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  1. Linebacker Shortage

    There is no one else to develop unless you are talking about Walk-ons. We only have 6-8 LBs and I would say Brown is probably to heavy to play LB right now.
  2. Welcome Turd Ferguson

    Feeling like the old tbt forum now
  3. Indoor practice facility?

    I have to imagine if the Bucs can use our Sundome that we could use their indoor practice facility a time or two.
  4. Kingston interviewing in SC

    Hey its not a bad thing to best destination for the G5. We still get good coaches who want to come here.
  5. Indoor practice facility?

    http://www.tampabay.com/sports/football/bucs/next-up-in-bucs-renovations-a-20-million-indoor-facility/2328500 Will there be a joint use for indoor practice facility?
  6. Future OOC Football Schedule

    Um that Auburn team beat the future champions Florida that year.
  7. OU's New Head Coach...

    Sounds plausible. It gives Riley a one year trial then. Hope he has a good year.
  8. OU's New Head Coach...

    To me the timing is off. If there was a plan to hand off why was it not done after signing day? Something is fishy.
  9. DJ

    DJ is not that fast. I think 1200 yards would be great for him. He is a true dual threat. So I see him with a little over 1000 yards rushing and 30-40 catches with 500 yds receiving.
  10. Did all 2017 football signess make it to schoo?

    What a day I picked for a typo.
  11. Hasnt summer classes started? Do we know if all 2017 Football signess made it to campus?
  12. USF MB NCAA Sanctions

    Do we have an open scholarship right now or do we have to let someone go?
  13. May be our worst criminal athlete ever.
  14. Another Name added to the List of Infamy

    Did also call the "non pass interference" the end of the game?