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  1. USF vs Illinois TV Rating

    Haha. You are breaking the law, you know. Just saying!!
  2. what's app

    Huh, interesting
  3. You have a fair point. Thanks for sharing it.
  4. Sorry to learn the Domino tournament and salsa lessons got cancelled with the GT game.
  5. San Diego State

    If both teams indeed go undefeated (slim to none chances there though), how we played two cupcakes vs SDSU beating two solid P5 programs wouldn't matter. Our schedule just sucks, so you can say this about quite a few other G5 teams. It's all fantasy at this Apis said, lots of football still to be played. We control our own destiny with the conference championship--THAT should be the goal.
  6. I concede your point. And now I will peruse the Girls of Temple thread.
  7. Not so much so far tonight...just threw a pick six...
  8. I was watching Duke Baylor today in a close game in the 3rd quarter, and fans were leaving the stadium (which was already half empty). Turn on almost any mid-tier game and this happens, OCS or no.
  9. Let's go AAC!

    Rooting for them all!!
  10. Again, RECORD number in offensive yardage vs an FBS program (let alone "P5"). How can you objectively justify this statement? You've traded your green and gold glasses for opaque lenses.
  11. We have never had more offensive yardage against an FBS was a team record! Maybe your bar's a wee bit high?
  12. Stop breaking the law then, and pay to get the legal stream.