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  1. MNF spotlight on Eric Lee coming up

    Good story, have to admit I haven't followed his career at all and had no idea he was a Bull until they said so in the segment. Pretty funny the cameras caught Brady saying "who is 55" after his first sack.
  2. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    Mizzu dropped 70 vs a 1aa, 68 vs Idaho, and 45's versus 3 schools that fired their coaches and Vandy. They scored 3 points versus Purdue! at home!
  3. This has to be good for the P6 argument...

    I am not sure I follow the argument with the double negative at the end but regardless... Saying UCF sold out their bowl tickets is a good thing for the conference is like saying bowl season matters. That is until the AAC starts dropping games to Arkansas State and goes 2-5.
  4. Would this be the highest drafted Bull in any sport? JPP was what 11-12? Any guy or gal get drafted higher in their sport?
  5. This has to be good for the P6 argument...

    For whom? The only one who this holds in a positive light is UCF and has nothing to do with the AAC or USF.
  6. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    UCF is basically betting the formula that made Frost a success will work two times in a row.
  7. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    That's exactly what usf fans said this year!
  8. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    A P5 Texas coach fired heading to a G5 school in Florida. Where have I heard that story before?
  9. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    Not really. They have to ask that question. If he didn't want it to play out that way he could have either told NU to wait until the game was over or come clean right when he signed the dotted line.
  10. Coaching Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

    Crazy this gets leaked in OT of the championship game.
  11. A bit of a sad day...,

    Most of them are probably switching to Blue and Orange as we speak.
  12. ESPN to lay off 150 people

    Considering ESPN is operated by The Walt Disney Co I dont see that happening. If anything this is no bueno for P6 as the money is not flowing freely anymore. This article covers what their plans our for turning it around in the coming seasons. Parent company Disney is gearing up to take a new approach to sports by launching an ESPN streaming service in 2018. Disney is also working on launching a separate TV and movie streaming service to compete with Netflix (NFLX) the following year. Disney will be pulling its content from Netflix's platform in 2019, and CEO Bob Iger recently said that Disney's new subscription service will be priced "substantially below Netflix." The company has given no indication of potential pricing for the ESPN service, but the Disney generates an estimated value of $7.50 per month per current ESPN subscriber. Given Iger's recent comments, it's likely Disney will aim for a relatively low initial price point for its ESPN streaming service as it focuses on building its subscriber base rather than maximizing profitability.
  13. Optimism for next football season

    Our offense next year will be much better suited to the play calling Strong and Co are looking for Two of our toughest three games are at home (Ga Tech, UCF) Should be a pretty clear path to 4th straight bowl season
  14. This guy gets it. The only team USF should be rooting for this weekend is TCU. If they knock of OU and B12 gets shut out this may be the spark, combined with the fantastic tv ratings the Black Friday game put up, to get the Bulls into the P5.
  15. I finally agree with UCF

    Assuming its the same system currently in play, the G5 still has the NY6 slot plus the opportunity for a wild card just like they theoretically have now. Its just instead of 4 wild cards its 3. Or the CFP expands to 8 wildcards with a wink and nod, knowing the p5 champs get an auto bid.