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  1. Seems our stats went down in the 3rd. Andrew sent this link to use. http://www.statbroadcast.com/events/statmonitr.php?gid=sfla
  2. Live stats are down again. I talked to Andrew Goodrich at last night's game. He disappeared, apparently to talk to the person responsible for the web site. When he returned, the stats were up, but only if you clicked on the Live Stats link in the schedule. This evening the link on the home page still does not work, and there was no Live Stats link in the schedule for this game, as of this posting. I fired off an email to Andrew, as he requested I do. Apparently they are in the process of changing web design providers. We may have to live with this until that happens. Can't come soon enough for me.
  3. Live stats are up. At least from the schedule. Main page link was still not working, but they are working on it.
  4. Cincinnati beat Louisville this evening, but Missouri is up on Arkansas - Little Rock 8-4 in the top of the 5th, the game in Columbia.
  5. I recently saw an interview with Steve Alford, current UCLA Head Coach and a member of the 1987 championship team. He reveres Knight. BTW, Bobby Knight only had 3 NCAA titles, 76, 81, and 87, Branch McCracken coached Indiana to their other 2 titles in 1940 and 1953.
  6. If Knight is so irrelevant, why the long winded piece to make the point? Don't get me wrong, I would never want Bobby here, but writer's like Norlander make me chuckle. His cry for Knight's ban from relevancy just renewed his relevance. Back to the coaching search....
  7. We can only make the Friday night games, so the 10 game flex packs are good for us. $30 for 10 games. Still a great deal.
  8. I believe you are referring to his brother, Luke. Levi only played in 16 games last year and only had 10 RBIs.
  9. Anybody catch the traffic message board directing people to the UFS vs Memphis game? It was at Bull Run and Alumni. I wish I had my phone out to get a picture of it, but I was driving.
  10. The Herd of Thunder Marching Band meets the Thundering Herd Marching Band in Rome.
  11. HOT comes on the scene at about the 4:25 mark.
  12. They showed some fatigue, this afternoon. In the 4th, shots came up short from the floor and free throw line and passes became lazy. However, they found a way to hang on.