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  1. I still have 4 years of eligibility. Maybe I should try out. I'll be like Bill Murray in Space Jam.
  2. Sooo how bout that football team, guys?
  3. So we could be Bull Strong and Bull Smart!!
  4. Damn I am gonna miss him... Hope he goes to a team with a competent line
  5. Blue Adams looks like he will in fact be a Bull! This guy is a good source for WVU.
  6. Football

    Wait. Is there a chance we wouldn't have a spring game? Fill me in
  7. The best part is UF is nowhere to be found.
  8. I meant to say top 3 based on avg.
  9. "While coaches planned to take Robinson, who was likely to choose to join the Gators on National Signing Day, the Florida administration blocked that move on Monday afternoon."
  10. Nope UF administration.
  11. Lol didn't they say they wouldn't take him because of the arrest?
  12. Hell I'd settle for sloppy seconds.... jk...... no I'm not
  13. Strong is gonna be on ch. 84 College Sports Nation 11:30