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  1. How about Armstead 11 carries 3 yards 😂
  2. Why are they forcing DJ?

    Put Keene in.
  3. Gameball special teams and defense?
  4. I am telling u flowers is not himself tonight no smiles hope everything is ok
  5. That defense though ....

    They moved the ball against Notre Dame just made mistakes
  6. Why is feaking barr in the game such a liability gets muscled every time
  7. Temple will be a test for us

    Just watched the whole Notre Dame game. They were not terrible. QB is limited on the throws he is allowed to make. They will try to play a ball control game. The difference has to be in our offense where the Temple defense has taken a step back and we need to exploit their secondary.
  8. Tice vs DJ

    I dont know if DJ is faster. He definitely does not look faster than Tice.
  9. Temple will be a test for us

    Yeah that chart is wrong because apparently the secondary is their worst unit.
  10. Special Teams

    Didnt Leavitt coach special teams as well?
  11. Our playbook has one play. "Get ball to DJ"
  12. Observations from first three games

    I think 95% of our sets were 4 wide 1 Rb. I think Sterling has found a happy medium between Gulf Coast and the Veer and shoot.