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  1. How Long Until

    Yeah Peterson is the man. Two years ago he said all of this nonsense would happen in Canada and people called him a loon. He can get too reliant on the Bible and is more of a pure Capitalist than I prefer but he brings a reasoned and intelligent discussion to just about every topic.
  2. How Long Until

    I'm sorry where is the scoreboard for what the cheerleaders do at football games? 29 years of football and I must have been missing an integral part of the game.
  3. How Long Until

    The Sun Dolls and USF Cheerleaders are removed from the games?
  4. I have to give you credit. As a deep sleeper cell it took you over 13 years to come out of the closet as a UCF troll but alas the last 3 months have proved it.
  5. XFL

    I was curious how the reception would be in todays PC, CTE culture. I personally thought he was going to go full WWE with it but they are really playing it a different way. While the press conference was woefully uninformative and lame, the branding can absolutely work. The extreme will just focus on the football instead of the gimmicks. I personally hope they tack all of the innovative ideas people have thrown out to make the game better, and create a product that is viable. This would give more opportunity for fringe players to make a buck, push the NFL to do better, and create an entertainment platform in the sports lull between the Super Bowl and the NHL playoffs.
  6. XFL

    Yes. Vince is just financing it not making up the rules. They are planning it for 2 years before they play, not 2 months. There is a very conservative base of people who have fled the NFL for many reasons and he is looking to capitilize on this market. I still think it should be an U25 league and he should go after top prospects from the NCAA.
  7. I hope Q is a first round pick in the XFL pt2
  8. Like most mock draft sites some of his picks are super hit (he had McCaffrey going to the Panthers last season) and some of it are misses (he didnt have Watson taken in the first round). Last year he had Marlon Mack going in the 4th-5th rd in just about every version.
  9. Gotta love CFU

    Stop it.
  10. When usf was in the real p6 they could command 1-1 with the occasional upset special pay day games usf is now in the G5 and should use the opportunity to net $1m plus get quality names on the schedule.
  11. And he is trying to criticize the GOAT. PS I didnt read past the headline so I am hoping I didnt just post strict clickbait.
  12. At What Point

    Schedule shaming is not tolerated in 2018
  13. At What Point

    Does it go from cute to annoying? Even websites like Barstool Sports are starting to call UCF out for their sillyness.
  14. The Kickoff

    Interesting statistical breakdown of kickoffs in the NFL, why they are unsafe and not fun, and an outside the box "fix"
  15. Is UCF

    2015 called....