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  1. Football

    Wonder what they did to get dumped. Strong knows, so obviously (hopefully) it's nothing too serious, and we need a pretty clean program.
  2. Same. It's WAY too early, but it looks like this team will have more talent than in the past few years. Now, can they play well together, and can we grow from there? Very encouraged.
  3. Leaning toward making the trip, likely staying in FQ or CBD. As to tickets, will likely buy thru USF, but not sure when they are available & what the cost is. Likely headed up Wed, back Sunday, as my wife has never been to NOLA. Weather should be excellent.
  4. The University of Syracuse? I hope Syracuse University doesn't mind losing a recruit to this rival school. How to young men goof up the school name they plan to attend? Odd.
  5. ESPN #232. Impressive offer list. Not sure what has happened since, but worth a shot (filling the Childs schollie?).
  6. MBB

    It'd be hard to be worse, but the team COA put together lacked cohesion. It's going to be a struggle next season, but I like the direction Coach Gregory is taking.
  7. MBB

    And, Holston, don't you think? The main reason Holston might stay is that he's a senior (unless he'll graduate early, and grad transfer) and sitting means an extra year of college (and uncertainty). I'd imagine folks will make decisions soon, while options are available, unless they are waiting to see what holes open at other schools.
  8. MBB

    Agreed, as he's a much more aggressive guard. No disrespect, but our guards for the last several years seemed soft against better teams. As a result, we got bullied a lot. McMurray & Holston could score, but Bibby was soft (admittedly, a true freshman), so I'm looking forward to seeing some tough, seasoned guys hell build this team up.
  9. MBB

    Kinda sux, as USF was one of the few teams that took a chance on this kid. Despite his family name & good stats, few seemed interested. Yes, it was COA who chased him, it was still USF that gave him the schollie. But, kids transfer all the time, and if he doesn't want to be here, we'll survive (I have to think we've hit rock bottom). Bibby was far from the level we need, but showed promise, so it's a loss...but nothing surprises me regarding defections at this point. Good to see Coach G bringing in some seasoned players.
  10. Heading over from Jupiter with my wife. Our first spring game...stoked (except for the 90 degree weather prediction). Looking forward to see them play, as well as some players I haven't seen much of. Also looking to see how this coaching staff works with the players.
  11. I'm glad you posted it, as I wouldn't have read it otherwise. I was expecting snark, and there really wasn't any. Some of it hurt a bit, but it wasn't wrong. And I don't think he went out of his way to poke USF (like he & Tom Jones sometimes do). The crickets title was kinda crappy, after reading attendance is up big (a relative term, I know), but it conveys the point. I will say that I went to a UT-WVU a few years ago, and it was DEAFENING! Not only do we not put enough butts in seats, but many are docile, and even get upset at standing & screaming (note: it was MUCH better last year, likely because that team was so exciting to watch). It's hard to say last year's team was the best ever (11-2 notwithstanding), given the competition wasn't the toughest ever (though not bad). So, I hope we can get that buzz back, and the team can play to 13-0 goal, and not have let downs. I'm really looking forward to this season.
  12. 1. QF will take a hard hit, and coaches & fans will shout the guy down. 2. Mack II will shock those seeing him for the first time, and get fans giddy at depth. 3. Fans will realize that we have the best QB Trio is team history. 4. This will be the best attended spring game at USF...ever. 5. Jupiter Bull (with wife in tow) will attend his first Spring Game! Stoked! safety note: bring water & hydrate...it's gonna be HOT!
  13. I don't even mind grad transfers giving us a year...a good one & done works till we can fully reload.
  14. good enough for us!
  15. Just closed out to sweep the Knights, 7-5. 3 wins v #27 UCF (many fans bragged about beating UF this year) should run us up the polls a bit. All tight games...nice wins. Shaping to be a pretty good season.