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  1. JupiterBull

    Joey the Weasel Knight

    Truth...it's kinda slow for USF sports, there are Noles fans in the area and most importantly...as you noted, they need to keep these guys fully active, and trying to generate clicks and sales.
  2. This kid got better as the season wore on. That's a great sign for the future.
  3. This was my first USF MBB this year that I watched start to finish. As Tulane started chipping away hard at the 23 pt lead, I turned to my wife & said..."this is starting to feel a lot like the Tulane football game we went to. Huge lead, then watching us almost lose. Hope it ends the same. A road win over a good team is always a great thing. And, they played UCF a lot closer than expected, so maybe there is hope for good teams ahead (and the 2 freshman look really good).
  4. JupiterBull

    Gilbert Rumors

    Agree on both, but I think it was more of the play calling. I do think if McCants was "discovered" as a jet sweep option earlier, that would have helped. It's a moot point now...but I guess that's what the off season is for.
  5. JupiterBull

    Gilbert Rumors

    I can't argue stats & I'm not suggesting he should have come in and done exactly as the Weist. What I AM saying is the offense felt more muted & predictable than in 2016. It started as SJSU. The style didn't seem as dynamic as he should have run, IMO. I suppose the rumors of Flowers being frustrated aren't true? But if so, maybe that's one person whose opinion DOES matter. I did hate that we didn't use DJ as we did last year, and our TE's aren't as active as they could be. But...that's why I'm on my couch & these guys aren't, I suppose.
  6. JupiterBull

    Gilbert Rumors

    The topic isn't about USF firing him. It's about rumors that LSU may be trying to poach him. The drop off in performance this year is seen as mostly his doing (losing Mack & Adams clearly hurt, too). It's hard to argue that he didn't dull the offense and make try a little of Taggart did upon arrival...try to jam his preferred offense, talent notwithstanding. But, maybe that's why I'm not a college football coach, and Gilbert is.
  7. JupiterBull

    QF #10 rated RB in 2018 Draft

    I see him as more of a Percy Harvin or WildCat guy, who you work to get into open space. The lanes will be smaller in the NFL, but he's a baller and has a chance.
  8. JupiterBull

    Nebraska's Frost coming after our recruits

    As long as both are 6-6 and playing in a crap bowl, cool.
  9. JupiterBull

    Nebraska's Frost coming after our recruits

    Just committed to Bama.
  10. JupiterBull

    Nebraska's Frost coming after our recruits

    If he's chasing USF targets, clearly Nebraska stroke ain't what it used to be. He needs to turn around a mediocre team, so he'll be going after EVERYONE, especially those he thinks he has a shot to snag. I don't see many or any of our recruits headed to BFE, NE to be bored to death for 4-5 years.
  11. 1) The winning team: USF2) The final score: 55-483) Bulls leading rusher: Flowers, in another clinic4) Bulls leading receiver: Salomon, as Tech tries to wrap MVS & McCants, Darnell rips off some big plays.5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over): 469 (because always)
  12. Watching this was a lot of fun! Watch Item 6 to the very end to see the priceless expressions and gestures of the USC fans after the TD. Beyond perfect.
  13. JupiterBull

    Strong interviewed with FSU on Sunday

    I can't edit, but it seems the intent was clarified, but my point on the true color motivator remains. Schools have interviewing requirements, as do many public entities, but they are duly motivated to hire the best person available in order to improve their position in the market (sports or business).
  14. JupiterBull

    Strong interviewed with FSU on Sunday

    Agree. Times have changed, and college football is more of a business than ever. Colleges care more about green than black or white. They want the best person for the job that will win games & pull in the revenue.