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  1. Charlie Strong turns down Ole Miss offer! Strong said that he wants to be a champion again.
  2. You get to pick one

  3. CFN on the AAC QB rankings & USF preview

  4. In the news again at #16
  5. Ranking the Top 25 Seniors Heading into the 2017 College Football Season 12. Quinton Flowers, QB, South Florida: Junior-year results: Quinton Flowers torched defenses on his way to AAC Offensive Player of the Year. He completed 62.5 percent of 331 passes for 2,812 yards and 24 touchdowns compared to seven interceptions. Flowers also scampered for 18 scores, and his 1,530 yards led FBS quarterbacks while ranking 12th nationally. Senior-year outlook: Though the change from Willie Taggart to Sterlin Gilbert will affect Flowers, he's too talented to not impact both facets of the game. Plus, Shane Buechele threw for nearly 3,000 yards as a freshman at Texas. Gilbert must be more creative, but Flowers is a massive threat on designed runs. NFL potential: You can practically hear the critics already. "He's too small." "He only played in the AAC." "He's more of a runner than a passer." Although the concerns have some degree of validity, they might not stop Flowers from being taken as a high-upside prospect on Day 3.
  6. Bulls at the bottom of the article.
  7. would you rather

    BULLS go undefeated, we win the AAC Championship and we destroy a power five team in our Bowl.
  8. Top 20!!

    Does this mean we can officially call ourselves one of the “FLORIDA BIG FOUR”? Thank you Bulls for a fantastic season – GO BULLS
  9. Which of these will happen first?

    1. USF men's basketball invited to NCAA 2. USF begins construction of OCS 3. USF Athletics joins new conference
  10. Marlon Mack Appreciation Thread

    I’ll be rooting for you on Sundays - thanks for the memories.
  11. 3 questions

  12. Congrats CWT and Good Luck

    Thanks for the memories CWT good luck in Oregon.
  13. I want Charlie Strong!!!!!

    Me 2
  14. 1) South Florida 2) 52 - 24 3) Marlon Mack 4) Rodney Adams 5) 512
  15. Defense is near unwatchable right now

    Woodie is a great recruiter and as much as I like him, I believe that he is not a defensive coordinator. CWT needs to make coaching changes at defense asap if we are to continue winning.