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  1. commitment is using a former players likeness and then getting sued by them
  2. he still shows up on staff
  3. isn't his kid a coach at ucf?
  4. Colts moved from Baltimore but that's it, and that was in the 80s I believe
  5. http://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/05/04/ucf-extends-contract-of-scott-frost-after-promising-debut-season/ after one year on a 5 year deal...seems they're taking contract advice from woolard
  6. did they increase the salary as well? what would be the point for a coach to sign an extension that only increases the buyout?
  7. i know it'll get moved
  8. maybe they realized that espn was over spending
  9. aw retweeted: Keiwan Ratliff‏ @KeiwanRatliff Mar 28 More Former Elite 11 winner and UCLA/USF QB @Asiantii4 is looking to find a home to play his final 2 seasons of College ball inbox if interested
  10. But how does he compare to Ironside?
  11. i think he's talking about mike
  12. who's left?
  13. so the villages it is.....
  14. Is he still in college?
  15. How does coach strong feel about time outs?
  16. more like galaga
  17. i remember playing it at the arcade
  18. No free island for them http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/adidas-is-offering-2017-nfl-combine-prospects-an-island-for-breaking-40-record/
  19. He's listed on that site as 3'-1
  20. Pitts RB is really short
  21. Don't care about big 12 unless we get an invite...they just seem like one of those celebrities who complain about always being photographed and then calls the paparazzi to tell them where they'll be
  22. At least the players don't have to worry about missing their flight home
  23. but what would the great urban philosopher Plies say?