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  1. Given the references to Ronde Barber's love of golf, taken from the CBS interview, I wonder if he will be at Charlie's golfing event at TPC?
  2. The hosts of the CBS interview directed it to be about Charlie Strong and his departure at Texas. I thought Coach did a great job of expounding upon USF when he was given the chance to. Ron and JP did great interview with him.
  3. I am a concerted effort of 1. BTW, I know it's old school and childish, but it's the best I can do with 140 characters.
  4. USF is winning, now. They have the potential of going undefeated this upcoming season. That's hard to do, regardless of your OOC schedule and conference affiliation. They went out an hired a well known commodity in Charlie Strong. This could be an amazing season. There is no drama to manufacture. Everything is there. This is Tampa Bay's university and Tampa Bay's television media refuses to cover it. Professional teams get all the free advertising they need. It's maddening to me.
  5. I don't know if anybody else noticed or not, but there was not a single local station mic showing at Charlie Strongs post spring game interview. Not one. A lot of phone and recorders, and a single USF mic there. There is nothing on the websites of channels 8.10,13, or 28 about the game, either. In contrast, check out Fox 19 in Cincinnati... http://www.fox19.com/clip/13251794/extended-coverage-of-uc-spring-game-at-nippert?clienttype=generic
  6. She hasn't announce a destination, but she'd be a nice get if CJF could land her. It'll probably be Kentucky or Tennessee, though. She's from Elizabethtown. Erin Boley, a member of the American Family Insurance ALL-USA Girls Basketball First Team in 2016, will transfer from Notre Dame, Boley’s former AAU coach confirmed to Gannett partner The (Louisville) Courier-Journal on Monday. Boley has not yet announced where she will transfer to, but Kentucky Premier coach David Tapley said Monday that Boley’s options are “wide open.” Boley, a five-star recruit and the Gatorade National Player of the Year, had offers from schools including Louisville, Kentucky and Tennessee coming out of Elizabethtown (Ky.) High School. Louisville was a finalist alongside Notre Dame in Boley’s recruitment, but Atlantic Coast Conference transfer rules state that Boley would have to sit out a season and lose a season of eligibility if transferring within the conference. Louisville coach Jeff Walz told the Courier-Journal on Monday that the university has not been contacted by Notre Dame regarding Boley’s release. A Notre Dame athletics department spokesman confirmed Boley’s transfer but said he did not know details of her release. Boley, a 6-foot-2 forward, averaged 6.5 points and 2.8 rebounds as a freshman for the Fighting Irish. She started 10 games, including Notre Dame’s NCAA Tournament matchups against Ohio State and Stanford. http://usatodayhss.com/2017/former-all-usa-star-erin-boley-to-transfer-from-notre-dame-basketball 163SHARES SHARE TWEET
  7. Yes. Before FOX came along, Channel 13 was CBS and Channel 10 was ABC.
  8. For accuracy's sake WFTS is channel 28, WTSP is channel 10, CBS affiliate. Channel 10's website has a college section in sports. They seem to cover the Bulls, at least the bad news, anyway.
  9. The offense wasn't all that and a bag of chips either. They stranded 14 tonight. Hope they got whatever went wrong out of their system. The 6th and 7th innings were terribly uncharacteristic for this team.
  10. What follows is mix of what Coach Gregory said in the interview and during our brief visit afterword. He wants to build and maintain a solid foundation of upperclassmen made up of character players. He then will bring in freshmen that can impact the program immediately, but may need the guidance of older players. He admits it is going to take a while. We have to sell recruits our vision, because we have no success to build on. He said, we want to get old and stay old. He want guys with a chip on their shoulder, ready to take a program like this and make it something better, give them owner ship of what they are building, something of their own.I said, "What you want sounds more like Tom Izzo and less like John Calipari." He said, "I've learned so much about basketball and life from Tom Izzo. I think I can bring that culture to this university. I want to bring that culture here."He said, "There is absolutely nothing wrong with how John Calipari runs his program. It works for him." Then he asked, "But what helps make his best teams come together?" I said, "Josh Harrellson, Darius Miller, and this season Dominique Hawkins."He said, "Exactly and that is the type of the foundation we want to build here. Guys committed to USF and committed to making USF better. When we achieve that, we can build something special here." I want to watch the process. The building is the fun part for me.
  11. The crowd was about the size of a normal radio show, maybe a little larger.
  12. I was a the bar, a bad angle. The Sun going down contributed to the green hue to the set.
  13. Good interview with Strong and Gregory by Jim Louk. I like Gregory's vision. If he can do what he has planned, USF will be in good shape for a while. I'm interested in watching them rebuild, now. He got at least one renewal this evening.
  14. See how a UConn loss brings the Bulls together? It's a beautiful thing.
  15. Whitley County High School Class of 76. I was raised on a farm about 10 miles south of Corbin. I love bourbon and have since I was a green horn, and I've been to a few stills, but I've never been to a bourbon distillery, oddly enough.