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  1. Aug. 26: Points Scored v. Punches Landed

    Of course you are assuming McGregor can actually box...which he can't. It won't take that long.
  2. Aug. 26: Points Scored v. Punches Landed

    Considering McGregor will not land more than 20 punches before being floored, I took USF.
  3. Charlie Strong to go on First Take

    We are all over the ESPN network today. Can't buy this kind of pub. Go Bulls!
  4. Capogna's

    Too bad. I really appreciated how this went live on Facebook last year for all to see.
  5. Charlie Strong to go on First Take

    I hope the athletic dept records all of these interviews for fans to see. No way I want to spend all day floating through espn world.
  6. 29 days until kickoff, best Bull to wear #29

    Never forget meeting Erskin's dad at a Uconn game. When I saw him a second time he gave me welcome punch in the ribs. Tough guy that one.
  7. What will it take for Q to win the Heisman

    Players take it one game at a time, I am taking it as a full season. Let's talk 12-0, Q in NY for the Heisman ceremony, and us winning the mother friggin Peach Bowl!
  8. Can the AAC adopt this policy?

    I suspect we may have even more commercials...we po.
  9. Steven Bench arrested

    That is great to hear. He manned up to the situation and admitted his mistake. I am sure he learned a great deal.
  10. Uconn Game

    Section 136 and 137. You can save a few bucks if you buy on the secondary market but these tickets will not be posted until Uconn starts selling individual tickets in about two weeks. Two years ago I got tickets for $10.
  11. QF Enters The Jungle With Jim Rome

    Willie deserves a lot of credit. Just wish we could have held him out that first year.
  12. The King Has Spoken

    He has zero input CFB scheduling.
  13. Building that wall...

    Simply awesome!