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  1. 8 team playoff

    Above is my 10 team CFP of Conference champions, just like HS football win your conference to get in. Win out to earn the title. This will place an emphasis on all conference play throughout the year and furthermore it would allow for larger marquee OOC games without fear of SOS implications but as with else its too logical as it negates all the SEC/B10 gerrymandering that goes on in the AP/NCAA/ESPiN Edit: Please note that seeding was done by 2016 Week 15 AP (final regular season)
  2. Bye Week Fun: Recruit your Ultimate Team

    I know it's end of the bye week but weather is nasty out and I'm bored. Little thought experiment I had with some co-miners out at the mill this week: Recruit your perfect team using your favorite football generalities/profiles/stereotypical players. My "Bulls" recruited as follows: OL: Some Big ol boys out of the midwest QB: 1st string Dual threat out of FL 2nd string West coast pocket passer - rotate throughout play WR: So Flo Speed RB: 1st string Power back out of rural GA/AL 2nd string slippery speed back from FL TE: I'm at a loss of regional but needs to be someone big as an OL but with speed/power DL: Anywhere in SE the meaner the better LB: Texas boys crazy enough to blitz and stuff holes with reckless abandon DB/CB: Caribbean Islanders, I still love the fact that USF at one time had 12 Haitian players and their "code" they communicated with was just speaking french-creole S: So Flo Speed P/K: A European rugby player, can kick as good or better than a soccer kid but also has build and power if needed to scramble or a fake... could be useful in regularly going for 2 why settle for only 7 pts How would you fill a team?
  3. Attendance is an embarrassment

    Sponsored by the Todd
  4. Suggestions to reach 40,000 for homecoming

    Then kick out the douches anyways post season for S&G
  5. Did Quinton Flowers re-enter the Heisman discussion Friday?

    Honestly it is going to be like that guy from Navy(sorry mind draws blank). A true Heisman but due to team, conference,sub-Division and "Convenient" has an Army/Navy game same day voters completely snubbed him
  6. Illinois Attendance

    This.... X100,000. P5 bias will never let a G5 team
  7. Quiz:USF - B1G

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 36/100 My Time 109 seconds  
  8. Helmet decals to honor Irma victims?

    Needs to add for the caribbean islands, they really got the brunt of it. I know that in the hey day I know our FB team was full of islanders. I remember the special where the D would just talk in Creole on the field vs codewords... our Haitian "wind-talkers"
  9. Game on!!

    Why is it I hear Wayne and Garth "GAME ON"..... "CAR"..... "GAME ON"???
  10. San Jose State Game Video

    May we have a "Coaches Cut" sans 1st qtr? ;P But really... good job with all of these replay vids. Thank you fine sir.
  11. Clemson - Kind of funny

    Most Boring police helicopter chase I've seen
  12. Lets see those Birmingham Bowl Tickets

    After much delay: Sect. 9 Row 29 Seats 1&2. Just hope not right behind band... wound up there with student tix to the Florida Lot Lizard game and lets just say Tubas should be made from plexiglass.
  13. Lets see those Birmingham Bowl Tickets

    Having a UPS account and was notified that way, thought it was something else I was expecting. But I actually emailed Athletics and they sent the tracking number. Guessing the auto-email didn't work out as planned.