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  1. Football

    When a player gets dimissed do NCAA transfer rules still apply?
  2. Stanley is a DT now so no LB for him. V Jackson more likely to slide back with josh black and jimmy bayes
  3. Dont forget QF pulled up gimpy after a long run in the Temple game is it played a major factor in the outcome of that game.
  4. I feel better now. Thank you.
  5. Have we forgotten 2007?
  6. We need a reverse signing page to see who we have left.
  7. It's going to be Strong. Case closed.
  8. It's called the "federal government "
  9. I thought Skippy was a program killer but Coach Antigua takes the freaking HAll of FAme.
  10. Antigua sucked on the floor sucked in the classroom and he cheated to get players and he still sucked. You can't be more sucky than that.
  11. THe ACC is the toughest conference in Mens basketball. The AAC is not the ACC. I think coach Gregory could do well here. I would love to be like Dayton right now. 20 win seasons on the regular. Yes please.
  12. Listen if Lebrons coach comes and he gets his endorsement then the players will come. I am all for it. Recruiting plus a decent X and Os guys. I am in
  13. We may not even have enough to field a team. May have half a team of walk ons.