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  1. Here's the real signing day surprise

    Probably not a popular opinion but I used to love quiznos. Mmmm toasty
  2. TE Kano Dillon Leaving USF

    Could be but I was talking about this year. I was watching with my dad and was talking about him being from my high school and then he proceeded to drop 2 clutch passes
  3. TE Kano Dillon Leaving USF

    I dont remember what game it was but he dropped two huge passes back to back at least one being in the end zone. He had quite a few drops but maybe I noticed his more because he went to my high school.
  4. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    Where do you think UCONN ends up?
  5. Is UCF

    I think the self proclaiming national champions is really dumb but I do feel that ucf should be pissed they didnt have an oppurtunity to play for one.
  6. Not true! "Keeping Leavitt in Eugene was a priority, and the former USF head coach is back for 2018."
  7. Bulls Will be Ranked Again!

    Sounds like a dude Id grab a beer with
  8. So Who's Going to B-Ham?

    Went last year cant go this year...
  9. Same... wish he had one more year.
  10. QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    Anywhere he goes I will root for him... even if he is a ****** patriot! I just want him to get paid and more importantly be smart with his money. QF deserves the $$$ more than anybody playing a game for a living.
  11. RUMOR: USF 2.0

    It would be nice to see Oregon get the same **** sandwich we got last year. I remember their fans saying "it's just business" and trying to see what commits of ours they were getting.
  12. Optimism for next football season

    Cronkrite in the backfield and the weapons we have at wr makes you ready for August! It's gonna be a loooong offseason
  13. Optimism for next football season

    Good to hear. Hopefully next year is the year of transfer studs!