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  1. Nah. You want respect you cant let things like this happen.
  2. Not looking good. Maybe the selection committee didnt disrespect.
  3. It should be a good competition. If u were unimpressed by Keans passing you must have wanted to bench Flowers 😁
  4. TE Kano Dillon Leaving USF

    Did he drop one...maybe but repeative and lots are not words I would use to describe the situation
  5. TE Kano Dillon Leaving USF

    I know I saw TE seam routes that even 6'5" x 2 couldnt catch
  6. Bruce Pearl

    We've had our share of investigations and still suck
  7. Quinton Flowers

    Just think what would have happen if Gilbert didnt hold him back in that game. We would be national champs. Q deserves all the recognition he gets.
  8. Gilbert Rumors

    There's no certainty that Q would've hit him out if the backfield! I kid...I kid. I just wish people would stop pointing fingers. The reality is the scheme was good enough to win every game on our schedule. I also wish players wouldnt come out and say this. If Gilbert spoke his mind he might have something to say as well. Hey look theres a streaking TE that no one can hit. Go Bulls!
  9. QB next year - who's your guy.

    Kean will be the starter.....I think. If he isnt he might as well transfer. It seems like we have some depth at the position now.
  10. Mack Attack.

    Gore still producing well...
  11. Q Invited to NFL Combine

    Tom Brady and Bill B could find a way to get him the ball I am sure.
  12. Texas vs. Mizzou

    Texas stomped them. Why would we all root for Mizzou? CCS hate? Id rather see a non SEC win myself. Hookem....bulls
  13. I should have worded my reponse different. I didnt intentionally mean to make it directed at you only. I meant the board as a whole.