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  1. Orlando fail

    Try supporting a P6 team on your own campus
  2. 38 years

    Agreed. This is your signature sport and I truly wasn’t trying to diminish your success with my last post.
  3. 38 years

    (In Orlando) - we won last season in Tampa
  4. 38 years

    Gutsy win USF. Closing in on the War on I4 race
  5. Gotta love CFU

    If your in Orlando for the Pro Bowl this weekend, your National Champions will be honored on the field by the NFL. AAC! AAC! AAC!
  6. Just not true. Football was a "winner advance" this year but we aren't keeping you out if the NCAA in any other sport on our own. Unless you really think Miami was going to get on board with some sort of rivalry with you...the pros will outweigh the cons. I think they already have but can see why this season might not be the best time to try to sell you on that idea.
  7. I get the sentiment but you guys are just really low right now. Would you rather be losing to C-USA UCF (assuming the games got scheduled)? We actually went 3-3 against you when we were in that league and you were in a really really elite Big East (07-13). The change that happened wasn't so much our invite into this league but rather our exodus from the Atlantic Sun with the Stetsons, Mercers and Jacksonvilles while playing in a 2500 seat gym.
  8. Stop it - WAKE UP

    Which measurables are those?
  9. At What Point

  10. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    We're 3-2 - works for me
  11. This is really embarrassing

    Agreed. The ironic thing of course is that the BCS and now CFP came about to prevent teams from doing just this. They just didn't do it well enough.
  12. This is really embarrassing

    Look at it this way, friends, whatever you think of it, we're making as loud of a fuss as possible and going all in on it. If it's possible to change the CFP system for G5 programs, this is our best attempt. If you can see through the hate-glasses, Danny White is doing a a pretty eloquent job of making a case that our AAC commissioner and our local media have been unable or unwilling to do. So we'll either make the future brighter for USF or we'll fall on our face. Either way, this is good for you.
  13. Revenge!

    Baseball too with that coach winning a reg season championship the first year. I think it's also going to mitigate our player/recruit losses that he's a young recruiter type himself instead of an old suit. Time will tell though. Think Frost takes some recruits for sure.
  14. Revenge!

    You joined a BCS league and enjoyed that advantage from 2005-2012. Also during that time you were recruiting in the country's best basketball conference while we were growing out of the Atlantic Sun. The Atlantic Sun.