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  1. AP and Coaches Poll

    Stanford could easily be a 6-9 loss team. I just checked their schedule and its tough
  2. AP and Coaches Poll

    Why do we care about SI and CBS polls or even ESPN for that matter? The only ones that matter are the AP and Coaches
  3. AP and Coaches Poll

    They already lost to UM they will lose to 3 of the following 5: FSU Kentucky South Carolina UGA LSU Also I wouldn't be surprised if Vandy beat them.
  4. AP and Coaches Poll

    UF will lose at least 4 games this year and possibly 5. Do they then come after Ol Charlie?
  5. AP and Coaches Poll

    On sirius xm they do a sports update like every hour and saturday they said #22 USF blitzed Illinois...
  6. AP and Coaches Poll

    Against the mighty southern conference
  7. AP and Coaches Poll

    So why the **** didn't Auburn get penalized for barely beating ******* mercer?
  8. Deadrin Senat

    Listening to the CCS post game, Strong's tone made it sound like BS. He said he felt bad fpr Senat and he was just playing hard.
  9. San Diego State

    Hopefully Stanford keeps on losing
  10. Did Quinton Flowers re-enter the Heisman discussion Friday?

    I've been hearing it is more likely the cotton bowl. I hope if we make it, it's in Atlanta. For personal reasons lol
  11. Injuries?

    Also what's the timetable for Salomon?
  12. Good, Bad, and Ugly

    Dillon with the easiest TD catch opportunity of his life..... drop
  13. Playcalling