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  1. Attendance is an embarrassment

    People work. I'm not that surprised.
  2. Can we complain about Booger and Joey?

    ESPN hates USF because good ol boy Skippy failed here and ESPN loves them the Holtzs.
  3. Attendance is an embarrassment

    TV ratings are more important than live attendance for media contracts. When you go to the game be sure to leave your TV on when you leave home.
  4. What does Gilbert have in common with Woodie?

    You guys complaining about the offense do realize it was in the red zone that Gilbert mixed up the play calling and the player execution was dirt poor? We had 5... FIVE passes to the endzone that did not connect, 0/5... and here many fans are complaining about the lopsided play calling not having enough passes called. Aside from the terrible 4th down play call, the red zone playcalling was setting us up to score and mixing in a lot of pass attempts but the player execution was horrible through the air. The coaches need to fix this in practices.
  5. I don't think Taggart was either. Most passes were punt passes or short back field passes or passes towards the sidelines. Taggart made it work, but the passes to the center of the field were extremely rare.
  6. What does Gilbert have in common with Woodie?

    The offense isn't so bad... we are rushing extremely well. The stats, 200+ rushing yards per game, do not support the claim that our runs up the middle aren't effective. It sometimes seems that way watching, and definitely was at some times, but the offense is expanding a little from games 1 and 2 and racking up the rushing yards. We are exhausting defenses at the end of the game. The philosophy is definitely different than Taggart. Taggart would have scored 50+ probabaly all 4 games so far, instead we are scoring 40+ though we scored less than 40 against Stony Brook. My conclusion with what I have seen so far is that this offense is designed around ball control, field position and endurance. This can work so long as the defense gets stops to win the field position battle. Dropped passes are huge problem. But I think the offensive line play is a bigger one with respect to how this offense operates. If our line lacks depth we are going to lose the endurance battle. We have the backs to cycle them and keep them fresh against tired line backers and lineman, but if our own line doesn't hold it can cause the whole strategy to collapse. Remember last year against Temple we had 355 yard of offense. Last night we had over 400. Last year we scored only 30 on Temple... and our defense sucked. So can we really be upset about scoring 43 - 7? This team with the improved defense may be more complete than 2016. Stop the sloppy offensive penalties and 2017 may be a special year too.
  7. Can we complain about Booger and Joey?

    Parts of the game were not enjoyable just hating them ramble on about stupid stuff and not even mention the game. Worst sports casters ever.
  8. It just hit me

    I don't get why we don't use options.... ever.
  9. Thundersticks??

    So, did you guys like the thunder sticks?
  10. It just hit me

    Our leading receiver is a running back. Do our receivers not have any pride? They let a freakin running back have more receiving yards than them.
  11. Maybe the algorithm is looking at averages and their data is skewed since UCF had only one game.
  12. If the defense plays this way every game we have like a 90% chance against every opponent.
  13. Experts at creating ratings... probably some scheme to hype the rivalry games...
  14. How in the world do they figure UCF is favored to win?