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  1. Classic USF choke job? They need to wake up.
  2. Good luck Mack. Hopefully the 14 RBs taken ahead of u gives you some motivation.
  3. Seriously, how many RBs are off the board?
  4. I did the same thing and I never watch the draft!
  5. Rueben G. was there still in USF gear cheering them on. Seems like a good guy til the very end.
  6. Especially Shaun King
  7. I have to say this new coach better have a sense of humor.
  8. They are Heath recruits. Head coaches hAve a say in hiring assistants...carry a majority of the blame so they should be given some credit. We were in a much better spot back then.
  9. Look at the success of heath recruits on other teams...
  10. Kean had 2 interceptions today
  11. We had no one after BJ. Kean is capable....Run Q Run!
  12. Does he get the 53k bonus for being at the superbowl?
  13. He really did turn into a nice player. Good to see.
  14. 3 pts of offense in second half of regulation. Heck of a Defensive stand to end it..... Seriously though I'm glad we got the Win. We need lots of work in our secondary. Go Bulls!