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  1. Would you have preferred yokel, or rube? And, for the record, I'm not from Tampa, that's just where I did my book learnin'.
  2. Finally ....

  3. Cincinnati 29 DaSilva 14 Manderson 8 78%
  4. The Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay

    If only we had an official supermarket...
  5. UCF is having a National Champions parade

    Update: asked my son if anybody in a UCF shirt said anything to him today, and he said "nobody was wearing a UCF shirt". Warmed my heart.
  6. UCF is having a National Champions parade

    **** that. He has a few years of Tang Soo Do training and sparring under his belt. If first graders want to throw some hands, we can throw some hands.
  7. UCF is having a National Champions parade

    Green and gold it is. Should my boy rock the horn hat too?
  8. Gilbert Rumors

    If the competition was so inferior, why couldn't we run the ball up the middle behind our two 320+ lb senior guard and center?
  9. Who's Next?

    I declare Publix subs to be the undisputed national champion of sandwiches.
  10. Yup. The community support "over here" dwarfs what USF gets in Tampa.
  11. Shockers 24 DaSilva 16 Manderson 9 76%
  12. UCF is having a National Champions parade

    I would think going 13-0 would cause a bump in season ticket sales anyway, right?
  13. This is really embarrassing

    I agree. Local here media is eating this up; parade at Disney and City sponsored block party downtown actively being promoted on ESPN 580. Im glad someone is doing this, and at the same time, I'm also glad it's not USF doing this. What I don't get is those of you that don't see this for what it is.