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  1. Not sure if this is one of your pointed or pointless posts...? My take is Kingston is a good coach who has made some poor coaching decisions is this tournament. Did I offend?
  2. Looks like a fan got tossed...anyone there have an ID?
  3. Good coaches can make bad decisions.
  4. Maybe someone will blame the ump again and help him out.
  5. That article is garbage.
  6. Bush league post blaming the ump. This game was ours to win.
  7. Tip my cap to them and then slap our coaches with it.
  8. I've never seen such poor managing...just inexcusable.
  9. That's on the coaching staff. Just stupid.
  10. Stubbornness...needed a fresh arm to start this inning. This ones on Kingston.
  11. Hook! 56 pitches...
  12. So....why??
  13. Another 5 feet and we'd be up by four!...