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  1. QB next year - who's your guy.

    Kean will be the starter.....I think. If he isnt he might as well transfer. It seems like we have some depth at the position now.
  2. Mack Attack.

    Gore still producing well...
  3. Q Invited to NFL Combine

    Tom Brady and Bill B could find a way to get him the ball I am sure.
  4. Texas vs. Mizzou

    Texas stomped them. Why would we all root for Mizzou? CCS hate? Id rather see a non SEC win myself. Hookem....bulls
  5. I should have worded my reponse different. I didnt intentionally mean to make it directed at you only. I meant the board as a whole.
  6. I love Q but if you look at the games without hate for Gilbert and lust for Q you will see that a consistent QB is all that is needed for this offense to be explosive. Prime example is the 1st and second halves of the bowl game.
  7. Try some new big green egg recipes
  8. The offense is fine when your QB can hit a wide open wr with consistency. Just look at the difference in the two halfs of the game. It really is that simple.

    During a picking game yesterday called the bear...the bot....the baby on espn. All 3 picked TT!
  10. McCants Thread for next year

    1st half....4 for 14 2nd half 13 for 20 2nd half offense moves the ball and scores points. Yea lets blame the coach.
  11. 561 yds of offense and 38 pts. Screw Gilbert and the horse he rode in on.