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  1. Typically folks come here to check into real recruiting news. Nothing wrong with a silly pun or two, but that's more for the Trough.
  2. Fernandez?? is your point with this stuff? It's a bad loss, move on
  3. Take me Cow...?
  4. I was just googling this the other day...hope he lands on his feet soon.
  5. Stupid NC State... they screw everything up. Any Carolinian can tell you that!
  6. Well that was quick.
  7. Who hasn't stuffed a baby in their shorts? Good clean fun.
  8. This random tweet was too good to not share...
  9. I was wondering the exact same thing...
  10. I'd say the A- is fair, given the situation. Really interested to see what this staff can do with a full year of recruiting.
  11. Meh, cry me a river. Like you wouldn't have been interested in traveling to Rome to rep USF. Glad our Athletic Department isn't as selfish.
  12. Well, he has 29 offers including a handful from maybe they know something more than your three-second observation on height and stars.