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  1. If you type USF in the search bar only we show up none of the other USF impersonators do. Gotta love that, the collegiate licensing company knows the truth!
  2. I want to say that with Under Armour they own all licensing rights for their schools too. There are some bigger companies that also produce licensed apparel for USF but those are mainly on the national level and cost a pretty penny. It's been a few years since I worked in the apparel industry(2010 or so) but that's my understanding of our agreement. Small mom and pop operations would not benefit from purchasing licensing rights as its too small of a scale thus why you can't find them at craft fairs. Non apparel items should be much be much easier to find and at a better price point for the licenses though.
  3. Football

    I believe so. I think that is a big reason Cam Newton went to Blinn between UF and Auburn. Same with that kid from FSU who was dismissed and was on Last Chance U last summer.
  4. Football

    Yea considering Coach Strong has a track record of dismissing kids from his teams who are not keeping up their end of the bargain off the field I'd assume he did his due diligence. After this coming season DL will be very thin so I'm hoping these guys can come in and compete from day 1. I assume they both have to sit 2017.
  5. I believe it has something to do with our Under Armour agreement.
  6. You must realize my Vegas quip was for selfish reasons. It takes me 20 minutes depending on traffic to get to the stadium it is played in.
  7. Looks like we have our Center now. Nice get.
  8. AAC Championship is obviously better than any silly rivalry trophy UCiF roped us into.
  9. Wait there is a real life Rick Vaughn working in baseball?
  10. Sounds like when I visited my cousin in Fairbanks and went to the midnight baseball game on the summer solstice.
  11. Sounds like you need some new hobbies. I'd avoid moving much farther north then; In Washington State the sun sets around 10 in the summer...
  12. It's official we are a tennis school.
  13. I figured he was either really short or really fat and was trying to over compensate online; kinda like these guys....
  14. But imagine how much you could get done in the evenings!
  15. Has to be 4:30 local. Would be silly to have the whole country on a 4:30 eastern rule.