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  1. Former Palmetto standout is transferring from UM. Newberg tweets that he thinks USF should go after him. He is a pure pocket passer but is very talented and a former 4 star recruit. https://mobile.twitter.com/joshnewberg247/status/856910833649111041
  2. Eric Hester is transferring from UF after one season. He is a former oldsmar Christian player that we were actively recruiting. Wonder if he is considering us again? https://mobile.twitter.com/gatorhoops/status/852193463785459713
  3. Dukes is not a burner like this guy though.
  4. It's funny rivals is the only major service that lists him as a DE. All other sites have him as an OT.
  5. Good size and has some good offers. Go get him Charlie!
  6. I would be all for hiring McCall!
  7. Transferring from UF. Would like to see us go after him. He would be able to redshirt while Mack and Johnson play their final year and then still have 2 years to play. He is also a really good receiver out of the backfield. https://www.google.com/amp/www.foxsports.com/florida/story/jordan-cronkrite-transferring-away-from-florida-gators-120816.amp.html
  8. Yeah that's his total yardage and Tds compared to just the other guys receiving stats only. His receiving stats aren't nearly as good as the other guys but it is his intangibles that make him so good.
  9. Nvm I was wrong his dad played at Mississippi delta cc. Could have swore he went to FSU.
  10. He is an FSU legacy so it will be hard to pull this one. His dad is former nole and buc Juran Bolden
  11. Warchant maybe? Isn't he a nole commit?
  12. Hopefully he stays true to this commitment
  13. Decision coming soon... https://mobile.twitter.com/RussHoops/status/726803235839827969
  14. I remember us recruiting him in high school. Should have just came here in the first place. Hopefully his relationship with the Gillion brothers will pay dividends.
  15. Looking to transfer after 2 years at Michigan. Has good size and is speculated he wants to transfer closer to his hometown in Cape Coral. http://www.freep.com/story/sports/college/university-michigan/wolverines/2016/03/29/ricky-doyle-michigan-basketball-transfer/82385864/