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  1. Early line

    Cantor Sports has it at -21 which is where I would put it. Waiting to see if it drops any in the next week or so (doubt it) before I buy in at -21.
  2. For you OCS fans.

    I for one am ok with out the updates on the expansion going on inside Mons...
  3. Dwyer USMNT goal

    Yes it is just a friendly vs Ghana but Dom Dwyer has been busy and also had a nice goal in his USMNT debut.
  4. Men's Golf

    Wow; good for him. I'm hoping to see a nice influx of former Bulls in the PGA in the years to come but Chase got up there quick. Hope he can have a good showing next week .
  5. Nigel Harris signs with the Chargers

    Darrell Williams was a tackle here; Rams signed him as a UFA in 2015. Was having a good preseason and working his way towards solidifying a back up spot before getting hurt and placed on IR last season. http://www.gousfbulls.com/ViewArticle.dbml?ATCLID=205087639
  6. Nigel Harris signs with the Chargers

    K-Webb and Darrell Williams play for the Rams....
  7. Nigel Harris signs with the Chargers

    Not only three Bulls drafted but all three were on the offensive side of the ball. Never thought I'd see the day we had 3 offensive players and no defensive players drafted.
  8. Rodney Adams to the Vikings

    Good for him. Amichia should round out draft day for the Bulls.
  9. Perhaps Mack Should have Stayed?

    He can learn from Gore and spell him from time to time and take off here in a couple years. Next Bull to get picked is going to be Kofi. Not so sure Rodney gets drafted but if he does it will be in C Mitch territory
  10. Perhaps Mack Should have Stayed?

    Giants tale Gallman from Clemson... I think Colts grab Mack with one of their last two picks here in the 4th. There's been a run on RB this round and they need one.
  11. Perhaps Mack Should have Stayed?

    Indy went Tackle but have the last two picks of the 4th left. Only other real spot here in the 4th is the Giants.
  12. Perhaps Mack Should have Stayed?

    Probably going to Packers, Colts or Eagles at this point. Will be surprised if he drops past 139. Although I thought he was late 3rd/early 4th going into round 2 yesterday.
  13. Perhaps Mack Should have Stayed?

    Broncos at 126 could be a real possibility