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  1. Stop it - WAKE UP

    Which measurables are those?
  2. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    We're 3-2 - works for me
  3. This is really embarrassing

    Agreed. The ironic thing of course is that the BCS and now CFP came about to prevent teams from doing just this. They just didn't do it well enough.
  4. This is really embarrassing

    Look at it this way, friends, whatever you think of it, we're making as loud of a fuss as possible and going all in on it. If it's possible to change the CFP system for G5 programs, this is our best attempt. If you can see through the hate-glasses, Danny White is doing a a pretty eloquent job of making a case that our AAC commissioner and our local media have been unable or unwilling to do. So we'll either make the future brighter for USF or we'll fall on our face. Either way, this is good for you.
  5. Revenge!

    Baseball too with that coach winning a reg season championship the first year. I think it's also going to mitigate our player/recruit losses that he's a young recruiter type himself instead of an old suit. Time will tell though. Think Frost takes some recruits for sure.
  6. Revenge!

    You joined a BCS league and enjoyed that advantage from 2005-2012. Also during that time you were recruiting in the country's best basketball conference while we were growing out of the Atlantic Sun. The Atlantic Sun.
  7. The ucf Experience

    Gizmo, I agree it isn't the same when we are hosting Memphis or ECU...so maybe the good comparison is last night vs when UCF visits USF. Not saying that to boast but let's be realistic. If you are still referencing a game 10 years ago to cite the potential then you aren't planning for the right size and time. Stadiums can be expanded. A lot will have to go right to recreate the WVU game and while you can sort of control your product, you can't control the opponent or the stakes. Could UCF have sold out a 55-60k stadium last night for this amazing game? Possibly. But we shouldn't expand it for that one game.
  8. UCFelonies and misdemeanors

    Sincerely hope everyone had a decent experience today. Saw lots of USF tailgates around the music building. Campus was full but between the weather and kickoff time it all seemed really calm all around.
  9. Congrats UCF KNIGHTS!

    Game was insane. My ego and deceptive performances by your team this year had me really expecting an easy win. This game was great for the rivalry and the league. Hope it has as much riding on it every year. and hey, if the Big12 was watching, even better
  10. The top 3 of the West (3-0). You played the bottom 3 (2-1). Since you asked.
  11. This game would have been one of the biggest benefactors of high speed rail
  12. When is the last time USF has played...

    Didn't you guys used to play in a "Florida 4" type series with FSU/UF/Miami? Was it only a one time thing or did it last longer? If memory serves, it might have even been when you were in C-USA. Would be neat to see a Florida tournament played each year...could either move between campus sites, city sites or have one spot every year in tandem with a Florida bowl game. UF vs FAU MIami vs USF UCF vs FGCU FSU vs FIU
  13. USF friendly bar near UCiF?

    British pub downtown called Parliament House. Owner is a USF alum...definitely friendly for any USF fans in town