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  1. Worst Thing about the Game?

    What's the deal with Flowers sliding when he breaks into the secondary?
  2. BULLSRALLY 2017

    That was me. Same pictures that are in the gallery here. Yes, it was a fantastic turn out.
  3. BULLSRALLY 2017

    The pictures are up in the gallery. http://www.thebullspen.com/gallery/category/35-11th-annual-bullsrally-at-capognas/
  4. BULLSRALLY 2017

    I'm sorry guys, but that stream blows. I should have used my phone as the broadcast hot spot, like I did last year, instead of Capogna's wifi. I was getting frame loses all over the place. I apologize to those watching. Nothing against Capogna's wifi, but everybody jumped on their phones when Coach started talking and I lost my bandwidth. My bad. It will be better next year.
  5. BULLSRALLY 2017

    When Coach had Mutt turn off the mic, I went, "OH CRAP!!!". It took me a few minutes to get another mic on line, while trying to hold the camera. Coach Strong shouting his speech to the crowd there worked OK, for those there, but not so much for those watching the stream. I hope y'all watching didn't miss much, when CCS was doing his best mime impression for a few minutes If anybody should want a copy of the highlight video that was looping at Capogna's, PM me. Brad, I have a ton of pics. I'll try and get them up on the site tomorrow night. However, right now, I'm beat and am off to bed. I want to thank Bulls Nation. What a nice turn out given the short notice. It was great!!!
  6. Went By Campus Today

    I haven't found anything USF in the Costco at Citrus Park. I was hoping for a cooler.
  7. BULLSRALLY 2017

    Those of you unable to attend and wishing to partake in the event, view it on .... USF Bulls Rally YouTube Channel Starting at 2 PM.
  8. Bull Backers

  9. Bulls Backers Help Needed or others

    While many of the Bull Backers still use that lot, it is not an "Official" Bull Backers lot anymore, at least not in the sense that it was. I have sent an email to the owner of the lot. If he has no objections, I will forward you his email address.
  10. BULLSRALLY 2017

    We'll figure something out. We have a backup plan in place, this year. The last 2 years have been ... different, but a good time was still had by all. Hey, it's worth the trip just to see what I screw up this time.
  11. BULLSRALLY 2017

    I should have 8 in my party, maybe 10. I'm trying to round up as many as I can.
  12. BULLSRALLY 2017

    As was done last year, we are going to stream the event live on YouTube, for those of you outside the area, but please try to make it. Looks better on the feed. I might try Facebook this year. Have to experiment. I had 2 cameras last year and want to try and add a couple more if possible.
  13. 2017 Tulane game

    So I CAN use Claudia's scooter. She can be a float.
  14. Jimmy Herget

    Jimmy was promoted to AAA Louisville in mid-June. He's been a save machine at each previous stop.
  15. The New GoUSFBulls.com

    Yeah. Brain fart. I fixed it.