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  1. QB next year - who's your guy.

    He was going around slapping fives with the fans, including myself, after the bowl game. That’s not the mark of a kid too big for his britches. Not if they were Publix subs.
  2. I think we do, and the owner’s ghost frequents the site.
  3. CFP trophy vs BCS trophy

    My vote is for the current trophy. ESPN’s name has no business being on championship hardware.
  4. Gilbert Rumors

    Something halfway yours and JTrue’s examples would be more acceptable.
  5. Gilbert Rumors

    That was an emo-millennial male, right?
  6. Gilbert Rumors

    ^be nice if the thighs had a little more shapeliness.
  7. Were you expecting sheep and goats?
  8. Gilbert Rumors

    Why do you feel we're above hiring first time coordinators?
  9. I haven't read any other posts ... are you saying the score was 99-37, Wichita?
  10. Who's Next?

  11. A Holtz New Era...

    I’d love to see the color of smoke this would make whilst burning in my fire pit.
  12. Turrible arena ... just turrible
  13. Well now that all of the fun topics have...

    UCF, duh. They'll have to fight the SEC for them.
  14. Luke Fickell