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  1. CCS hates it here

    Yup....the buyout are a negotiated number.
  2. CCS hates it here

    It's not our coaches fault we are unranked at 9-1. Throw some shade on the AD that set up this shitshow for a schedule. All this CCS hate is awful. Enjoy the season. We have limited time left with a special group of young men.
  3. 9-1

    I was one that didn't think there would be that big of a drop. Still not sure what to think.
  4. 9-1

    What do you adjust for Mack and Adams? Two NFL talents?
  5. Flowers passing

    I wonder how many completions were Rodney sweeping in front of him last year and it was a 6 ft pass. That definitely helped the ole percentage.
  6. Tulsa Post Game Presser

    I'm chuckling when I type this. It was one they executed.
  7. Flowers passing

    Did it look like last night when he felt pressure he stepped into the pressure instead of scrambling outside?
  8. Tulsa Post Game Presser

    Not trying to be negative. They called 2 throws to the TE last night. One was 7 pts and the other likely a big gain. He missed them terribly. The first half offense had alot more creativity to it. Balls to the RB out of the backfield...jet sweeps...wr screens...long td run up the middle. The reality is most don't like the offense. They put up plenty of pts in the first half. The second half had 5 completions I think out of 15-17 attempts? Execution played a big part. It's not as flashy but I'm hoping one if the kids next yr can sling it. We might get to see this offense. Q will lay it all on the line next week for his team and school. I doubt we see him slide!
  9. Worst Feeling 9 and 1 Ever?

    Maybe we are like Miami...play just good enough and then drop the hammer
  10. Tulsa Post Game Presser

    We executed 2 great plays to Wilcox last night!
  11. Bright side?

    I thought the D showed alot of fight in the second half.
  12. Auggie

    All great comments. He will be missed. That pic says alot.
  13. Stop talking like that. Are you on the koolaid too
  14. If seniors can't get hyped for their last game I'm not sure UCF will do it either. I hope we win next week even if it's ugly and by 1 pt. FYI. I didn't drink tonight. Thought if I started it might get bad. Looked like a good decision on my part.