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  1. Nah, I'm going to go with the explanation that the Big 12 was never going to expand, anyway, and it was all a ploy to renegotiate their contract for more $ for member schools.
  2. Unsweet teas? Did they look at you like you had a third eye? I'm an unsweet tea guy myself. People in GA think it's strange.
  3. CFA uses the good quality chicken, unlike the pink slime you get at Trip's MickeyD's.
  4. There's a reason for that ...
  5. It's well deserved. They are the model fast food company in almost every facet of the business. Most of all, the food is outstanding.
  6. Beside the point, but completely true nonetheless.
  7. Very cool, but I'm disturbed that you were in a McD drive through line. If that's the only place to eat in McRae, I guess, but I'd still consider going hungry until I was out of town and find a Chick-Fil-A or something.
  8. Is it the unicorn-horned Bull?
  9. I think it would be great if we could get the business school students to do a study as a project, and I'll bet the students in architectural design could put together a nice rendering showing the on campus stadium.
  10. No, it was Irvin Meyers. The corch of Tim Tivo.
  11. About the same as your above salary scenario over the next 25 years for MM has to do with real life.
  12. @JoeB start up the game 2 thread! Need the juju from last night to carry over to tonight ... hopefully with better hitting out of the gate.