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  1. Caption this photo

    A Contrast: strong and weak
  2. Media Predictions for USF/UCF

    Same ESPN computer gave Notre Dame over 60% chance to beat Miami, and Miami torched them.
  3. 9-1

    Team plays like a 7-3 team... our weak schedule really helped us a lot. Team has an opportunity to silence the naysayers by winning the next two games.
  4. If he doesn't care about the money he should volunteer and coach youth teams.
  5. Blood of the Knights

    It's made of fruit and vanilla! Ahahaha.
  6. TD's vs. FG's

    Yes we would have more TDs if our receivers didn't drop passes. We have had a few TD opportunities dropped or incomplete. This team struggles to make complete passes. Sometimes flowers just throws really ugly and sometimes receivers drop great passes, but both happen way too often.
  7. This Game Will Be Won or Lost by....

    We need both lines and to be able to run the ball. If UCF shuts down the run we only win if the defense scores and it's a low scoring game. I don't anticipate us passing well, we haven't been able to pass with any consistency all season. Maybe a miracle happens and we can pass, but without the run I honk we lose unless it's a big defensive game and the score is like 17-13.
  8. Not any bigger than any other conference game. Temple 2016 was just as important and winning would have had the same outcome, division winner. All division games are equally important when losing bumps you out of contention. There is more excitement though when two winning teams play one another just because.
  9. OC Gilbert: 6 points in the last 50 minutes

    With receivers and a more accurate QB the offense would be a lot more inspiring. Not sure if is just talent or poor practice and coaching but I do watch a decent amount of college football and I do see much better passing and catching out there than USF has displayed. We are very dependent on establishing the run, and on our defense, in order to win.
  10. CCS hates it here

    With that attitude he won't be successful here and will be stuck here longer. He should have waited a year, there will be tons of openings this year he could be taken instead of USF.
  11. What they don't know about USF football

    Leavitts curse was lifted in 2016.
  12. Here We Go

    Temple 2016.... and many games in seasons past.... every game is potentially the biggest game ever.
  13. UCF is going to beat us down

    Run run incomplete UCF will destroy us Poor execution
  14. UCF is going to beat us down

    USFs worst nightmare is a scrambling QB, not a RB, or an lol TE or WR.... that is why UCF is a favorable matchup for us, more so than Houston was.
  15. Tulsa Post Game Presser

    Coaches are responsible for execution too. Coaches run the practice. Coaches give guidance on the decision making. Coaches teach the skill techniques.