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  1. I did my part. Let's win this ******.
  2. Another interesting stat on that site is the expenses per participant (that's is, how much we're spending per student-athlete). Women's basketball tops the list at $62,628 and men's basketball isn't far behind at $61,337. Third is football at $26,384 and men's tennis rounds out fourth at $22,427. All the rest are below $20K/per, with baseball the real stingy success story at $10,456.
  3. We're the only non-BYU G5 team in there...Mississippi State as a "Cinderella" team? Come on.
  4. True; I hit up Ale House when I was down for the UCF beating in November and everything about it was good. If it was there when I was a student I would be even more in debt than I am now. Anything competing with it will be hard pressed to succeed imo.
  5. The FSU blowout probably didn't help us any, although even that is grasping at straws as to why this team isn't easily ranked.
  6. Well, that wasn't unexpected.
  7. I look at this and think of all the drunk UCFers throwing up in there. It'll be sewage by pregame.
  8. WOW...that's tragic irony in a nutshell. Dr. Hoffman, how did George O'Leary get away with it?
  9. Looks like some great potential in his film. And his size would be a real asset behind center. He'll definitely get more interest and other offers; but hope he remembers Coach Strong was on him first.
  10. Happy to see this...I've been doing PlayStation Vue for a while now, which is very similar to this. I wouldn't even consider going back to cable or satellite. Best part about Vue? contracts, no "promo rates", no price jumps. After March Madness I could let it go until football season with no penalty, and use my cost savings to stock up enough beer for football season!