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  1. Even if they woodshedded Georgia Tech, I don't think they'd crack the 10. Agree, it's not like 2007 where we were in the BE and had the respect. They'd have to have beaten GT soundly, had GT win the ACC, had Maryland win their Big Ten division, and had an amazing year out of all of our AAC teams in non conference play to really garner any thought about getting up past 10th in the polls. Sadly, we'd be in the same spot, even if we had a game against Wisky and they went 11-1 afterwards.
  2. Calling Cars 85 and 89? Are You Out There?

    Wilcox is a good athlete, but he'll somehow catch a ball while upside down and getting sandwiched by two defenders, but he'll drop a pass near his chest on an open route near a sideline or something. I can't tell if he's really athletic or not, he has the measurables. After reading a blog breaking down our blocked kicks, I stared at every field goal and punt from both teams Saturday night. Watching the Houston guy on the end (don't know if it was a TE or what), use his technique to hitch step and put his leg out to keep our rushers from blocking a FG or whatever, and seeing our guy do it, he executed on Sat night, but still not sure if he's bad at executing or if the coaching is not that great on special teams (leaning latter after our ST issues). Dillon is non existent but that's what depth charts and schemes will do to someone.
  3. I was in 121, first game we made this year and the 2nd time weve been alone since baby. We stayed thru all the rain til the bitter end. I was glad it was a good crowd. The students definitely flaked, but we just have a fickle culture and the region has questionable fanbases no matter the sport (minus hockey somehow). The music was overbearing between Every. ****. Play. Whats up w that? The rain kept most in the club and under the roof but it was still loud when it needed to be. I never expect much anymore, the lean years surely did us in but the trend of falling short may be getting to others and hindering any regrowth of new diehards esp among the younger alums.
  4. Lurky UCF

    yes yes empty trophy case no bcs win no stadium we're the moos, the cows, we're being genshafted we blocked you guys from the big east and we'd do it again our fanbase sucks and is fickle, our women are hefty and our guys are dumb and rednecks we play a cupcake schedule (wait, you play most of the same crappy teams) you're going to beat us and be ranked #5 and play on new year's and beat wisconsin, don't worry we'll shut down football to hide our shame then you'll beat us in basketball and sign your frosty coach to a 10 year extension and he'll go 125-14 in that span and you'll get invited to the sec and win a natty and become the best college in the land with 100,000+ students and you'll have a quadruple layer bowl that seats 150,000 we'll just go about our business being ****** at sports and good at curing Alzheimer's so all of our fans will never be able to forget how terrible we are at sports. there, i just 8 mile'd you, find some new content and get back to us. then again, you can't even follow your own name and lurk, since you're quite out in the open here.
  5. Welcome The_USF_Wizard

    Also, wizard, will you be attending the UCF game, you should totally troll their Knights. Wizards > Knights
  6. Beach balls in the south end zone....

    I know I'm usually a hater of many things, but watching some dingle berry try to start the wave while USF is on offense is just well, the worst.
  7. Pitt sings it too, ugh, what an annoying song. I know there are possibly some constraints on licensing and etc but most songs at USF home games are bad. At some point it was just a 'borrow other local sports teams music', between Longoria's walk up music, various outdated Thunderstruck/Welcome to the Jungle/Crazy Train NFL Bucs crap, or the Lightning hockey horn touchdown noise, I don't think there's a solid palette of music going on. I'm not a big current hip hop fan, but at least some of the swag surf or whatever stuff they played was catchy and got the students and younger alums going (shakes fist at **** kids). Please tell me they stopped playing the UCF zombie nation music though?
  8. Beach balls in the south end zone....

    Beach balls > the wave
  9. Maybe their stadium is a dump after all

    #ChargeOn down to the ER
  10. Guess the Homecoming Game's Attendance.

    I heard they were using a skywriting plane, but it was during the weekend of Irma.
  11. ESPN: Spoiler Alert! Second Half of Season

    Which is why I always root for chaos (like ISU over OU) in those conferences. I prefer USF, UCF, SDSU to stay undefeated, and for as many of those other programs to lose as many games as possible. I want the entire SEC to be .500
  12. USF- UConn 15th Edition

    For as ugly as our games have been, they're still better than the civil conFLiCT or whatever nonsense they hyped up the East Hartford vs Oviedo State game
  13. Former AAC Coaches

    This may or may not be more schadenfreude than hoping they fail, but I hope they are all moderately successful - just beyond mediocre, maybe good enough to win a division here or there and play in some bowl games, but never to win a conference championship or appear in a playoff at those schools. And this is probably my homer goggles on, but I can take issue more with Herman and Taggart, being that I think Houston and USF are better destinations to begin with over Memphis and Temple, and were those two to stay, they could have helped elevate the AAC by being perennial powerhouses in the East and West. Only after they mire in winning records but never the "next level" of winning, will I hope they realize they could've planted roots and been legends at their previous schools. As much as the AAC isn't considered at the big boys table, who is to say in 5-10 years of double digit wins and domination that one or both wouldn't have cracked the playoff or champ game...or been invited to the big boys table.
  14. Color Coordination

    So you're saying we probably won't be able to achieve Level 10 status anytime soon? edit - i know these are just colored placards but still