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  1. Football Complex (IPF) News

    Do we own the baseball and softball complexes? Don't we serve alcohol at these venues? I think it's up to the university.
  2. I liked seeing them keep fighting until the end but it did almost give me a heart attack, I took the under at 135.5 this morning.
  3. Marquel Blackwell Moving on Up

    Top of my head; Larry Scott, Blackwell, Snake, Lindsey Lamar(last two are burrent coaches) and T-Mac was coaching out here on the west coast last I checked. Edit: Spelling, but it is 4:30 out here so I’m taking a pass on it. Also T-Mac is an NFL coach not college.
  4. Down 6 at the half 33-27 UCiF.
  5. Home sick from work today so get to watch the game.:. 10-0 run puts the Bulls down 1 under 5 left in the half. 25-24.
  6. Hopefully nobody with a USF degree ...

    Wait he's an Uber AND Lyft Driver? That's a big step up from Chick Fil A drive through worker...
  7. USF 6 Jiggets 23 Manderson 12 78%
  8. USF 2018 Football Schedule

    Sounds like winter jacket weather...
  9. USF 2018 Football Schedule

    One weekday game aside from UCiF and it's a Friday. Perfect, I always miss the first quarter to first half of weeknight games, however, I'll just duck out a little early that day. It's easier with one game almost impossible with 4.
  10. USF new requirements

    What’s crazy is in some parts of the country a 5.0 wasn’t even possible. In the Seattle area even those with AP and honors classes could only achieve a 4.0 while I was in school, I don’t think it had even changed by ‘07 when my brother graduated. Ridiculous is definitely the right word to describe grades these days.
  11. USF new requirements

    It changed the year after I took it according to the link... Kids these days with GPA's over a 4.0 also make little sense to me and by the time I have kids and they're in high school I'm sure it will be something completely different.
  12. USF new requirements

    I had a 1100 and a 3.5 GPA as an out of state Freshman in 05 and got in no problem. No shot I get in under the new rules haha.
  13. Add Another "Go Bulls"

    There are a few of us out here that’s for sure. Odds are if you were on the strip it was just tourists though...