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  1. What Do You Guys Do After Football Season?

    Too much performance enhancing drugs in that sport to my liking...
  2. Even with changes in players, our defense will be dominant this year. We won't need many points from the offense.
  3. What Do You Guys Do After Football Season?

    That’s awesome. USF Baseball is the only other sport I’ll follow with real interest. Wish MBB would do something this time of year.
  4. Q autograph helmets

    Hope Q got paid for this or is getting a taste of the profits
  5. What Do You Guys Do After Football Season?

    I sit and sulk....,
  6. SunTrust Gator Invitational

    Get well soon Mama!
  7. 38 years

    ...or just someone needing attention
  8. Baseball v. #6 UNC

    No sound though...quality control still an issue at USF media
  9. Temple Game 2018

    Taken that trip many a time back in the day. Leave Penn Station and go to 30th street station in Philadelphia. Takes about an hour and a half on AmTrack. From there you can get on the Market-Frankford Subway then change over to the Broad Street subway heading southbound. Of course you can also take an Uber from 30th Street station too.
  10. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    You are a good sport
  11. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    Dude not knowing what happend by now is like someone not having a tv...oh wait...sorry
  12. Football Complex (IPF) News

    But a win over a top 20 USF team does gain them more value than a win against FIU. It could be important if UGA is #5.
  13. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    Rut Row...I think I pissed off a nurd...
  14. Football Complex (IPF) News

    UGA losing to USF is not nearly as bad if they lost to Rutgers or Vandy...
  15. Opening night for BaseBulls

    His mere presence creates greatness for USF athletics. I already miss Mr. Quinton Flowers.