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  1. Why do you hate Mario Cristobal and Marcus Arroyo? Especially Arroyo, since he has Tampa ties?
  2. Pretty much my reasoning, to a tee.
  3. Indeed a good article. I'm pulling for CWT and Oregon.
  4. Can't believe no one's posted this yet - especially the old timers on the board:
  5. Certainly, but only in the terms of TBP posters' opinions.
  6. I hope Mack works on the fumbling. He'll have a short ride in the NFL if he doesn't get that under control.
  7. You're a fan of all the other Tampa sports. Why not just drop the odd duck out and jump on the Bucs bandwagon?
  8. I admire Jason Licht for his ballsy drafts. He's gotten most of his picks right, including the first four picks of 2015, 4 starters their rookie years. He's had a bit of a rough go with free agents, but he at least admits mistakes. And many Buc fans make the mistake of blaming Licht for Lovie Smith, when actually Lovie Smith was hired before Licht. A GM is going to get a few wrong here and there. Overall, he's putting the Bucs in position to be successful and they are definitely trending upward.
  9. Lol, because of Jameis? The first QB to throw for 4K yards in his first two seasons? He and Javien Elliott are the only Noles on the roster, I believe. If that drives you away from the Bucs, you won't be missed.
  10. Least you could have done is save me 5 pages and told me it was on page 6.