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  1. Especially Shaun King
  2. I have to say this new coach better have a sense of humor.
  3. They are Heath recruits. Head coaches hAve a say in hiring assistants...carry a majority of the blame so they should be given some credit. We were in a much better spot back then.
  4. Look at the success of heath recruits on other teams...
  5. Kean had 2 interceptions today
  6. We had no one after BJ. Kean is capable....Run Q Run!
  7. Does he get the 53k bonus for being at the superbowl?
  8. He really did turn into a nice player. Good to see.
  9. 3 pts of offense in second half of regulation. Heck of a Defensive stand to end it..... Seriously though I'm glad we got the Win. We need lots of work in our secondary. Go Bulls!
  10. Like I said, not defending the Defense at all. the offense didn't play worth a flip in the second half. Look at the stats. we had chances on both sides of the ball and wouldn't put South Carolina away. "how scary would our offense be if the D was average" Nothing would change.....
  11. Dude. The defense produced how many turnovers today? not defending the D at all. The Defense scored as many points off of turnovers as our scary good offense.
  12. Agreed but the D has produced 4 turnovers. I know of two that we went 3 and out.
  13. Wow...why to really make a statement. Do gets a takeaway and we do that
  14. Our offense has sputtered believe it or not given the 39pts. we've had the chance to put the dagger and didnt..