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  1. How? I've come to the same conclusion as the author of the article.
  2. On a related note, I made the wrong call on my lotto numbers Wednesday night. Looking back, 4-25-26-29-31-33 was clearly the correct combination.
  3. The best coaches often come across as ********. See Saban, Belichick, Harbaugh etc. Not saying Willie's name is to be spoken with those names, just that this fits the mold for who he aspires to be.
  4. He should have said "we're going to score a lot of points", just so there's no confusion.
  5. Yup. Why ***** about a guy not having tasted 4 Rivers when you know he's serving up Smoke Shack?
  6. Granted, QF making the right read on the option was a big part of the run game.
  7. No doubt. Utilized speed very effectively.
  8. Does he need to see more than 50 plays? Mack off tackle L Mack off tackle R 5 WR QF keep PA Go Route Jet sweep Bubble screen TE cross Half of those plays end with a QF scramble or short outlet to the RB. It wasn't that sophisticated.
  9. What hype? If I recall correctly, he was a 2-star recruit coming back home from Wisconsin.
  10. You know Bull Gator is UF's equivalent to our Iron Bull athletics booster level. Just sayin'.
  11. Gearing up for a run in the conference tourney.
  12. But, we demand excellence. Is CCS ready for that?
  13. I just let out a 4th thing that's in the air.
  14. and save a bunch of timeouts for the next guy, just in case