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  1. Chad is a top troll, but he's effective. Look at the gem above lol.
  2. Congrats on the hire. Onward and upward
  3. Good game. Lots of credit to your coach for keeping the energy up. Good luck in the AAC tournament.
  4. Get the football comments. It's true. At UCF, we dream of the day we can go over to RayJay, shut out your team and takeover the stadium. One day...
  5. UCF should be well represented. Our alumni association will have an event at WOB and after we best Cincinnati over the weekend someone tweeted our AD to arrange a bus for students. Multiple buses are en route now to the Sun Dome.
  6. Good game. USF. Good for the rivalry.
  7. We're allowed 6 starters when there are 4 quarters involved #weirdthread
  8. Can't tell if footnfan is the best troll ever... ...or a Care Bear
  9. The area code thing was a nice touch. OLeary would have never let them be so selfish. Of course, under GOL they'd all be New York and Georgia area codes
  10. This will be like our 12th helmet of the year...we are just all in on helmets
  11. Eh, you never know what the future will hold. We had some fun after USF found their own 17 game losing streak soon after ours.
  12. Do you guys still have the "Got BCS?" signs from 2005-2008? In hindsight, those were awesome!
  13. This is entertaining. I'm in the "we're in this together" camp which leads me to keep up on this thread. But I have to say...the "I disagree that UCF is a better candidate" is perfectly valid. The "I can't comprehend that UCF could he viewed as a better candidate" is sort of crazy. Even if it wasn't the more common observation by unbiased people and groups...I just don't know how you can be that detached from reality.
  14. It's incorrect in that UCFs credit union is...wait for it...the UCF Federal Credit Union. That's UCFFCU for short. CFE is Central Florida Educators. I think they had one ATM on campus before they increased their presence at the same time as the naming rights thing. They may not have even had that. Aside from UCFFCU, Fairwinds Credit Union has a longer history supporting UCF and has their name on the Alumni Center since its opening.
  15. M hoops - canned W hoops - canned M tennis - "resigned" W tennis - "retired" Baseball, your next. #damndaniel #whiteknight