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  1. Temple found out that DJ read the bulletin board comments their players made after the game last year...Temple just canceled the game a few minutes ago.
  2. Bulletin Board Material

    CCS should save the comments they made until we are up by 21. Then tell the team how they insulted the defense...that way we win by 49 points.
  3. Thundersticks??

    Thunder sticks? Next thing you know we will have music between every play and announcers saying stupid things to get the crowd fired up...oh wait...
  4. Chris Barr=Delonte Welch

    I still remember that every time Lamar got hit he would fly through the air or hit the ground very hard. Surprised that kid survived college football.
  5. Thundersticks??

    Yet the sec allows Miss State to have cowbells? I think they still have them, yes?
  6. Thundersticks??

    There is not a hell hot enough for the inventor of thunder sticks.
  7. Bulletin Board Material

    Not the direct quote but the Temple RB said the defense was playing like they were scared.
  8. Which one (or two) will the Bulls drop?

    We will not lose a single game. The average margin of victory will be 17 points, the 30 point streak will continue, the defensive backfield will finish in the top five in the nation for interceptions, the defense overall will finish 35th in the nation for points allowed, and there will be no more blocks on special teams. On Jan 2 CCS tells the AAC Champions to submit their ring sizes by the end of the day.
  9. Thundersticks??

    Good early 2000...
  10. Chris Barr=Delonte Welch

    I would hope not, he needs more bulk
  11. How much eligibility does he have?
  12. Bulletin Board Material

    Temple going to be in a world of hurt!
  13. I guarantee if we had an OCS fans would NOT leave early

    or move the home side to the other of the field.
  14. USF vs Temple Game Line

    Yes! Absolutely!
  15. USF vs Illinois TV Rating

    Nor do I, it just "sounded" good to me.