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  1. I'm impressed...that's an elite recruiting move there.
  2. We could really use him...
  3. Crazy. Not a great look out of the box for xCWT. But a decent recruiting class and all of this will blow right over.
  4. This can't be possible, because I was assured by @DataBull that our odds were ten million to one, not 300:1.
  5. Pretty wild...gotta think a Bull alum is on CBSSports' staff!
  6. This is why we all need to tap the brakes on 14-0 or even Conference Championship talk. It's almost an entirely new staff with certainly a new offensive philosophy. Defense you'd hope has no where to go but up, but with new schemes and MM/RA gone, if Q loses his groove then we could be in trouble. But it's reasonable to assume CCS is no fool and will adjust to his players...I just don't think that guarantees winning with a nearly complete coaching turnover.
  7. Sets OV to USF, commits to TCU. Sounds like a full and rewarding day.
  8. Would be a HUGE get for us.
  9. So...maybe not GaTech after all?...
  10. Better than I'd hoped for...a great accomplishment! Hope it translates to the pre-season rankings in August.
  11. I hoped for one more year watching you in green and gold, but I respect the decision. Best wishes to you and thank you for everything you did here to get our program back on track! Hope you have a long and healthy pro career. Go Bulls!
  12. Did you miss MVS, or did I miss he's gone? If he's back he could have a special year imo
  13. Glad to see us get this win...nail biter in the first half.
  14. Didn't know that, thx