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  1. Gilbert still doesn't get it

    This offense isn't as flashy, efficient, or successful as the offense from last season. But maybe it was the step back we needed as a team? We are like 30th in the nation in TOP, and I think that is a HUGE factor in our defense going from one of the worst in the nation to 12th best. The front 7 isn't gassed every drive. They are going out and competing because they have the energy to do so. I wish the redzone was more efficient but otherwise very little to complain about the offense.
  2. Tony Dungy

    Get bent means to screw off, F-U, etc... As someone else mentioned (and granted its from the perspective of a USF fan), I found it odd that he wanted Taggart to get out of town ASAP but is encouraging Scott Frost to stay and build something "special". It is probably random. Or maybe he doesn't like the program in Tampa over something? Or maybe he wants Frost to stay put because he is white and he is going to promote a black coach for that gig? This is the internet and its fun to speculate. It would be amazing if Frost left and have no bones about rooting for it, just like how Cent Florida fans rooted for Taggart leaving last season. It would create uncertainty for that program and while they may get lucky like us and have an established coach fall into their laps, they may end up with an over-the-hill coach or miss on an up and comer. I set my calendar based on UCF 0-12 seasons.
  3. Tony Dungy

    Why does he want to **** USF so bad? First he publicly endorsed Tagart for another gig, now he is publicly telling Nebraska to get bent over Scott Frost? Did we do something to him in the past I don't know about?
  4. DJ thread for Tulane

    DJ thought driving wasn't challenging enough, so he graced New Orleans with drive thru daiquiri stores.
  5. Chaos theory: CFP scenarios sure to cause nightmares

    Yeah most likely it would be to 8 with the bids annually going to: Alabama auto-bid, P5 champs (or SEC #2 if Bama wins out), Big 16 #2, best ACC/Pac 12 team who dropped a game. Obviously once every 10 years Notre Dame would win 11 games and get a bid, most likely replacing ACC/P12 spot.
  6. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    I think most people have speculated that the break off would be 64 teams but obviously if it is a top 80 or 90 ( 8 / 10 team divisions?) then the top G5 teams would have a seat at the table. That would be best case scenario, I just dont see it happening. Whether it is correct or not, the old money feels like it can survive on its own and would rather split the pie 64 ways, and keep the current bottom feeders based on "tradition".
  7. Race to the 4 spots in the College Playoffs

    People, you are delusional if you think USF, or any G5 team, will get invited to the playoffs this year. The only way it will ever happen, and even in this hypothetical I would be skeptical, is if a team like USF (or UCF or Houston) ran the table 2 seasons in a row, with big regular season wins and winning their NY6 bowl (or two) before. Houston would have been a great litmus test last year before they crapped out.
  8. Caption This

    I think 100% of the time teams should take a shot, the occurrence of a pick 6 or other defensive TD is such a minimal possibility the reward out weighs the risk. That being said if you are going to take a shot you should tell the QB to either throw it into the endzone or run a shorter route and let an athlete make a play. Cinci ran all verticles and then the QB threw a 20 yard pass. By the time the receivers turned to look for the ball Auggie was 50 yards away.
  9. When Flowers Leaves USF . . .

    I wouldn't call a slight misunderstanding of the grad transfer rules the dumbest post ever. **** there were several who thought Lane Kiffin should be hired.
  10. Game is chippy. Its clear they are going to run HB dive in the redzone until it works.
  11. Its a ******* stupid rule. "People" complain about fumbling into the endzone on offense, this rule is 10000000000 times more stupid.
  12. Problem with Troy Holston

    Someone needs to sacrifice a chicken. The bucket of KFC isn't working.
  13. Memphis/UCF

    That kid is freaky fast.
  14. Memphis/UCF

    Not sure what game you are watching. It is a close game between two pretty even teams. I would expect both of these to end up around 9 or 10 wins. Both have moved the ball well and turned it over in the redzone. Other than the silly 2 point try it has been a well-played game. I mean... F UCF!
  15. Memphis/UCF

    Missing their youtube star.