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  1. Clemson - Kind of funny

    Most Boring police helicopter chase I've seen
  2. Lets see those Birmingham Bowl Tickets

    After much delay: Sect. 9 Row 29 Seats 1&2. Just hope not right behind band... wound up there with student tix to the Florida Lot Lizard game and lets just say Tubas should be made from plexiglass.
  3. Lets see those Birmingham Bowl Tickets

    Having a UPS account and was notified that way, thought it was something else I was expecting. But I actually emailed Athletics and they sent the tracking number. Guessing the auto-email didn't work out as planned.
  4. CFP committee got it wrong

    only pulled from the 20 champs and runner ups. truly I would have had 6. W. Mich 7. Temple 8. App. State leaving SDSU and WKU as only two conf champs not in the dance. Seeding could be optimized little better but those would be the 8 per ruling of the 5 P5 champs and best 3 of 5 G5
  5. CFP committee got it wrong

    Being an engineer I prefer to remove the human aspect from results as much as possible. I always feel an 8 team play off is better. P5 champs, 2 at large, best G5 champ, (honestly I feel best 3 G5 champs but trying to be semi-realistic here). Yes I know football politics... but just really providing a proof of concept here. 8T CFP Picks.xlsx
  6. USF Bowl Game?

    Now living and working in the heart of Georgia... That would be a game to see Birmingham bowl is only game I preordered tix to as it's only one within reasonable travel from home.
  7. The Official TBP In Game Thread: Bulls at SMU

    Or better yet they need to get on the program for us cable cutters too I loath CBSSN, there is absolutely no way to "legally" stream it with out forking over a second mortage to cox
  8. Flowers' Heisman Hype

    Just ask the guy from NAVY last year... In my eyes one of the best QBs I've seen in a while. But not P5 so....
  9. USF v. NASA???

    It sure as heck feels like it... Commentators this year seems to be fixed on using "In-space" I'm starting to get same nauseating feeling from it as I get front he word "selfy" Note: rookie move trying to post this earlier 1st time new thread in forever accidentally posted it in road trip forum
  10. USF v. NASA???

    It sure as heck feels like it... Commentators this year seems to be fixed on using "In-space" I'm starting to get same nauseating feeling from it as I get front he word "selfy"
  11. Cbs sports net online question

    Yup you know CBS Sports is a crappy network deal when even First Row doesn't even have the game now. Guess now I know how a crack head feels when he can't get his fix.
  12. 1) USF 2) 41-34 3) Flowers 4) Adams 5) 426 Feel this will be an offensive grudge match both teams have potential to blow up each others' D but probably will not be a complete shootout. I will predict seeing both RBs averaging 6-8 yds per carry with the most of TDs coming from outside the redzone on big breakaways by land or by air.
  13. Lotta red

    Guessing no one wanted to sit directly behind the goal post? or TSA decide to throw a wrench in things?
  14. Highlight Fix I came across this channel while poking around youtube. Not the USFAthletics page, I think that it's the film/video department's channel. Great Highlight channel for the bulls. Props to whoever is cutting these reels, best highlight reel editing I've seen