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  1. Say Something Positive About The Upcoming Season

    The table is set, baby!
  2. Horn sign \m/ article on ESPN

    To each his own. I've heard both and always think of Under Pressure.
  3. 59 days until kickoff, best Bull to wear #59

    remember it well... just this view is from the opposite side that I was on that night.
  4. Caption this...

    Pass the torch
  5. Dreamland Wed 12:15

    We are planning to stop there tomorrow night after the game.
  6. Yes, that was the place, the Performing Arts Center on Nebraska, all right. Like no other! I saw the Outlaws, Elders, and was there most weekends too, usually monopolized one of the pinball machines there in the back when it was slow. No I don't remember the Men's Garden Club. the other place I liked was the Whipping Post, which I think was near PAC back then.
  7. Lets see those Birmingham Bowl Tickets

    The coupon seems funny, but the Dreamland @ UAB is really good.
  8. Lets see those Birmingham Bowl Tickets

    We have our 3 seats in section 8, row 18, with a good view of the 10 yard line, which must be the USF section. Go Bulls!
  9. One thing I kind of miss about the WV games was the entertainment value of that fan base they would bring in here.
  10. WBB Polls

    Slots-O-Fun, agree with that, now that's real Vegas!
  11. and Outlaws - Tampa, It was great seeing them play around North Tampa as a USF student. And then seeing their success grow with time. Funny I always thought another band I thought was better from those years that drifted off into obscurity, the Elders. They were great but I doubt many remember them now. And I thought UGa appropriated the Lobo song (Me and You and Dawg named Belue) back when Buck Belue was quarterbacking there. Good song though. I'll take it over Zombie Nation any day.
  12. USF Bulls 70-0 in the most memorable fashion ever Mack MVS 612
  13. Quinton Flowers

    Q is Fun, Fun, Fun. So much fun, I can overlook the sloppy D.
  14. 1) USF Bulls 2) 49-27 3) Q. Flowers 4) D. Johnson 5) 501
  15. Going for the last second touchdown

    The job of the offense this year is to KEEP YOUR FOOT ON THE GAS. Why? ... because you can.