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  1. UConn AD, AAC Commish, and Big East Commish all deny any contact... http://www.courant.com/sports/uconn-mens-basketball/hc-uconn-men-notebook-memphis-0217-20170216-story.html http://www.zagsblog.com/2017/02/15/big-east-says-no-discussions-taken-place-uconn/
  2. good game USF! Memphis will stay in Florida and bus over to Orlando for our road game against UCF and Taco Fall...hopefully we can make it 2-0 in our sunshine state trip. there is talent on that USF squad for the next coach...good luck!
  3. Matt McCall (former Florida and FAU asst) is still quietly killin' it at Chattanooga...only makes 230k
  4. so how many G5 teams constantly fill a 66,000 seat NFL stadium? I'll make your search easy...the answer is none. I mean, yeah, it's a great stadium...a great NFL stadium with red seats and a pirate ship and Buccs logos all over it...
  5. make no mistake, I'm jealous of what you guys have. moreover, you 'struck when the iron (and need) was hot' and built at the right time. 60 million for that stadium is/was a steal. we simply don't have room on campus, and I guess we're lucky the Liberty Bowl us so close to campus (2 miles)
  6. actually, no...there was a pitiful scoreboard on the other side, and it was replaced with a small video board.
  7. gotcha. When I went to Tampa Stadium I was like 10 :-) so it's been two decades now...Raymond James Stadium is a sight to behind, though. I love the sight-lines (sharp slope) at the Liberty Bowl but they have been outlawed with the ADA acts. That held up Liberty Bowl renovations for 15 years (it got bad) because the DOJ said the Liberty Bowl was 'grandfathered in'...but if any renovations were made, we had to bring the entire thing up to code (92 million dollar price tag!)...so it sat there. FINALLY, an agreement was worked out between the City and the DOJ, and renovations started. this ugly, terrible, horrible parking lot... was turned into Tiger Lane Locker rooms were renovated FedEx purchased us a new video board and I showed you the new chairback seats...
  8. nope...it's concrete covered in blue plastic. (it might be aluminum under the plastic, not sure) this is the best image I could find, of course, the seats shown have now been converted to chairback seats. (but that at least shows what they look like)
  9. yep. We let our infrastructure crumble while we deny health coverage to low income Tennesseans, all while the Governor has offered a solid plan through 'Insure Tennessee'. pretty out of touch IMHO...esp when a majority of Tennesseans want it.
  10. I was a kid and sat on them in shorts on a summer day...ouch!
  11. Ray Jay would be FAR too large for Memphis (hell, the Liberty Bowl is too big at 58,000)...moreover, it would cost us FAR too much to rent an NFL caliber stadium. the good part about the Liberty Bowl are. 1) we're the primary tenant, and we're treated that way. 2) it's long paid off, so we don't have to worry about ticket surcharges, or high rental rates 3) it's only 2.1 miles or a 6 min car ride from main campus. I only visited Tampa Stadium once, but I liked it...I am however glad they went with concrete at the Liberty Bowl over aluminum...it just holds up better, which is why the Liberty Bowl, straight out of 1965, is still very structurally sound. that said, I'd trade the Liberty Bowl for an actual 45,000 seat on campus stadium like UCFs in a second...I'd learn to love the aluminum...because it's OUR aluminum.
  12. yep...same folks. Liberty Bowl Tampa Stadium
  13. recently the city has spent 32 million on the Liberty Bowl, but this offseason they did their best improvement yet...for 5 million they more than quadrupled the number of chairback seats. before (notice the tiny section of chairback seats on both sides) after (it reduced capacity to 58,000) that was 5 million well spent
  14. that's ridiculously high IMHO, but if that's what USF wants.. this is our lease with the city...(we extended it 'as is') http://memphis.granicus.com/MetaViewer.php?view_id=2&clip_id=1394&meta_id=76876 63,000 per game to use the stadium and facilities...city gets parking and concessions, Memphis gets sales of NCAA licensed apparel and ticket sales.