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  1. 2017 Tulane game

    We're at Place d'Armes, on Ann St, but it's sold out. Should still be a few places open, but it's going to be crowded.
  2. 1) The winning team: USF. Thursday nights & Temple have not been good to us, but we need to keep improving & smoke these chumps.2) The final score: 33-243) Bulls leading rusher: Tice4) Bulls leading receiver: Antoine5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over): 409
  3. Running seems easier, I guess. But, who knows? MVS has been over 90 twice. If he stays healthy, he may break Rodney Adams' yardage record. And Antoine is making a VERY strong case not to play Barr much anymore (not he's a better blocker, too).
  4. Both WR's dropped passes late that would have gotten them over 100. Strong isn't about padding stats, but these guys got chances (that said, it did seem like he wanted Tice to get 100, so that was cool).
  5. most of that was 3 big plays, including 1 76 yarder in garbage time. I'll take it. Tackling & secondary coverage is MUCH better. But we will play MUCH better teams, soon.
  6. Nothing against Barr, but I don't see how he sees the field again the way Antoine is playing.
  7. Strong is Weak. Running inside on 3rd & 16 for a FG is VERY Holtz-like.
  8. 1) The winning team, Illinois (I'm certainly hoping USF wins, but worry about close we're played 2 terrible teams; Illinois hasn't the distractions we've suffered, are 2-0, and our Friday nights haven't been great. That said, if Strong lets Q cook, we should win by a few TDs).2) The final score, 34-313) Bulls leading rusher, Tice4) Bulls leading receiver, Salomon5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over), 369 Some of this is contrarian, hoping I'm dead wrong, but win the prize. I'm just worried about the lay off, our O in flux & the first big test v a strong offense.
  9. 1) The winning team: USF (but I'm nervous given the past 2 games)2) The final score: 27-243) Bulls leading rusher: Tice4) Bulls leading receiver: Salomon5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over): 369 Lots of pessimism this week, earned. I was encouraged by a Joey Knight Tweet saying OC Gilbert said we haven't seen the full offense yet, but will. Not sure if that's reacting to the torches & pitchforks, or legit. We'll see. With a 10:30 start, these guys better be sure to load up on coffee, as they can't sleep again.
  10. Tuesday's College Polls

    That's the first time I've even seen a 15 yard penalty called on a coach (the equivalent of a tech foul in MBB). Later in the game, the VT coach got one. Weird. What's worse about Holgorsen is that he was dead wrong on his rant...his guy hit the ball carrier a good 2-3 yards out of bounds. If you're going to meltdown, have a legit position.
  11. Tuesday's College Polls

    Agree. That was a great game. Both are going to well this year. Grier lit it up.
  12. Tuesday's College Polls

    We'll be passed by the winner of WVU-VT, and maybe Tennessee if they beat GTech tomorrow. Not sure who else impressed enough to jump.
  13. USF @UCONN Vegas Line

    In UConn, bad. But, weather should be fine (assuming Hurricane Irma doesn't impact), and this team should come out MAD. I'm hoping Charlie learns what Taggart eventually did...play to your skills set. Don't try to jam this team into a form it won't fit.
  14. My quick review shows this as the winner...assumed 17 point margin, and it was 14. Only missed total points by 11. Sadly, his pessimism, without being wild enough to pick Stony, paid off. Any one to confirm?