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  1. The game has been hard to watch. I feel for the announcers
  2. Q has also had 2 dropped snaps and a taunting penalty. We go as he goes.
  3. Lack of throwing by the QB tonight as well!
  4. Temple wants to be beaten badly...we just won't do it!
  5. They did drop some...he also missed badly a couple of times and they bailed him out
  6. Playcalling

    Agree With this. For every drop tonight I saw a Wr make a good play either attacking the ball or making an adjustment. It takes everyone making plays from time to time. Thought Q missed a couple shots that he normally makes which happens. McCants need the ball more and DJ is our best WR.
  7. Played better in second half. Defense still impressive. Just think what a complete game by both sides would look like.
  8. Him and Stanley C. Have dine well with their opportunities tonight.