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  1. Blew it...
  2. Awesome to hear! Very smart move
  3. Unfortunately there is no death penalty in NCAA anymore. Baylor gets a slap on the wrist for the heinous things that went on at that program, essentially showing that the NCAA has no authority. Penn State barely received punishment for the disgusting acts that went on at that program. Also, has UNC received any punishments yet? The NCAA is a ******* joke...
  4. Met my wife at USF
  5. Not sure. I would go back and watch but it is too early to ruin my weekend lol
  6. 1. John McDaid. The ref who called the " illegal forward propulsion" call
  7. Crazy to see the different paths of Mack vs. Yearby.
  8. Isn't ABC affiliated with ESPN?
  9. I kinda am pulling against him but only because I love chaos!
  10. I had a great time at B'ham. Yes, the stadium is old but it wasn't bad. Of course, winning and lots of beer was involved!
  11. I still have 4 years of eligibility. Maybe I should try out. I'll be like Bill Murray in Space Jam.
  12. Sooo how bout that football team, guys?
  13. So we could be Bull Strong and Bull Smart!!
  14. Damn I am gonna miss him... Hope he goes to a team with a competent line
  15. Blue Adams looks like he will in fact be a Bull! This guy is a good source for WVU.