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  1. USF's ONLY path to the playoffs

    I think we need two AAC opponents to be in the top 25 when we play them or later in the season. One can be the AAC championship game. I would expect Houston and Memphis to have the best shot at accomplishing that, and it would be better on appearances that we don't get a Houston or Tulsa rematch in the championship, so I'll root for Memphis during the regular season. Of course, the Bulls will need to focus on wining the division first, and let the things we can't control run their course. In our own division, I'll draw the line on who I root for, because the same logic may lead me to a real quandary. So I'll just enjoy the ride. As a fan, it is fun to know what to root for, however remote a possibility it may be, the possibility is there.
  2. RB Sutton

    It must be for a reason. From my vantage point, I certainly wouldn't know if he was ahead or behind Mack or Sands. So instead of being disconcerting, I would be encouraged someone has stepped up.
  3. 1) USF Bulls 2) 44-24 3) Flowers 4) MVS 5) 444
  4. Any Buzz on Campus?

    It's comforting to know some things will never change. It was that way in 1974 when I moved onto Beta 3 east. Good times!
  5. AAC Championship Game

    I'd make it an AND, not an OR and it will happen.
  6. Football Season Prediction

    13-0 with the biggest scares coming in the Houston and Memphis games. Nothing else is close.
  7. Say Something Positive About The Upcoming Season

    The table is set, baby!
  8. Horn sign \m/ article on ESPN

    To each his own. I've heard both and always think of Under Pressure.
  9. 59 days until kickoff, best Bull to wear #59

    remember it well... just this view is from the opposite side that I was on that night.
  10. Caption this...

    Pass the torch
  11. Dreamland Wed 12:15

    We are planning to stop there tomorrow night after the game.
  12. Yes, that was the place, the Performing Arts Center on Nebraska, all right. Like no other! I saw the Outlaws, Elders, and was there most weekends too, usually monopolized one of the pinball machines there in the back when it was slow. No I don't remember the Men's Garden Club. the other place I liked was the Whipping Post, which I think was near PAC back then.