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  1. Ole Miss Replacement HC

    Joey Saltwater, now that he's on the Atlantic coast.
  2. LOL ... you clicked on more than just the first place you landed? You spent 9:55 on that site longer than you should have.
  3. Great feelgood article. Man, I hope this season goes as many anticipate.
  4. Best Running Game in College Football

    I think DJ's YPC will go up ... he's been more of a role player in the offense before, but I've always thought he could be the feature if need be. Well, now's his chance. I think he'll deliver.
  5. I didn't know there was a Wuerffel trophy.
  6. Potential to be the best season in the history of the program.
  7. We're already in the P6, y'all.
  8. Joey Knight and the AAC Media

    I can appreciate that viewpoint. The silver lining is that, assuming he's bought in to USF during his time here, ought to really help him set out to avenge that loss, with the Bulls reaping the benefit.
  9. Joey Knight and the AAC Media

    Actually, Strong has a 12-1 overall, 7-1 conference record in the AAC as Louisville's coach, in 2013, the only year they played in the conference.
  10. If you're aware of your senility, I'm not sure you really are.
  11. Forgive him, Trip ... he was in a hurry to get to his 10k post.
  12. 10,000

    This is the only cup good enough to send you:
  13. 10,000

    But they were so much fun.