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  1. CCS hates it here

    I'll add that I work in Palm Beach, and I'm seeing more & more FAU gear on casual work days. He is bringing excitement back, and getting butts in seats.
  2. CCS hates it here

    there is NO WAY UF hires Strong (or any DC or defensive minded coach). They are looking to get an explosive offense that McElwain promised, but failed miserably to provide. UF will always get amazing talent on offense. But they have whiffed on QBs (maybe they've recruited well, but not developed). I have no doubt UF won't take CCS, unless they tire of Shannon, and want to upgrade (and CCS is ok with a DC gig). But Arky/OleMiss and the like might be interested, in large part due to his recruiting chops in FL.
  3. CCS hates it here

    I don't know if you're legit or not, and what you say could be true (his body language surely shows it, but he seemed similar at UL & UT). I've heard some conflicting reports, that he's frustrated with a few things, but looking forward to getting his guys on board & building his own team. Who knows, other than a small group? I will say that I'm not giving you a hard time, but I don't know how/why someone would be part of a blog community and NOT chime in. I work more hours than most, and travel a fair amount...but I take time to read & opine. Being part of the discussion & interaction is what makes TBP the best Bulls blog out there. Good thing is, we'll find out about Strong soon enough. But as said before, beat UCF and the rest of the chips can fall where they may. If he loses to UCF, his stock likely suffers, as he'll have beaten only teams with losing records with a well stocked team from Taggart (which Strong admitted early)...but lost to the only 2 teams he faced with winning records. That's not exactly a resume that screams for a Tennessee or UCLA to poach him.
  4. 1) The winning team: The Bad Guys (UCF). This hurts to type, but our O has been out of synch most of the year, and I don't see that changes here, as the stubborn OC & HC know this season will be over soon enough, and they likely really think theirs is a better system.2) The final score: 48-303) Bulls leading rusher: Flowers, with some creative busts. I'd prefer Tice & DJ break 100, but that only happens if Flowers proves he can beat UCF with his arm, as they WILL stuff the box and force us to throw until it hurts them. Remember Price...TEs can exploit UCF, so let's get Dillon & Wilcox the ball.4) Bulls leading receiver: MVS, took most of the Tulsa game off, so he could set the USF record at Disney in front of 30K goofy fans, and some loud Bulls fans.5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over): 469...because that's always my #. As much as I'm disappointed at what I see as the outcome, most of my work buds (not tied to USF or UCF) are predicting USF pulls it out. If we can beat them, and ruin their season, no one needs to get me anything for Christmas again (bonus gift: Scott Frost would bolt, just before the Lawn Mowing Bowl, sending Knight tears flowing down Oviedo, testing their drainage capacity. GO BULLS!!!
  5. We've rushed for 222 yards...why not try a gut run, draw or screen. Playing not to lose is painful. This isn't Miami...it's Tulsa. It's SAFE to take a shot to score again, with 3 TOs. And, if a writer has the balls to ask Strong why he didn't try at least one play, expect: "We take what the defense gives us. That's all you do".
  6. we played some pretty bad offenses early, but we've been roasted by decent offenses.
  7. Why no chat? That feature was a lot easier to use/follow,
  8. This made me laugh so loud my wife came in from the other room...and I couldn't tell her what amused me so much.
  9. 1) The winning team, USF2) The final score, 44-243) Bulls leading rusher, Tice4) Bulls leading receiver, MVS, sets the record5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over) 469
  10. Looks Like UCF is Almost Sold Out

    I'll buy my tickets after UCF loses to UConn and the prices drop back into the 20s. *TB
  11. Looks Like UCF is Almost Sold Out

    WINNER! "I only regret that I have one Like to give" But seriously, man how those Knights obsess over all things USF. I don't care enough about UCF to hate them, and I work with a few Knights are pretty cool. But these tools are rabid. That said, I WILL go to the game and I WILL stroll thru their tailgates. Gimps.
  12. Week 11 Rankings

    We all have our pain thresholds. I was hopeful that we'd have a chance to see the 2nd team players & have a cake walk, so maybe for me it was about expectations. I was at the game, and what bugged me the most was that SB players seemed to have MUCH more energy & passion than our team. I still think that's an issue. I was also at Tulane, and scared I was going to witness our biggest collapse ever. Fortunately, we were able to recover 3 on-sides kicks, or who knows the outcome. The SB narrow win obviously didn't hurt the team, as we went on to crush the next 3, but at the time, it was very painful to watch. We should kill Tulsa (though THEY whipped Houston), and then it comes down to the boys from O-Town. What has been revealed about them recently is that you CAN throw on them. I think we might be looking at a high scoring game, and we have a boxer's chance (or better, if we can get on top early).
  13. Week 11 Rankings

    You weren't frustrated at Stony Brook...where we had to have starters till the end of the game, eeking out a 31-17 win over a good (not great) FCS school.
  14. Yes...closest on last tie breaker. Congrats, 727.