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  1. but what would the great urban philosopher Plies say?
  2. because it's off season and they like to complain about something
  3. Char probably just made it up and edited the wiki page before he posted it here
  4. apparently this was such a great movie, affleck decided not to direct the next batman
  5. why would they give up their rivalry with ucf?
  6. trips been ornery since the election
  7. liked him better in chasing amy than mallrats
  8. his son did play there
  9. seems like something for a local reporter to look into
  10. http://forums.bigcountypreps.com/post/coach-g-just-blasted-ya-boy-taggart-8399682
  11. he should take this and parlay it into a Kia sponsership
  12. go for it...they may just need you to send them a few thousand to get things rolling
  13. so where's the part where we said we didn't want him and coach runs a clean program?
  14. i'd say it probably depends on how productive of a player he is
  15. ut pimp in MSpaint is awesome
  16. didn't you guys have to change the name of shaggy bevo?
  17. sorry, didn't see that last one was in.
  18. Corey BenderVerified account‏@Corey_Bender Follow More .@Armwood_Hawks safety Mekhi LaPointe has officially signed with Charlie Strong and #USF
  19. USF FootballVerified account ‏@USFFootball 1m1 minute ago More Welcome, Nick Roberts! #USFNSD17 #BullStrong 0 replies5 retweets3 likes Reply Retweet 5 Like 3
  20. couple years ago, I had this high school kid working for me and behind him was a typewriter. I sat down and was typing an envelope and the kid said, "I was wondering what that thing was"