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  1. Can't wait to see next year's conference championship rings.
  2. Our spring sports are killing it!
  3. Don't know if some of you remember but at last year's Birmingham Bowl there was a cooler company that had a contest for box seats to the game for both USF and SC fans. I went over to their vendor site the night before the game (wanted to see if they had announced the winner for the tickets) to look at their coolers. They were designed with university logos and they had contracts with about 125 universities...including SC. I asked the owners where was the USF logo cooler and he said they did not get the rights and that the university had a ridiculous process (price) compared to other universities. It was kind of sad to see the SC cooler with the logo next to one with nothing on it. After his explanation I knew no one from USF was going to win those seats from the contest and they did not.
  4. I saw this on ESPN 13.
  5. Based on what? Just curious....looking at his numbers they are rather pedestrian. Not saying that he can't develop into something good however.
  6. Great that we got a tall guy but based on his UNM and JC numbers he is a long term project.
  7. Same is true for Adams
  8. ...and the feeling was mutual.
  9. Bulls win!! 4 to 2. Four way tie for 2nd in AAC.
  10. Top of 6th still 2 to 0
  11. I wonder how much the AAC made on selling the bowl? Hundreds I am sure.
  12. Bulls 2 to 0 going to the top of the 4th.