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  1. The USF gods must be smiling upon us...

    Very cool...and San Antonio is an amazing city.
  2. Never Again

    his only blemish? He's also a Canes fan.
  3. Never Again

    I met Auman once at a sandwich shop in Vero (after the final Holtz ill advised camp in Dodger Town). He was very friendly, talked openly about USF and other sports and seemed like a genuinely nice guy. I hated when he left. I mostly like JK, though at times he gets a little snarky, without great reason. Still, the coverage is pretty good, but frankly, I get most of my USF news from Twitter. Tito Benach is the best in many ways, as far as breaking news and not being combative. Jeff Odom is a JK mentee, but often does good work. Frankly, I'm just glad there is more positive news to report than ever, and enough media out there (Twitter, here, blogs, etc.).
  4. Never Again

    I like Colin at times, but he's the king of snark, and takes joy in trying to come off as the Dennis Miller of USF Bloggers. He's the classic case of a guy would say 1/10th of the stuff to you in person as he does on Twitter.
  5. Never Again

    I loved Auman as USF's beat writer, but he was far from snark free.
  6. Never Again

    Well, there's that, and I suppose if we want to ready about USF in other markets, we can't complain. Still, screw those Frosty Knights.
  7. Never Again

    Thanks for saving me the click. I have no interest in reading about UCF or Coach Frost, unless it's a post game "We got our aces kicked by USF...uncanny!"
  8. I love Nichols, but his size is sometimes an issue. UCF's stud WR man-childed him last year. But he's a fighter, and one of the toughest on the field. I hate that he's only got one year left.
  9. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    You mean kicking a FG in the 4th, down 20 something? Or was that Pitt? He just sucked the fire & passion from Leavitt's team.
  10. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    He is, but I can't recall his screen name. I'll shoot him a note to see if he wants to join the fray.
  11. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    It really was, though Holtz really killed the fun vibe, by degrading our team. It made it hard to do much more than commiserate.
  12. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    I'd love to connect with this bunch...we'd need name tags (joking, but maybe not a bad idea). I'll be at Tulane, so if' there's a Bullspen gathering, that'd be cool. I'll be in NOLA Wed-Mon. Can't wait.
  13. I'm sure we're better than San Jose State, but early opening, 3000 miles & 3 time zones away may be a challenge. I'll bet many of these kids have never even been out west. Could be a challenge.
  14. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    Aw, man...this likely triggers Turd! That story was was when some troll (UCF, maybe) was talking about going to the hospital to rough up a USF player in the hospital (not likely a real threat...but the troll was vulgar and threatening). Steve O offered to meet him in the Burger King parking lot near the hospital, and the troll said he would meet him there. The event never transpired, thankfully, but if I recall, Steve O showed. That earned him numerous nicknames from Turd, like Burger Boy and other clever quips. Steve O used to get so pissed at Turd. I saw Steve O at a USF game a few weeks before he died. I told him I'd communicated with Turd, and since the were both real fans, they'd likely get along if they ever met. Steve was not convinced such a meeting would be pleasant. Still, I'll always appreciate the banter, opinion sharing & characters of the Auman Blog (which died when they tried to charge a monthly fee, and the blog quality dipped when Knight took over).
  15. Yeah, but you also said Gunsby was going to be a great QB here...kidding! I don't have a great sense for impact true freshman, but Dingle might be the most talented...but we're deep, so I'm guessing redshirt (like I wish we RS'd Soloman as WR).