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  1. Wife and I went to Epcot sans kids yesterday. Had a great time. That's the only park trip planned ... here for a wedding and back Sunday. Weather is great this week.
  2. Wish they were playing in the Orlando area since I'll be there Wed. through Sunday.
  3. It's good to see that he's on the other side of the coin. Just a few short years ago, he wanted to cancel the season after the spring game.
  4. Is that your little guy, BB? Cute kid. We have a little girl with Downs in my wife's side of the family. Sweetest little girl in the world.
  5. Rocky currently enjoys a 68% to 32% lead over Sebastian the cowbird.
  6. 15

  7. I certainly hope May 19 isn't a big weekend for 2018 recruits on campus.
  8. I think you may be right. Reading comprehension took a break there for a moment.
  9. Cheese and crackers ... they basically play as soon as they get off the bus. Is that normal? I thought that stopped after the high school level.
  10. Hey, don't knock that show, that was a damned good one. I used to watch that with my grandparents.
  11. I thought Doug fired Heath on his way out ... I don't think Harlan had anything to do with the firing, at least not publicly.
  12. I'm definitely on the lower end of the fanbase as far as keeping up with the MBB program. Most of my knowledge comes from this board. That said, I'm not sure if the upgraded facilities really make the turd that is our men's basketball program any more polished. Do people really think our facilities overcome the train wreck that our team is now?
  13. Trees are overrated. And for all the Sierra Clubbers, I mean in athletic coaching terms.