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  1. Football

    still hoping a few of these kids sign that we didn't know about before
  2. Do you still have the extra tickets? I need 3 was buying from stubhub but would prefer buying from a bull. Trying to save money and let the kids go
  3. If anyone has extra tickets I would love them.
  4. Birmingham closer to Atlanta yes
  5. Anyone know what section USF has for this game? Just talked wife into driving from Atlanta for this one and about to get the tickets on Stubhub
  6. !@@#$$%$%## !@#$%$##@#$%
  7. I met this kid at the USF vs NIU he is a great kid. Talked with him and his sister and I think he will be here if we have a spot for him. He actually sat and listened to me talk about 15 minutes in the middle of the aisle. I was extremely impressed with him. He also loves Coach T
  8. This is an easy drive from Atlanta.
  9. I think the last minute statement by FOX is to try one last time to try to influence the President not to expand. I think someone will get an invite today
  10. I'll be reaching out to you. My wife loves the BV winery and the restaurant that is located adjacent to BV is great also.
  11. Great episode great young man
  12. this just sounds like a lotsofbull
  13. Visa or American express gift cards are just like regular credit cards. Now the Oliver garden gift cards don't work as well.
  14. Dude the amount can't be much I just donate a few bucks when I have a gift card that I have something left on and I still got the cool super duper Donor VIP front and top of the line avatar enhancer. I really think its like Christmas should be its the thought that counts and if everybody did something the bills would be paid easily.
  15. He got BB sent to retirement maybe we can get Jimbo started down that road also