passing situations.
  6. Coaches Poll

    Forget preseason polling, just use the same formula every year to sell magazines and clicks: 1. Always rank these teams regardless of prior record, prostitution for coaches/players, underage drinking, stealing, sexual battery/assault, academic cheating/fraud, recruiting violations, paying players, etc: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Miami, Georgia, Tennessee, LSU, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Penn State, Southern Cal, Notre Dame and Oregon. These are the 21 programs you select from EVERY YEAR, it is up to YOU to rank them. 2. For 22 - 24 you select from these teams: West Virginia, Pitt, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Miss St. , South Carolina, Nebraska, Iowa, Baylor, TCU, UNC, Utah, UCLA, Washington, Oregon St. , Washington St., Minnesota, Iowa, Purdue, Missouri, Louisville and GA Tech. YOU determine who's in and who's out. 3. For your 25th team you are required to select Boise St in 3 of the 5 years you vote. It is up to YOU to pick the YEAR. 4. For the two remaining spots in a 5 year period for the 25th team you select a G5 team. But for one of those two years you are required to select BYU or NAVY. 5. For the last spot in a 5 year period for the 25th team you select a G5 team. But the team must have > 20 starters returning, average > 35 points the prior year, have a dark horse Heisman candidate, a great coach ready to jump to a P5 program in two years, have a crappy OOC schedule, and suck at Defense. Choice in 2017: USF
  7. No WR DeVontres Dukes in the 2 deep?
  8. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    We all wish this would happen but until we can 'move the needle' for B12 or anybody (win big games, win championships, fill stadiums with fans) its not gonna happen. USF decided way to late in the game to get football and couldn't capitalize on the short time in the BE with limited success.
  9. I get that but a couple points. I assume with QF as a dark horse Heisman candidate he's going to play the majority of the snaps to get his stats up and get more attention. Second, even without seeing the 2017 team play yet, most reports indicate WR is very deep. Also, the coaches have said there is not much drop off in production for QB2/3. Of course that's not live action but this might be the most depth we have ever had on Offense and enough to crush most teams on the schedule in 2017. Improved Defense might also be a reason to take the pedal off the gas but unless we are winning by 21 with 5 min. left don't get cute and let up.
  10. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    WVU can't read the writing on the wall, but they sure as hell aren't a fit in any other conference. 1. Pour gas on couch 2. Light couch on fire 3. Drink moonshine in plastic cup 4. Kiss your relative 5. Repeat until you pass out
  11. Exactly, the Old Ball Coach, Jimmie Johnson, Dennis Erickson, etc. had no problem blowing people out to garner higher rankings to their schools. Didn't hurt any of them professionally, in fact it helped their careers as being offensive (no pun intended) mind. Dear Coach Strong, if you want to get a better job, get a raise, salvage your reputation, go out a winner, etc. blow out any team that can't stop your offense.
  12. Ranking The Top 25 Seniors Heading into 2017

    Have read him being compared to Denard Robinson of Michigan coming out of college. Another incredible dual threat QB in college. Denard was drafted in 5th round of 2013 by JAX. He's listed as 6'0", 197lb and running a blistering 4.32. Denard is currently looking for a job. Not sure the Jags new how to use him. I could see QF as a very effective punt/kick returner and slot receiver in the pros. I could also see the Patriots drafting him.
  13. Another one Bites The Dust

    Here's to the "Grad Five" taking us to the Final Four next season.
  14. Head Coach Basketball

    Would be a great hire: Joey Knight‏ @TBTimes_Bulls I've also heard Mark Gottfried's name floated for @USFMBB job (unsubstantiated), but bear in mind: Doug Woolard was his high school coach. Head coaching record SeasonTeamOverallConferenceStandingPostseason Murray State (Ohio Valley Conference) (1995–1997) 1995–96Murray State19–1012–41stNIT First Round 1996–97Murray State20–1012–6T–1stNCAA First Round 1997–98Murray State29–416–21stNCAA First Round Murray State:68–24 (.739)40–12 (.769) Alabama (Southeastern Conference) (1998–2009) 1998–99Alabama17–156–10T–5thNIT First Round 1999–00Alabama13–166–104th 2000–01Alabama25–118–83rdNIT Runner-up 2001–02Alabama27–812–41stNCAA Second Round 2002–03Alabama17–127–94thNCAA First Round 2003–04Alabama20–138–8T–2ndNCAA Elite Eight 2004–05Alabama24–812–4T–1stNCAA First Round 2005–06Alabama18–1310–62ndNCAA Second Round 2006–07Alabama20–127–9T–3rdNIT First Round 2007–08Alabama17–165–115th 2008–09Alabama12–7 †2–3 †3rd Alabama:210–131 (.616)83–82 (.503)† Resigned mid–season NC State (Atlantic Coast Conference) (2011–present) 2011–12NC State24–139–7T–4thNCAA Sweet 16 2012–13NC State24–1111–7T–4thNCAA Second Round 2013–14NC State22–149–97thNCAA Second Round 2014–15NC State22–1410–8T–6thNCAA Sweet 16 2015–16NC State16–175–1313th 2016–17NC State15–174–14T-13th NC State:123–86 (.589)48–58 (.453) Total:401–241 (.625)
  15. Marlon Mack to Bucs?

    OVERVIEW It was a major recruiting coup for USF to get the All-Florida star running back and safety to sign in Tampa. He hasn't let them down, becoming the school's all-time leading rusher and earning first-team All-American Athletic Conference nods in each of his three seasons with the Bulls. Mack led the AAC in rushing as a freshman (202-1,041, nine touchdowns) and sophomore (210-1,381, eight TDs). He finished fifth in the conference in 2016, but had only 174 carries for 1,187 yards and scored 15 times on the ground. Mack also had 63 catches for 485 yards and a score during his career while averaging over 100 rushing yards per game over his three seasons. ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Looks like he has ball bearings in his hips. Able to swivel in multiple directions. Can tilt and slalom around defenders on the second and third level and is able to string moves together. Has slippery feet and is hard to pin down when bouncing laterally. Runs with knee bend and his pad level is low at contact. Explosive burst carries him into his getaway gear. Able to run away from tacklers. Six of his fifteen touchdowns this year went for 43-plus yards. Always plays fast. Contain buster to the outside. Finds ways to slither out of tackles. Hands showed improvement as pass catcher. WEAKNESSES Runs with inconsistent power through contact. Will need to accelerate through contact on next level. Serial run bouncer. Too willing to make wild bounces to the furthest reaches of the perimeter if interior lanes are gummed up. Lacks a committed approach between the tackles. Feet start dancing if he doesn't see an early point of entry. On jet sweeps, he rarely looked to cut it downhill in space and defaulted to the wide track. Has a very poor fumble rate over this three years and has put the ball on the ground twelve times. Ducks head into traffic to finish rather than keeping eyes scanning. NFL COMPARISON Denard Robinson BOTTOM LINE Scat back with decent size and blazing getaway speed. Mack has plenty of wiggle to bounce from run lane to run lane and make tacklers miss, but he has a penchant for looking to break runs way outside when the interior becomes too trafficked and he won't be able to get away with that against NFL speed. Mack is a complementary runner who can hit big runs against defenses who have been worn down, but he needs to be matched with the right scheme in order to unlock his big-play potential. -Lance Zierlein