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  1. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    OK, so just a point of order. three years ago some folks said that Orlando and Oliver Antigua was a bad hire for USF hoops. this (Gregory HC with Bartow as Asst Coach) is not a bad hire at all...
  2. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    Brian Gregory as head coach with Murry Bartow as asst coach is lightyears ahead of having Orlando and Oliver Antigua....that is most certainly an
  3. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    Brian Gregory has 248 wins as a Head Coach with two NCAAs, 4 NITs (1 NIT Championship) and coached in the A10 along with the ACC. he took an 11 win GTech program to 21 wins with an NIT and they fired him for it. he also set up Pastner to win ACC COY. if Gregory and Bartow can't rebuild USF...I don't know who can. that's the best positive spin I've got.
  4. Florida Gulf Coast

    that's why keeping Bartow is important.
  5. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    no, you hired the guy who got Pastner ACC COY....it's really not a bad hire...esp if Bartow stays on as an Asst.
  6. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    I'm being serious...17 wins at USF next season would put him in serious contention for AAC COY.
  7. Florida Gulf Coast

    the Akron coach did turn you down...so maybe the job was offered around and folks simply said no. that happened to memphis after Cal...Mike Anderson and Scott Drew turned us down before we settled for Pastner.
  8. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    smart move.
  9. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    USF will certainly have low expectations like GTech...here's to 17 wins and AAC COY!
  10. Florida Gulf Coast

    This is true...
  11. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    ^ This. Brian Gregory took an 11 win team to 21 wins and an NIT...he also set up his successor for ACC COY. it's not a terrible hire...he's better than Antigua or Bartow.
  12. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    nope (I thank GTech for taking him off our hands)...we would not be pleased with 17-15...hell, our fans grumble about 19-13 with attendance over 9,500.
  13. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    Pastner found what he always needed.....low expectations. Congrats, Josh!
  14. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    it's just like Memphis...sure, he can beat a ranked UNC and ranked FSU...but he also lost to Ohio (not Ohio State), Penn State, TN by 23, Duke by over 50, and even NC State. just like at Memphis he could beat a ranked OSU and Louisville before losing to Tulane, ECU, and South Florida. the bad Ls cancel out the good Ws.
  15. Our NEW Basketball HC is....

    going from 21-15 (8-10) to 17-15 (8-10) is a step forward? Brian Gregory is a better coach than Antigua or Bartow...that should make you guys feel a little better.