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  1. Maryland is on their 3rd string QB. They are not a good team
  2. Hit hootie

    All of the "cam" shots are part of the game day experience. If you notice people get excited and want to be a part of it. Wont knock it. We need that and more to get more people to enjoy being at the game. What got old (besides the stadium announcer "...OHHHH THAT'S HOT"...) the first time they tried it, and thankfully didn't do last night, was the SG President and VP trying to make the student section do some chants while being HORRIBLE at the attempt to lead
  3. Does it look different on TV. At the game these offside penalties look really ticky tacky
  4. Will Harlan Be Interviewing?

    I wonder if the rusty tinmen are worried about Frost
  5. Temple will be a test for us

    Temple will destroy us!
  6. GAMEDAY!!!

  7. Quiz: Know the AAC

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 9 seconds Ughhhh... i accidentally changed the page. Is there a reset option???
  8. USF Football Pregame Stampede

    What was the problem with the new location. I haven't attended so I'm just curious.
  9. #12 #14 and #18

    Besides the obvious SEC-bias, I'm pretty sure they let UF easy because they had 10 players suspended for the Michigan game. ...Would they give the same leniency to a non-SEC, or especially a non "P5", team? ....Ha!
  10. Let's go AAC!

    WTF UConn. 2 good drives. 1 INT in the end zone, and a fumble during a QB run in the 5 yard line
  11. Let's go AAC!

    Memphis up early after a huge run follwed by a Def PI penalty in the end zone 7 - 0, 11:30 left in the 1st
  12. GAMEDAY Edit: What happened to being able to embed tweets?