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  1. USF- UConn 15th Edition

    For as ugly as our games have been, they're still better than the civil conFLiCT or whatever nonsense they hyped up the East Hartford vs Oviedo State game
  2. Former AAC Coaches

    This may or may not be more schadenfreude than hoping they fail, but I hope they are all moderately successful - just beyond mediocre, maybe good enough to win a division here or there and play in some bowl games, but never to win a conference championship or appear in a playoff at those schools. And this is probably my homer goggles on, but I can take issue more with Herman and Taggart, being that I think Houston and USF are better destinations to begin with over Memphis and Temple, and were those two to stay, they could have helped elevate the AAC by being perennial powerhouses in the East and West. Only after they mire in winning records but never the "next level" of winning, will I hope they realize they could've planted roots and been legends at their previous schools. As much as the AAC isn't considered at the big boys table, who is to say in 5-10 years of double digit wins and domination that one or both wouldn't have cracked the playoff or champ game...or been invited to the big boys table.
  3. Color Coordination

    So you're saying we probably won't be able to achieve Level 10 status anytime soon? edit - i know these are just colored placards but still
  4. Congratulations to MBB

    Happen to stop on UNC-NCSU last night for about 30 seconds while flipping channels, and heard them talking about Mark Gottfried may be out at NC State this year. I'm not a big hoops guru, but heard he's decent - would he be someone that would land on USF's radar for a coach spot? Or would he land elsewhere due to his name?
  5. usf can't have nice things, i'm surprised some of you are still surprised this university's athletics likes to shat the bed on occasion. they're still a solid team, at least enjoy that they win most of their games and probably still make the tournament.
  6. CWT already making an impact

    Meanwhile, some of the Tampa writers are really hand wringing over this and are sharpening their pitchforks, but it's funny to see them tweet and not really get any response because most of us here don't care anymore.
  7. if the coaching staff is worth its weight in texas oil, we'll be fine, as they should be able to develop guys. we're not out there playing 8 games against SEC rosters stacked with 4/5 star talent, you can win with 2 and 3 star talent if you get guys with good measureables and coach them up - get em in the weight room for their redshirts, etc.
  8. OCS!!!

    Real grass will obviously be an easy task in Florida, but I do like the green/green-yellow pattern of Tulane's field (which I know is artificial). I'm not big on the blue/red/gray fields, but I do like that bit of two tone every 5 yards and that pattern would very well mimic some green/gold in a way.
  9. OCS!!!

    Just thinking/rambling out loud here: McLane in Waco for Baylor is 45K and looks nice. Houston's is 40K and looks nice. I think the Oregon and Minnesota feats are a bit of a reach. It needs to look nice but it doesn't need to look like a Taj Majal from the outside, as long as the inside looks good, sounds good, and is packed with fans. If the field looks good and there are people in the stands, it will look good on TV. Throw some nice brick/matching Athletics Village colors on the surrounding field walls (no chain link), and it will look good. Suites will be there no matter what. Don't need a ton of them, enough for there to be some donor competition to have them. Demand rises, then build more during expansion in a few years. Club area can be had. Houston and Cincy have them. They don't need to be massively Ray Jay, for they're nice to be havens during ill advised noon games in September, but they're not to be cushy areas to watch the entire game - might as well stay at home on your couch if that's the case. Seatbacks in some areas. Benches in the rest. You could have some soccer style standing sections for students, but I know 3+ hours of standing is bit longer than 120min of an extra-time soccer match. If you're a season ticket holder in a bench area, they'll put those cushy seat back clip on things in. If you want a wider cushy seat, buy the Club area seatbacks, set aside say, 10K of those along the home team side like Ray Jay has. Pending the budgets, the overhangs like Oregon or the Rowdies have or how the Dolphins/Canes have now would be nice to help shade some of the home and visitor sides during daytime games. I'd prefer it to be one bowl to start (leave the upper decks for above 55-60K), but I'm not sure if a single bowl or double decks are better for acoustics. Build it to enhance 40K to sound like 60+K. Exciting times if this comes to fruition one day. Would love to take kids and friends on campus, tailgate on a part of campus, take a beautiful walk past our scenery with other frothy fans and build tradition to watch the team do their bull stampede into the stadium, etc. Don't know how a live bull would work, perhaps a pen can be built into the stadium even if he gets to chill outside near a main entry gate on the way in.
  10. OCS!!!

    We've also been a sleeping giant, program on the rise, and potential potential potential for the last dozen years or so as well. I definitely want an OCS...but I'll believe it when I see it. (in all of it's Houston-esque build style and 40,000 capacity [just throwing that out there]).
  11. Strong to USF Press Conference Info

    Kirk McEwen who is back in his Baltimore market, that was actually an enjoyable morning show. When they brought in the Jesse Kage guy it went downhill. Tampa is too stupid for good sports radio, the powers that be finally realized it would be more cost effective to pipe in ESPN talking heads and other syndicated trash and most wouldn't be the wiser. Fabulous sports babe? i mean i guess if you liked hearing someone who sounded like they smoked 3 packs a day. never heard her compliment usf and seemed to brush us off the few times i heard her.
  12. Dr. Saturday ranks the bowls

    Winning this game would allow us to check off at least two things Oviedo State uses against us as a "trash talking point": - finish a season ranked -double digit win season Next year we fill the trophy case with an AAC trophy, and make it 7-2.
  13. Any Pasco County Bulls

    I usually skip those because you never know who the heck is who, but I might pencil you in. Heard the mosquito truck from time to time in my old townhouse hood, and I think I've heard them in Long Lake a few times.
  14. CWT Watch 2017

    I don't think he gets offers from any of those jobs listed in page 1 except maybe Kentucky. I think Taggart is a prime domino though, and given his love of rebuilding, he may opt to take a chance, but with these mid-tier programs, they'd have to really throw some money at him because taking a Purdue or UK job means you not just have a rebuild but you have to rebuild and get past the big dogs like Michigan, Ohio State, and Alabama in those conferences, not easy tasks. First tier is the dumpster fires that he may want to put out: Purdue, Kentucky, Kansas, Boston College The second tier is the "our guy got poached, now we need to poach you" job: UNC, NC State, Louisville The third group is the "we're kind of a decent middle of the road program, we think you have what it takes" job: Georgia Tech, Texas Tech, Arizona, Kansas State, Mississippi State The rest I give no credence to calling Willie, at least not in their Top 5. Yet.
  15. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"