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  1. Pre-Football Bulls: What was it like for you?

    I go back further than most. We weren't the Bulls yet. Our team was the USF Golden Brahmans and basketball was the sport of interest. There were two fan/social clubs that were regular supporters at all the games. The Big Green Scream Machine for those that lived in the dorms and the Commuter Rooters for commuters, of course. Needless to say, there were many more on the latter squad. As for football, it was about the pros. We had the Dolphins, and eventually the Buccaneers too. I was and still am a Dolphin fan.
  2. None Shall Pass!

    I saw it there too, but would have called it the Lang Lit Auditorium. I remember when the name of that building changed to Arts and Letters how it took some getting used to.
  3. 38K would have filled 95% of the proposed OCS

    FAU has grass and did not cut corners on theirs. And has sfternoon shade in some sections. If ours was a larger version of that, say 50K,, I would be more than happy. Be patient and enjoy RayJ, is what I say.
  4. Quiz: USF vs ECU

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 90 seconds  
  5. 10 years ago today

    Best, most exciting, thrilling few hours ever spent at any sporting event and it was watching my beloved Bulls. And I'm still hopeful it can be repeated or even approached by some matchup in the future.
  6. 30+ PPG Streak

    Where is TJ Weist these days and does he have an active streak too?
  7. USF's ONLY path to the playoffs

    I think we need two AAC opponents to be in the top 25 when we play them or later in the season. One can be the AAC championship game. I would expect Houston and Memphis to have the best shot at accomplishing that, and it would be better on appearances that we don't get a Houston or Tulsa rematch in the championship, so I'll root for Memphis during the regular season. Of course, the Bulls will need to focus on wining the division first, and let the things we can't control run their course. In our own division, I'll draw the line on who I root for, because the same logic may lead me to a real quandary. So I'll just enjoy the ride. As a fan, it is fun to know what to root for, however remote a possibility it may be, the possibility is there.
  8. RB Sutton

    It must be for a reason. From my vantage point, I certainly wouldn't know if he was ahead or behind Mack or Sands. So instead of being disconcerting, I would be encouraged someone has stepped up.