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  1. Honestly, this situation along with Penn State is the harsh reality that society values money more than people. Both Baylor and Penn State football programs should have been shutdown. Especially you Penn State.
  2. Honestly, I'm kind of glad NBC took it over. Otherwise, ESPN would be playing up the concussion\fights\hard hits angle up so much the casual fan would grab their pitchforks and demand change. Bring back the old NHL, but keep the 2 line pass and trapezoid please.
  3. Ugh and the terrible NBA contract. That sport is hot garbage. Even the ESPN "analysts" are saying how bad these playoffs have been. NHL on the other hand has been great. I think they are in a great position for the coming implosion of tv contracts.
  4. Wtf
  5. This has to be collectively the best staff we have ever had, right?
  6. Any word yet?
  7. Football

    wilson to FSU
  8. Football

    Thanks Thanks
  9. Football

    Do we know when they are scheduled to announce?
  10. Sweet, lets get it done.
  11. Who's left from the wish list that still hasn't signed yet?
  12. Crap Kinnan was one I didn't want to see leave.
  13. BJM is from Apopka, yea, but it doesn't seem like he has recruiting ties here. I like King, but he seems more known in Tampa than across the state. I could very well be wrong about both though...
  14. Are strong and the DB coach the only ones with FL connections so far? A little worrisome if that's it.