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  1. Sign them all up.
  2. Just some of my personal pics for those that have never been to the Bluegrass.
  3. I believe that in Florida, the burden is now on the state to prove it wasn't self defense.
  4. This is spot on. There are players here to be had and we haven't had any in what, 5 yrs?
  5. Yeah, I had that upset and Princeton had a great look, but...
  6. Bring me this guy:
  7. Taurus Johnson was on the practice squad at one point and even got himself a futures contract before he got waived. I think Nate may have more of an impact.
  8. I can't blame you. For a dolphins fan, disappointment kind of falls in the same category as death. You know it's inevitable, you just don't know when it's coming.
  9. The free safety spot is his to take, the former starting FS got waived after a failed physical. Hope he can make an impact.