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  1. I think that is quite unusual behavior for a professional to be driving around at 5 AM unless they are catching an early flight.
  2. More targets don't help when Flowers misses the 7 yard pass to his right. The loss of Mack will be the largest hurdle for the offense to overcome.
  3. Yeah USF expectations aren't as high as Texas, USF only expects to go undefeated.
  4. I don't see not having a degree in exercise as a liability. If you have a lifetime of sports training, coaching, fitness, you don't necessarily need a degree to know good and bad practice and what is unsafe.
  5. With the few details we have, I am thinking these Oregon players were just not at all conditioned. It only affected 3 players? Out of 80+?... and this never happened at USF or ever before under Taggart or Leavitt? I'm wondering was there some other training happening in addition to the football workouts? When was their last workout before this one? Lots and lots of questions. People have gotten this condition from doing crossfit after not doing much activity before, while the rest of the crossfit class is totally fine. It seems to happen when there is a sudden jump in exercise intensity and volume without a buildup period. But being athletes I would expect these guys would be top 1% of fitness and already be well adapted to intense exercise.
  6. It may be the type of workout the players can achieve without damage if properly conditioned but considering they had to be admitted to the hospital, they clearly were not yet worked up the endurance or work capacity. This is is the same condition some people have gotten over working themselves in crossfit. Considering these are supposed to be top student athletes in great shape with a way above average fitness level it is really surprising.
  7. I had 2 classes with Nohra. He will not hold back, intense personality and a sense of humor. One of the most memorable and also difficult professors I had.
  8. This will have USFs name among the elite programs and Flowers name among the greats for all time. Great recognition for Flowers and the school. Flowers and Taggart get all the credit.
  9. Basically you have the 2007 WVU game and the weeks prior against a whole season. 2016 is progress and my pick.
  10. We don't have the schedule this season unless our margins of victory averages 40.
  11. If we average 50 points a game and allow an average of 10 opponent points per game, and we are undefeated, we have a chance. I don't think it happens.
  12. Too bad I also recall Rutgers and the many crying girls at the watch party I went to... about 50 people all sad... sad sad times.
  13. Personally the 2007 journey was much more exciting considering I was a student then, and it's hard to compare with the completely different schedule and wins. 11-2 and finishing ranked, ending the season on a high note I think I gives 2016 the edge as a whole body of work.
  14. Last nights game took like 4-1/2 hours. It is way too long. I didn't even look at last nights game until like 10:30 PM and it was only halfway through the 3rd, and I watched only between doing other tasks. Went to bed around midnight my wife asks who won the game and I go the check the score on ESPN app and there are 4 minutes left? So I watched the final 4 minutes tuning in at midnight, for a game that is supposed to begin at 8 PM....