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  1. Well you know we’re 4-0 and they blew out a cupcake in their only game so obviously they’re going to win in Black Friday.... Or it’s because the Mouse owns ESPN.
  2. Can we punch it in this time please?
  3. I never thought the D could be this good this fast
  4. Trevon Sands is the lone bright spot on Special Teams.
  5. Attendance is an embarrassment

    lol completely forgot what thread I was in watching that run.
  6. I’ll take that taunting call if it’s what pumps Q up.
  7. This defense is just something else. We haven’t had one like this since Wally
  8. There you go Tice! First play of the second quarter; I swear there’s something about our offense and the first quarter.
  9. I think he’s waiting until the second half to take him out next week too.