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  1. Can we complain about Booger and Joey?

    Maybe I'm not with it on this conversation, but is this serious? Computers don't decide the top teams anymore.
  2. Can we complain about Booger and Joey?

    I think that was when we got a pick, and they were discussing whether to take the penalty and safety, or to take the interception and the ball inside Temple's red zone.
  3. Attendance is an embarrassment

    Per Wikipedia, Tampa Stadium was built with the intent of Tampa Bay trying to get an NFL team. That was the long-term goal. It would be used for UT in the short term but the stated reason for building it was to get an NFL team. And it was built smaller at first, and they expanded it in 1974-1975 after Tampa Bay was awarded an expansion team.
  4. USF Repped in NY on College Game Day

    Great job NYC Bulls!
  5. Can we complain about Booger and Joey?

    That was some BS. When would that ever happen with someone running WITH the ball?
  6. USF should be #15

    Ahh, ok, I didn't know if it was a parody of the OP, or the real deal. Carry on, good sir.
  7. Lack of fanbase smack talk in AAC

    Throw in the whole "job" thing along with those three little details and it gets tough to squeeze life's important necessities like message board smack.
  8. Lack of fanbase smack talk in AAC

    I do it when I go to games, which is kind of rare, more rare that I would like, but it is what it is ... I just have better things to do than go to other teams' message boards and talk smack.
  9. Some Bad News

    Ouch. That sucks. That sucks bad. Hopefully he'll recover, but in the meantime, we need someone like Clerveaux or Barr to step up NOW. Hopefully we'll have Antoine back next week as well.
  10. Will Harlan Be Interviewing?

    I think he's a "certain people" person.
  11. USF should be #15

    I'm mostly with you - only issue I see is that I just want to see a good game from both the running AND the passing offense. We just need to put it all together on offense, as soon as possible. We have some tough road games coming up and I just want to see us click. I'm happy with the scores we've been putting up and our defense has been a joy to watch, though.
  12. What does Gilbert have in common with Woodie?

    This, all day. Flowers definitely had an off night, assisted by some key drops by WRs.
  13. Lack of Offensive Rhythm

    Well put. I 100% endorse this message.
  14. Will Harlan Be Interviewing?

    It's been pretty clear for quite a while that BB is not a big fan of Harlan.