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  1. USF/UCF Common Opp

    Cmon man... Its not an analysis, it's just posting the final scores. The attempt at analysis from bullsfan1983 was also flawed. Late scores to make it more respectable? Against Temple? Our last score was with 5:31 left in the 3rd when our starters all came out. Temple scored in be 4th faints our reserves so it's actually the opposite. We chose rest over style points all year. We haven't had a bye in forever and have significantly short week for this next game.
  2. Game Preparation: UCF Encyclopedia

    Baylor, #15 Houston, Georgia probably in that order. Georgia was our first bowl win and I think it came the same time as yours against NC State give or take a day.
  3. Game Preparation: UCF Encyclopedia

    Saving for New Years...
  4. Game Preparation: UCF Encyclopedia

    These photoshops are amazing. Somehow this is the first time I've seen half of them. does anyone have a photo from 2005 game at RayJay with the "Got BCS?" signs? Those were epic
  5. AAC Games 11/18

    Paging @206BULL you ok, man?
  6. USF womens soccer

    We beat you for the regular season championship last week. So if anything we'd split the points in be trophy race.
  7. Looks Like UCF is Almost Sold Out

    Once you have an OCS, you'll look back on this post and laugh my friend
  8. Watching UCiF...

    I'm glad to be done playing the West. Memphis, Navy and SMU are 3 out of the top 4. To go 3-0 with 2 of them on the road is a huge relief. If we do beat you guys, I'm not sure who I'd want to play in the championship.
  9. War on I-4 game time decision?

    Should also add that there is a Publix and Walgreens both downtown in case you need to grab some things for your tailgate (hopefully not ponchos). If you need a carload of groceries, the Publix has a floor of parking underneath it.
  10. War on I-4 game time decision?

    UCF just won and here I am playing Tripadvisor...go figure! Here's more to know if you are thinking about downtown Orlando: I looked up a few hotel prices. I didn't go as far as to try promo codes and stuff but here you go. First: Where I wouldn't stay if I was going to hit the town: - Marriott Courtyard on Magnolia or Doubletree on Ivanhoe (north of 50). Not an unsafe area just a good walk to anything. - Hampton Inn on Columbia/Downtown South: Same reason. 408 separates this hotel from the scene. Where I would stay: Chain hotels: aloft ($144) or Embassy Suites (161). Both are great. Embassy has their free cocktail hour and breakfast which might make it worth the difference in price. Both are equally close to too many bars and restaurants. Here's a secret: EO Inn is literally on Lake Eola, Orlandos iconic park. It's a bed/breakfast so it won't operate like a Marriott or Hilton. You may have a key in a lockbox after hours etc. But the location is amazing and the price is 118-126 for a queen. Few rooms, not a lot of options. They do have a spa in case you want to thank the Mrs for allowing this trip to be part of your Thanksgiving. http://www.eoinn.com/ Parking should also be free here. Places to eat within walking distance of your hotel: Too many to list to eat or drink so here are some highlights: - Ferg's Depot is from your man Ferg in St. Pete. He did a great job rehabbing a historic train station and has helped liven up the scene near the Amway Center. - Wahlburgers - The food isn't that special but a lot of people go because of the TV show - Ace Cafe - I guess this was a really really big deal when they decided to open their US location here. The original is in London and if you are into car shows and motorcycles this is what their theme is. - World of Beer is good as it is anywhere else. The one here is on Lake Eola so it's a nice vibe inside or outside.
  11. War on I-4 game time decision?

    I don't really see a reason to stay near UCF. It's no more of a college town than USF is so your not going to be taking in any pageantry while eating apps at Applebee's or Olive Garden. I do think it's easier to find large concentrations of spots than what I saw when I stayed at USF (Embassy) and ventured for a drive on all four sides of your campus. But 99% chains. Im partial to Downtown Orlando and am happy to offer more insights on that if you'd like. It's a very short drive to campus if you have Sunpass - literally door to door to campus on the 408 in about 15 mins. And leaving campus onto 408 can be as quick as getting back to your hotel in local traffic after the game.
  12. War on I-4 game time decision?

    And you'll be fine. I host a large UCF/USF tailgate on Memory Mall and haven't had a problem yet. Our group never had a problem in Tampa either. I mean if I could change one thing at UCF for visiting fans...I'd remove students from Memory Mall or provide visitor parking that doesn't put Memory Mall between your parking spot and the stadium. That said, no ones ever been assaulted on MM. If you have anything happen to your persons or property, file a report. Otherwise, it's hard not to chalk it up to sour grapes over the score and/or our on campus experience.
  13. Week 9 Games of Interest

    D'oh we sure keep getting lucky like that this year!
  14. On to Houston

    Please win, USF! Nervous about this one and it's likely the last obstacle between us and an epic Black Friday