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  1. LANE KIFFIN, FAU ACCUSED OF FRAUD Former Alabama wideout Antonio Carter is suing Lane Kiffin, Florida Atlantic and the state of Florida for fraud, according to Christopher Walsh of SEC Country and Bleacher Report. Carter claimed he was only offered the job of assistant strength and conditioning coach to help Florida Atlantic obtain a prospect, and the school reneged on its offer once that player agreed to a scholarship. ---
  2. That's why the exclamation point was only used for the Italian.
  3. Publix Italian sub is on sale! Their prepackaged cubans are also on sale.
  4. JOINED! I'm expecting to anchor the cellar-dweller position of the group.
  6. Have you been wanting an autographed football by Coach Strong? Or how about taking the War On I-4 trophy to work for a day? Better yet, do you want to join USF Football players at midfield for the home opener as the Coin Toss Captain? To show our appreciation towards our USF Football season ticket members, check out the daily prizes listed above that you will be eligible to win during the month of March once you renew your season tickets for the highly anticipated 2017 season. Note, fans that have already renewed their season tickets are already eligible to win these exclusive prizes. One winner will be selected Monday through Friday and will be announced daily on the USF Football Twitter account (click HERE to follow @USFFootball). So head over to and join fellow season ticket members who have already locked in their seats for the upcoming season...BULLSTRONG! The football priority renewal deadline is Friday, March 31st.
  7. My wife and I are planning on moving to Waynesville, NC 30 miles west of Asheville up in the mountains sometime this year. We'll be staying at her sister's house (big house with basement) while we consider where exactly we want to stake our home. Our main considerations are staying in Western N. Carolina (Waynesville/Ashville area) or Eastern Tennessee (Knoxville or further east). We also want seasons! And some land (a few acres) and nice scenery. Seems like it's becoming a serious possibility. We're beginning to do some cleanup/upgrade work around the house for selling purposes.
  8. Renewed my tickets earlier today. Sec. 109!
  9. Love that movie (Twister). I remember seeing that for the first time in a $1.50 theater in South Broward while there was a heavy storm outside. You could hear the thunder at times (during the calm portions of the film) and the lights/screen flickered a few times. Probably what made it so memorable. On a related note.. this is very cool: