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  1. Caption this photo

    No, Mr. Mack. Please don't score another touchdown!
  2. Here's his contact info if you want to call/e-mail and ask him:
  3. Blood of the Knights

    May the blood flow without ceasing this weekend!
  4. TD's vs. FG's

    I think if you kick the field, it might hurt your foot.
  5. CCS and Coaching Openings

    Skip Holtz was all of those things, and look where that got us ...
  6. Game Preparation: UCF Encyclopedia

    Ugh. Someone didn’t listen to Jimmy Dugan.
  7. CCS and Coaching Openings

    Basically we want Gene Chizik, the 2010 version. Changed his offense and won a natty. He was a genius that year. By paying Cam Newton tons of money to play for him.
  8. Game Preparation: UCF Encyclopedia

    We were going to start one but due to the herpes and genital warts epidemic currently spreading at UCF, we kind of just went in a different direction.
  9. CCS and Coaching Openings

    That was a fun read.
  10. Quinton Flowers = Total Class

    I know he’s going to give it all he’s got. We have a great chance.
  11. The Wizard has serious competition

    Good luck to you man!
  12. Quinton Flowers = Total Class

    Tearing up just looking at this. Absolutely my favorite Bull of all time. Can’t even begin to fathom how much he means to our university.
  13. USF, SC, or (6-4)

    I didn’t think USF was ranked in the CFP, but ESPN mentioned we were 23. I think they’re using AP/Coaches Poll #s.
  14. Auggie

    This pic just screams that this kid is a BULL. Love him and thankful for the blood, sweat and tears he’s given for our school.