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  1. I heard that there are signed and sealed engineering drawings.
  2. Olaf, metal, girls think sexy. Olaf berserker!
  3. I think Marlon Mack cares less about what we think than I do about how each of you prepare your children for the world.
  4. I see nothing wrong with laying the wood on a ranked UCF team, at their place, to go 12-0 and wrap up a perfect regular season. I'd even go as far as to say "Charge On" to conjure this scenario into existence.
  5. Glad to see Coach Strong was the one doing the educating.
  6. Yes. To hell with you if you need to work part time and graduate in 6 years, or mommy and daddy couldn't afford set up a 529.
  7. If only we had powerful alumni in the judiciary...
  8. Appropriations Subcommittee on Higher Education (AHE) Subcommittee Committee Contact Members Chair: Senator Bill Galvano (R) Vice Chair: Senator David Simmons (R) Senator Rob Bradley (R) Senator Jeff Clemens (D) Senator Gary Farmer (D) Senator Tom Lee (R) Minus Tom Lee, I would say those are the master minds.
  9. If you somehow wind up at an Applebee's and need a drink, Jim Beam will do in a pinch. Personally, when I drink Jim Beam, I take shots, and I haven't done that in **** near a decade.
  10. 1. Winn Dixie 2. Kroger 3. Aldi ...
  11. I'd also urge you to call your rep. Phone calls are harder to ignore than emails.
  12. Unless CCS drove the getaway car or was somehow an accessory to this or other crimes, no need to mention his name. By all accounts, as has been said over and over again, he does not tolerate this type of behavior and tries to teach the opposite. This media attention is exactly the effect she was seeking, in my opinion.
  13. Currently checking crustacean inventory...
  14. Nice soliloquy. However, how is the coach responsible for the actions of this young adult? And, how do the actions of this person you've never met make one so ashamed that you take your diploma off the wall? Unless The Honorable Judge Taylor is attempting to raise her profile, and maybe make that jump to a federal district court, or the state supreme court, by playing to the cameras with her prepared remarks, I just don't get it.