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  1. Week 4 Uniforms

    jesus christ this is so dumb.
  2. Week 4 Uniforms

    Any word?
  3. Bulletin Board Material

  4. Observations from first three games

    noticed the same. I would guess shoulder pads.
  5. Looking for a bright spot

    I wonder if Gilbert and company takes a look at the Oregon score?
  6. Hurricane Irma (Off Topic)

    Darn, was hoping Irma could do some good.
  7. Hurricane Irma

    anyone know what brighthouse stadium is rated for?
  8. Calm down, waaaay too much panic.

    Why the heck would this ever be the plan? We just went through it.
  9. This play calling is pathetic

    Welp we'll see next week whether Strong has been holding back or if this is who we are. No point in saving anything once you start conference play. I'm not expecting it to be much different than the first two games.
  10. Running up the score

    I feel like strong is gonna be a nice guy and not run it up when we need to. we don't just need to win games we need to win big. Such as yesterday - would have been nice to see 50 instead of giving up with Kean in the game.
  11. D'Ernest Johnson Thread

    Predictable play calling was the problem not DO. The one time he cut back outside he went for 50.
  12. I hate to say it, but is this a holtz new era?
  13. Running up the score

    Do we need all the help we can get with margin of victory this year? Will it hold the team back if Strong refuses to do so?