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  1. Hope he recovers but if the story is true he will no longer be on the team.
  2. USF and technology for sports viewing has been such a joke for many, many years.
  3. Whenever I see that this has new posts I think "whose next?"
  4. Hope he gets paid millions and is successful, but for purely selfish reasons I wish he would have stayed.
  5. **** those are nice. That's what great weather looks like!
  6. Multiple reasons: 1. Who wants to coach a program with no fan support? 2. Who wants to coach a program that will get NCAA penalties? 3. Who wants to coach a program with little to none in tradition? 4. Who wants to coach in a program with limited donor support? 5. Who wants to coach in a program that can't pay aggressively because they are still paying past coaches who were fired? We did well getting this guy.
  7. Better bowl access (even though ours suck there would at least be more options) and more $ as they would be part of a new tv contract pluse keeping a chunk of the Army's/Navy $ for themselves. Army does draw better on tv (even with CBS sports network) than the dog schools many have been promoting (MTSU, GSU, etc).
  8. Army Navy tv contract = $8 mil. In total per year. Bring Army in and the whole conf gets a taste.
  9. Yet it still makes $
  10. Football only. The idea of all sports does not exists anymore with WSU coming aboard.
  11. I guess you don't understand how TV money works.
  12. Give me army or any of the big four from the MWC conference. All that is left on the east coast is terrible.
  13. And you know this is especially applicable to that team we play last. That is going to be their super bowl. That is the only away game I would have worry about.