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  1. Welcome RaiderATX

    Welcome. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  2. Perfect article about the P5 Cartel

    Our own TBP website had an interesting take on this last night on late night Twitter. Not exactly sure what to make of it. This was in reply to a tweet from AAC fanboy media guy C Austin Cox saying UCiF deserves to be in (and would win) the Playoffs. Et tu, TBP? Why the shade for the AAC? Kinda seems like crapping where we eat.
  3. USF at Elon in Game Thread

    Showed some flashes but wasn’t nearly as present as I’d hoped. CBG also seemed to purposely keep him and Scekic off the floor at the same time, and never together. They’re still figuring out the sets for sure. Manderson had one great face-up 10-footer on the baseline that was really impressive for a man his size. Going to be interesting to see how he develops.
  4. USF at Elon in Game Thread it the coaching or the player execution you’re complaining about? I mean, both are fair game, but you started with how our coaching isn’t good. Look, no question we could have played and coached better. We dropped a close one on the road to a decent team in a major rebuilding year. It is what it is. Now if you want to complain about Morgan State, count me in!
  5. USF at Elon in Game Thread

    Well, yeah...their coach has been there nine years and they have an experienced team and staff. Our staff and players have been here for a period of months. Manderson is just working into the rotation and Collins was out. What exactly were you expecting at this point? Elon is a decent team.
  6. USF at Elon in Game Thread

    Not really. Metheny wasn’t exactly stellar either. But certainly concerning.
  7. USF at Elon in Game Thread

    BS ending...the refs choose the final play to hold their whistle, jeez
  8. USF at Elon in Game Thread

    Elbow should be overturned; Samuels flopped a bit
  9. USF at Elon in Game Thread

    Box out on the free throw dammit!!!
  10. USF at Elon in Game Thread

    Small lineup to start OT
  11. USF at Elon in Game Thread

    OT wow...some bad clock management by Elon in the last part here
  12. USF at Elon in Game Thread

    Some questionable calls here by the zebras...
  13. USF at Elon in Game Thread

    Red just called a random time out just under us a blow, maybe? We need it
  14. USF at Elon in Game Thread

    Absolutely true