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  1. Is it just me, or has there been a total lack of reporting on the defensive side of the ball? This is what needs the most change but I haven't seen much about it. We have videos on the offense, why not defense? i want to know what Strong is doing to improve the defense? Does anyone have any insight?
  2. There has to be more to this. Child's is tailgating and when the slow car gets out of his way he just pulls up next to him waving a gun at a stranger? That just doesn't make a lot of sense to wave a gun around at a stranger without provocation. He must have been high or not in the right mind. Also, it's very rare for permit holders to act as irresponsibly as is described here.
  3. There must be other witnesses or other evidence to charge him. If you pull a gun on someone and it isn't self defense I think the charges should be attempted murder. I cant comprehend pulling a gun on someone over a traffic incident. I can't comprehend pulling a gun on someone unless you intend to kill them. What was he going to do? Rob the guy? I wonder what his side of the story is.
  4. The price of pride is not always worth it. Both of these guys worlds are now turned upside down, over what again?
  5. Temple won because our defense couldn't get a stop on their tortoise offense.
  6. I actually saw this photo on my Facebook feed through friends. Weird yahoo ran a story on it?
  7. But it is a bit disrespectful to just ignore local coaches as seems to be what he did. How did he get through 4 years without building any relationships. It's one thing when he can only visit from WKU but when he is a 15 minute drive it's a bit different. It seems multiple people in the local football community lacked anything good to say about him. Which is really odd and also surprising since it seems players liked him so much, why not the local coaches?
  8. What I mean is in a few years it won't matter to USF, it just be the past, but the network and relationships and knowledge gained by this student will impact the rest of his life.
  9. Blame the coaches being paid millions, not some teenage kid. A player going to SMU really is a fart in the wind as far as USF is concerned but for the player as an individual, where he attends school has a huge life impact and lifelong consequences. Let him go.
  10. What city does he think this is? Tallahassee?
  11. I think that is quite unusual behavior for a professional to be driving around at 5 AM unless they are catching an early flight.
  12. More targets don't help when Flowers misses the 7 yard pass to his right. The loss of Mack will be the largest hurdle for the offense to overcome.
  13. Yeah USF expectations aren't as high as Texas, USF only expects to go undefeated.