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  1. I'm all out of outrage for the annual "Greeks missing first game" announcement.
  2. USF new requirements

    We passed the noles years ago.
  3. Can we crash the AAC championship game first? One step at a time.
  4. Defense improvement is not by happenchance. Coaches of our defense deserve the recognition for the improvement.
  5. 2017 was the first real "rivalry" game.
  6. I'm looking forward to season 2 of The OA.
  7. P6

    UCF also played one less regular season game than everyone else. Why they weren't considered for the playoff is pretty obvious to most.
  8. P6

    You know watching that Auburn game I think the Auburn coaches didn't prepare well. Had Auburn targeted their biggest receiver a bit more, like we did McCants they likely would have won. Both USF and Memphis took UCF to the wire and exposed their weak secondary, let's be honest, our receivers are world beaters, we just gave it to our big guy due to physical size mismatch with UCFs small players. Auburn didn't seem to capitalize at all on the undersized UCF coverage.
  9. CFP trophy vs BCS trophy

    CFP trophy looks like a big ol penis that opens into a ******.
  10. P6

    And we know that is ********.
  11. P6

    What pre-season rank would have put UCF into the playoff?
  12. They didn't game plan at all, at least the offense looks that way.
  13. Pretty obvious Auburn didn't prepare well and players didn't take UCF seriously. If Auburn would just pass to their biggest receiver like we passed to McCants they would be moving the ball easily. Memphis and USF scored 40+ on UCF predominantly passing. Auburn doesn't look like they made a game plan to take advantage of UCFs undersized secondary. Also, Auburns QB is not playing well... slipping, hesitating, and a fumble.