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  1. If Mississippi is smart they'll go after Neal Brown at Troy or Blake Anderson at Arky State...someone who's hungry for a P5 paycheck but also young enough to want a total rebuild.
  2. UofMemphis


    uh, we beat a ranked UCLA squad that's beaten teams like Texas A&M and Colorado. Memphis needs to beat UConn next Friday to get back on track...I'm down with 4-1 (1-1) to start the season...lose to UConn and there's something clearly wrong.
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    we have 6 starters out injured and just had to boot another for armed robbery of all things....not a good week for the Memphis D
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    hell, I switched over to Troy vs LSU a little after half-time of the Memphis game. lol
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    I'm just glad we still have UConn, Tulane, Tulsa, and ECU left on the schedule because I don't see us fairing well against Navy or Houston playing like this.
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    we just don't play well against UCF...fortunately our next game is against a reeling UConn squad. Hopefully we'll be 4-1 (1-1) after next week.
  7. I'll take USF by 14 on the road. Solid road win to start 3-0 (1-0) but not enough to cover the spread.
  8. playing it Friday night makes sense to me...Memphis will already be there Friday and then we can catch the red-eye home Sat morning.
  9. Tom Schad‏ @Tom_Schad 22m22 minutes ago Memphis AD Tom Bowen and UCF AD Danny White spoke today about possible weather scenarios for Satuday's game. Agreed to speak again Wed.
  10. It's UConn...Stony Brook would beat em by 7 lots of rumors that Memphis vs UCF may get moved to Thu or Fri depending on Irma.
  11. UofMemphis

    USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    but you don't in men's basketball. I attended a Memphis @ USF game and that place was a tomb. I feel like USF is missing an opportunity with men's basketball. I feel the same about Memphis women's basketball. The field house is actually on the UofM main campus and I feel like a good women's hoops program is a great chance to get alumni back on campus for games. Memphis' on campus field house:
  12. UofMemphis

    USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    you guys did a fantastic renovation of the Sun Dome. College hoops could be a great way to get USF fans back on campus. Hopefully Brian Gregory can get USF to a competitive point and supply some entertaining on campus college hoops for USF.
  13. UofMemphis

    USF to present findings of on-campus stadium study

    yeah, it's gotten to the point where an IPF is required if you want to get decent recruits. Memphis had been raising money for one but ran into a major issue. Most of the donations were spread out over 5-6 years and we didn't want to wait that long for the money to roll in. We decided to take out a 10 million dollar loan and to play a 'buy game' to get it done. http://www.commercialappeal.com/story/sports/college/memphis-tigers/basketball/2017/08/03/memphis-president-david-rudd-announces-name-new-mens-hoops-practice-facility/536931001/ Memphis also announced we will pay at Purdue in 2020 for 750,000 dollars. http://www.commercialappeal.com/story/sports/college/memphis-tigers/football/2017/08/11/memphis-football-play-purdue-2020/560104001/ it will all be worth it in a year or so when it opens.
  14. I have to disagree as I truly love me some Grizz games...NBA games are a lot of fun.
  15. with red seats and a pirate ship... I mean, nothing says USF Bulls like:
  16. correct...your prices are where they should be compared to other renters like Memphis (cheaper end) and Temple (more expensive end)
  17. we didn't buy it...FedEx gave it to us. (thanks Fred Smith!) you say 'lipstick on a pig' and I say it's not our pig or our lipstick...so whatever.
  18. who said it was? as I just told you we don't have a concrete jungle either...we have well cultivated green space coupled with ample parking that even your own fans seemed to enjoy. per USF's lease you pay 185k (for the whole stadium) plus a 2.50 ticket surcharge to play in an NFL stadium. we pay 122,000 with a 1 dollar surcharge (for non season tickets) for the Liberty Bowl. I wouldn't want Memphis playing in a stadium with red seats and a Pirate ship...I like being the primary tenant and being treated as such.
  19. Neyland Stadium was built in the 20's...isn't FSU's stadium from 1950? but the reason we don't have an OCS is simple. we have no room (I've been to USFs campus...you have room) Memphis even purchased the old VA hospital land 1.1 miles from our main campus just for athletic fields...if we ever get an 'OCS' it'll be at our park ave campus so it'll still be off-campus as far as most folks are concerned.
  20. as I said...done this off season...you may now poop all comfy and climate controlled. new video board too (that was there last season, though)
  21. this off season involved redoing the rest rooms on the home side (older 60s side)...they now have new toilets and all the stalls are ADA compatible...plus the bathrooms are heated/air conditioned. originally the Liberty Bowl had one side a lot higher than the other. the visitor side was expanded and renovated in 1989 so the plumbing is fine on that side of the stadium
  22. and we sell our Tiger lane spots (800 spots) for over 25 per game as each spot comes equipped with a bench, light, power outlet, and 11x11 grass spot. this ugly empty concrete jungle: was transformed into Tiger Lane: the rest of the spots go for 15 per spot that's the potential for up to 68,000 per game or 408,000 per season. our old lease was 75,000 total per game...now it's 122,000 but the lease offers us a new revenue steam to counter the increased cost Memphis (the city) also renovated the Locker Rooms: and added 5000 chair back seats WITH CUP HOLDERS!!!!!! (I know you guys get all excited about those) doing so dropped capacity from 61,000 to under 59k
  23. that just tells me you haven't been there since 34 million was invested by the City...now they want some of that back. no offense to USF but playing in a stadium with red seats and a pirate ship is pretty ridiculous...but we both do what's financially and practically prudent.
  24. Memphis just reworked our lease with the Liberty Bowl and it's pretty similar. we will pay: $50,000 -- parking fee per game$39,200 -- base rent per game$25,000 -- advertising fee per game$7,800 -- suite costs per gameSo our costs per game to the city are $122,000. thing is, we turn right around and sell everyone of those parking spots (4,000 parking spots at the Liberty Bowl) to our fans for profit...same with the suites. I know our entry level season ticket is 130 bucks so your lease and ticket pricing seems pretty reasonable.
  25. UofMemphis


    an AAC championship showdown in Memphis could always be fun.