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  1. Jeffery Farrar, JUCO CB

    Signed in 6/12/2014 -- left 2015 no playing time.. http://www.scout.com/college/washington-state/story/1562498-absent-from-depth-chart-farrar-to-transfer
  2. You must have esp.....44 good call
  3. weber will get her fouled her once 4 more to go!!
  4. Hopefully they only play there bench in the second half, all 4 of them ...
  5. It would be an improvement from first game, were we scored 37
  6. Wow ..will they score 120 on us?
  7. Usf doesn't match up well against Uconn. They are way quicker and athletic than we are. Even UCF did a better job in first half.
  8. USF v. UCONN - WBB - 7pm 1/10/17

    We better stick to the easy teams and be overated..
  9. QB Comparison

    Considering the level of competition (probably edge to Lousiville), arm strength and the height comparisons they (NFL) probably take Lamar Jackson over Flowers. Flowers game against FSU was very poor. QBR of 32.8. Where Jackson vs FSU had a 95.2.
  10. Women's basketball Bahamas tourney

    UNC played very awful teams. It is a good victory over ACC team but not that impressive. If they beat UGA / MInnesota then it would be better quality wins. We are ranked way ahead of thses teams, therefore if we lost it would be a disapointment. It would be impressive if we beat anyone ranked ahead of us, especially in top 25!! Unfortunatly we have another soft schedule, only have three chances to beat anyone ranked higher than us right now. Uconn twice and oregon st in the play4kay las veagas tournament.
  11. USF Falls to Elon, 74-61

    but white is..and they did have a few non white players