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  1. CCS hates it here CHICAGO -- How good is life as a defensive coordinator at Big Ten power Ohio State? Good enough that Greg Schiano turned down two offers to leave for a promotion, according to coach Urban Meyer. "He was offered two head coaching jobs -- two significant head coaching jobs -- and he made a decision to come back," Meyer said when asked by NJ Advance Media. "I've known Greg for a long time -- and he's a head coach. He will be a head coach (again)." One of those two jobs is believed to be Oregon, which eventually went to South Florida's Willie Taggart. Schiano was also linked to Tampa-based South Florida this past offseason, when it was a relatively quiet coaching carousel.
  2. Fun question

    F*** UF/SEC FSU would play anyone, anywhere. I respect that. UF thinks they are God's gift to football, as does the SEC.
  3. She was in the student section, left section (Sec. 150) half way up, near the centerish aisle. I shall now turn off my creep factor/mode.
  4. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    Greed, arrogance, and stupidity
  5. Yes She didn't. She changed her shirt/scarves right afterwards.

  7. Possible New SoFlo Uni

    I believe they are doing this for Tulsa because it's Senior Day. Give the graduating class' last home game an extra *pop*. For the 5 year crew: 2013: 2-10 / 2-6 2014: 4-8 / 3-5 2015: 8-5 / 6-2 2016: 11-2 / 7-1 2017: 8-1 / 5-1
  8. Life is good, $2 hot dogs!

    I love those! Just got one today. But it didn't quite make up for how much $$$ I spent while I was there.
  9. USF womens soccer Currently tied 9-9 Looks like the Champ games doesn't count. I think it should
  10. Ughh.. I said it when Strong was hored... I wish he would have kept Weist for OC
  11. Hey, it was a run to the outside... they're opening the playbook!
  12. If Taggart had stayed, would we be 8-0?

    No. See Temple last year. That game was even more frustrating than the Houston loss because we couldn't stop a simple RB/FB run up the middle the entire game. The Defense last year was atrocious.