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  1. Injustice

    Private school and private money, fine by me.
  2. Funny thing happened on the way to the gym

    Do you even lift, bro?
  3. 46 days until kickoff, best Bull to wear #46

    I think you mean "pork chop"
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  5. 51 days until kickoff, best Bull to wear #51

    Armando would blow people up on special teams, just about every KO and PR. Honorable mention for greatest ST player, but not really a challenge for this one.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. So, will we hear from da Judge

    Car collided with a drive thru? Those things are tricky, jump right out in front of you sometimes.
  8. Stony Brook

  9. JPP and all Athletes

    Those appear to be well manicured hands... all things considered.
  10. Indoor practice facility?

    There was a point in the not too distant pass where the Dolphins had a ridiculous win percentage at home in September and October and won like 10 straight hone openers. It was where the Pat's, Bill's and Jets came to die. Now, it's a nice shady oasis suitable for the snowbirds.
  11. You get to pick one

    P5 has no guarantees. Yes, we could become Florida State, but, we could also become Vanderbilt. And who's to say the big programs won't take their balls and go home so to speak, or find another way to keep all the money? I noted my own selfish preference for basketball, but I'd take football as well. Give me the one shot at glory and immortality.
  12. You get to pick one

    This means I get a seat at the big kids table at Thanksgiving dinner at the In-Laws' in Kentucky.
  13. Return game

    You are the first person to utter doubt and DJ in the same sentence.
  14. Bandwagoners

    Is it still 95 degrees with 100% humidity in September?
  15. Dad Stuff

    Looking at the stats, is it basically whoever doesn't get the blue car loses?