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  1. Agreed. It is the downfall of recruiting Europe so much. European players tend to be better finesse players than bruisers.
  2. We are too small UCONN just scored on their 5th or 6th chance their last possession.
  3. Down 18 at the half. Curious how much this UCONN team would beat our MBB team by.
  4. 28-15 after 1; compared to our game at UCONN this is a respectable game. Collier has almost outscored the Bulls though on her own.
  5. Welp, ladies down 11-2 with 6:54 left in the first.
  6. Must have been Brad that banned him?
  7. About to watch Twistert. Just started getting into his new show Training Day too. Real sad news and way too young.
  8. Took care of business this week after an embarrassing one the previous week. Hope we can stay competitive with UCONN the whole 40 minutes to keep the momentum heading into the Conference Tournament.
  9. I see you're taking to the Weed Coast err West Coast well lol
  10. But it's already 4:22 in Tampa...?
  11. I think there is a very good possibility we can bring him in. He's probably #1 on my realistic options board.
  12. This looks bad on both us and the players. Yes the players are adults but it would make sense that if you fall asleep at the airport and are traveling with your team that someone would wake you up to board your flight. Unless Holston and Thorpe were in a completely different part of the airport I find it even harder to believe someone didn't at least know where they were. If you think that Coach O was at fault for his players getting rhabdo than it's hard to not blame the coaches here. They are paid to make sure everybody makes it home from a road trip amongst many other things.
  13. Naw I'm already as cold as I'm gonna get. But believe if i get a job offer from abroad or my current company had a position up to transfer to abroad I would be on the first flight. Still doesn't make myself or the kid from Chars post a bad person.
  14. I don't see how all of that and sitting out the anthem are mutually inclusive; unless I missed where Char whiteness this student do all of those things. I will always hold the door or give up my seat to anyone(not just elderly) however I have become so disenfranchised with the direction this past month or so that I highly doubt I will stand for the anthem at the next sporting event I attend. This is from someone who has been to thousands of sporting events and stood every time but at this point it's just a song to me. In fact the immigrants 45 is tying to keep out probably have more pride in America than I do. Doesn't make me a terrible person it just makes me someone who doesn't see the point in supporting something just to do it when the country it represents is a country that no longer supports my beliefs and ideologies I was raised with in aid country.
  15. Oh don't worry it I'll become a mandate sooner or later under 45. Just like it will soon be illegal not to salute him when he walks by... And my personal belief is people not standing for the anthem at sporting events is them exercising their right to freedom of speech. Whether you agree with it or not you have to admit that it was that students right to not stand for the anthem.