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  1. 🐍 Snake to Bucs

    Ha. I was thinking you were bringing up Jake Plummer to the Bucs.
  2. USF new requirements

    There is probably more grade inflation over the years thus requiring USF to raise the standard.
  3. USF new requirements

    Didnt the SAT scoring format change though? https://www.cnn.com/2014/03/05/living/sat-test-changes-schools/index.html It looks like they are going back to the old scale.
  4. USF new requirements

    I don’t remember it being that much easier in 2002 for incoming freshmen. I was an in state transfer from jr college so it was easy for me.
  5. USF Football Twitter Account

    This might be the real "signing day suprise" Joey was talking about
  6. Craig Watts is back

    https://www.thedailystampede.com/2018/2/6/16978642/usf-football-db-craig-watts-will-remain-with-program-transfer-charlie-strong-aac-recruiting-nsd Finally some good news.
  7. TE Kano Dillon Leaving USF

    Oh no we suck again. You are right. Unless Lloyd turns into some beast we are short. Munera could no block a fly. Everytime he was in a package he got blown up.
  8. TE Kano Dillon Leaving USF

    I take you did not watch all the games this season? Q targeted him repeatedly in the end zone with lots of drops
  9. TE Kano Dillon Leaving USF

    Loved his speed but his hands were bricks
  10. Continuity takes time in basketball. These guys do not really have chemistry together. We do have bright spots with Collins and Brown.
  11. Forever a Bull

    I will take 18,000 over my six followers on twitter any day.
  12. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    In better news Alabama needs an offensive coordinator. #wetoo #halfbackdive #comegetSterlin
  13. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    I will call all of our games rivalry games because we hated each other and that is all you need. I was there for the 64-12 drubbing and the fans were beyond oboxious in the first quarter to crying in the third quarter. Its always about bragging rights. Dont need anything else to play them for. The two games prior were barn burners with greate crowds. Its a good thing to have as much as I hate them.
  14. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    So it was a "Civil Conflict?"