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  1. Lack of fanbase smack talk in AAC

    I talk smack to the UCF guy at work all the time. Conversations are pretty short since he's pretty busy mopping the floors and shining up the toilets.
  2. Quiz: Know the AAC

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 112 seconds  
  3. I don't bother with these threads unless it's FSU, UCF or SMU. That said, y'all act like you spent 4 years in Tampa and couldn't find a wifey. These threads are kind of sad (considering the above exceptions).
  4. Quiz:USF - B1G

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 18/100 My Time 117 seconds  
  5. Good, Bad, and Ugly

    Good- Deatrick Nichols played an exceptional and physical game. Locked down the slot and made some plays in the backfield. Bad- Do we even have TEs? Ugly- kicking game
  6. Good, Bad, and Ugly

    Boundary cornerback.
  7. Know the foe: Illinois

    And having catch-able balls thrown at them.
  8. Hurricane Irma

    West Orange County got hammered pretty hard (but not too bad considering what could have been). We got what was left of the front right eye wall. Many large trees and limbs down and really glad we boarded up. Damage seems to be pretty localized to this area as well, driving West into Clermont, you can't even tell a hurricane came through. Got power back 5:30 this morning here in Winter Garden. Curious to see how Polk County fared, they got the part of eye wall that came through here but at higher strength.
  9. Idea: Storm Relief Help

  10. Coach Strong & Coach Gilbert will do one of these two

    Agreed. When you're average lineman is 6'4" and 308 lbs, and your not running over Stony Brook, that means: Strength and conditioning is bad or technique is bad or Stony Brook has a good DL. Maybe some combination of those 3, but, they were playing in our backfield. That really hinders anything you try to do on offense.
  11. Chromecast

    I've never had any issues with my Chromecast. What brand of router do you have? Mine has two frequencies, one for computing and one for streaming and they are named accordingly. If you have a D-link, this might help: This may also help on the Google side, regardless of router:!topic/googlehome/rBSy3z-Tu1o
  12. Ah yes, demanding excellence. How could I forget. They did "just win", did they not? So what exactly is the problem here?
  13. When you get off the rocking and rolling cruise ship, you may come to realize that Q needs to throw better, o line needs to block better and receivers need to catch better. But keep drinking that contraband vodka. Is it boring to watch? Maybe, but that's subjective. Personally, I'm looking more at player execution as opposed to coaching. Im confident they'll work it out.
  14. This play calling is pathetic

    Nah, that's at the local shop, but...