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  1. AAC baseball #4 ranked conference in terms of RPI.
  2. Of course if the one USF player had not pissed off the umpire by showing him up by walking to first base after a called strike the strike zone may have stayed consistent in the 9th.
  3. Not feeling it for today
  4. He should be blaming the ****** managing job.
  5. Don't have to worry about the coach leaving...idiot move...
  6. Why is he still pitching???? Jesus, terrible move
  7. Where is this game on? I don't see it on the AAC channel nor cbs
  8. Yes, any airport travel requires USF apparel of some sort. Baltimore, Kansas City, Cleveland, etc. I typically receive at least one comment from someone walking by. Once at LaGuardia airport, I met a family who was just flying back from Tampa. The son had visited USF and was considering going there. I spent about 30 min going over the the virtues of the University...I felt like an admissions counselor LOL.
  9. Maybe he is. I remember listening to one of his pod casts last year and he kept using the phrase "hot take" over and over and over. Fine I get it, it's a quick opinion but the way he presented it was so immature. Also the dude comes off all holy about talk concerning coaches getting fired. Or has "info" he cannot talk about. He simply is not aggressive enough to be a player in the media and, as mentioned, sounds|writes immature at times.
  10. Lol, I have never met a Georgia citizen who would say anything negative about Chick.
  11. Almost every coach says this when they are hired as it is what fans want to hear. In reality it is difficult to do relative to recruits that are available. I like the root canal approach and think we can have more success doing this than playing the up tempo approach.
  12. I think this is the only way USF can win in the short..and perhaps long term.