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  1. 2 UCF Tickets for Sale

    Do you still have these
  2. Wow and tickets are 90 bucks on stubhub. I was still hoping to get 2 on Friday
  3. AAC Championship Game TIme

    Yes need this to be at Ray jay
  4. We will never be considered Power6 as long as Tulane wears these helmets
  5. Week 8 Games of Interest

    Im sorry guys I tried I can't cheer for these guys. GO NAVY
  6. This Game Has Me Worried

    Never saw someone say I wish our game was not on tv
  7. Race to the 4 spots in the College Playoffs

    I think we could take 20k plus to the Peach bowl
  8. 43,708

    Well being the the drinking started with a toast on Thursday and it was free alcohol until 3 am Sunday morning I would say probably passing out.
  9. 43,708

    I had 45 tickets in my group. 2 of then didn't get used due to falling asleep on the parking lot and still being in one of the cars sleep when we came out after.
  10. Playing young players

    Yes sands got the 1st 4 carries.
  11. Only 1 Team That Can Beat Us This Year

    Memphis not quite a dead horse though. That game in the bounce house scares me.
  12. I was happy to see a slant route today. Means we have plays that we are holding for later opponents
  13. Radio broadcast for the game?

    Sorry I used the iheart radio channel