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  1. Do we have an open scholarship right now or do we have to let someone go?
  2. May be our worst criminal athlete ever.
  3. Did also call the "non pass interference" the end of the game?
  4. Well then kudos to Gregory for hiring the men who he knew were connected to the recruiting world.
  5. Just amazed at how connected Coach Gregory is to have all these kids that want to come play for him in what was a dumpster fire.
  6. Time to hang up the dream and get a job. This is life.
  7. People make choices. Geez! I would not put this on Willie either.
  8. Does he ever smile?
  9. Football

    When a player gets dimissed do NCAA transfer rules still apply?
  10. Stanley is a DT now so no LB for him. V Jackson more likely to slide back with josh black and jimmy bayes
  11. Dont forget QF pulled up gimpy after a long run in the Temple game is it played a major factor in the outcome of that game.
  12. I feel better now. Thank you.