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  1. Yeah, Manchester United is a publicly traded company and is doing pretty well. Granted, the Glazers went into quite a bit of debt to purchase them if I remember right so their personal finances may be a bit more wishy washy.
  2. 13-0 is prereq #1 for making it. After that the question comes down to, how many multi loss teams could the committee justify putting in over a 13-0 team with a likely Heisman contender and a yuge name coach? WMU finished 15th in the final rankings last year, but really had no hype machine behind it. USF has a game with Houston which will be a highlight opportunity, UCF on the road, and if USF wins the division (assuming 13-0) another game vs. Memphis/Navy/Houston again. Plus factors mentioned above. Considering we are still 2 days away from the Spring Game, I am going to hold on to my delusion that 13-0 + no major team with a record better than say 10-3 gets USF in.
  3. Worth dropping a few hundred for this bet.
  4. Will probably be on the other end of this spectrum next year with no FSU or UCF home game.
  5. Sure go after a missed possessive apostrophe when you realize your point is complete crap. Nobody outside of a school's fan base cares about conference championships, especially when they are minor league titles like the American. Now if that championship is a prerequisite to a NY6 bowl or playoff invitation it will lead to national recognition, maybe even remembrance, but not the actual championship.
  6. How many people remember UCF's CUSA championships? Or Arkansas States from last year?
  7. More and more mocks have USF all time rusher moving up the board. Feb 8 updated from Walterfootball has him in the 4th to the Vikings: Minnesota Vikings: Marlon Mack, RB, South Florida If Week 15's performance was any indication, Adrian Peterson won't be playing much longer, so the Vikings need to think about finding a successor.
  8. Falcons putting on a clinic in collapsing.
  9. I am just happy to see UCF try and move away from ass raping students with "athletic fees" and actually generate revenue through the program. Hopefully USF can follow suit.
  10. I think a lot are anxious to see what Oladunkin can do. Not sure he is the duel threat Flowers.
  11. What did I say that was incorrect? That the odds are unbelievable low for USF to make the playoffs, or the goal should be a conference title and then NYD bowl? Its easy for you to proclaim Houston would have been in but have zero facts to base this on. I know it has become normal to make up alternative versions of history and call them fact, or unquestionable, but despite the politics of 2017 thats not how the world works. Lets play out your make believe history though. Houston would have gone 12-1 with a win over a top 10 program on New Years day, and then had to have run the table in the following season just to be eligible. For your arguments sake lets say they are a lock to get in over Washington (they wouldnt have been, even the SOS favored Washington at the end of the year). What are the odds any program runs the table two seasons in a row, and finishes with an SOS in the top 50 in the second? Is it above 1%?
  12. There is a less than 1% chance USF, or any, non P5 team competes for a title. In the current environment USF's goal is AAC title. If they happen to go undefeated then a NYD bowl will be the reward.
  13. Considering how it looked on Tuesday, Wednesday was a win. The biggest winners from the AAC was UCF for sure. They landed some big talent and if they can find a QB the game just may be competitive starting in 2018.
  14. You are implying that because the budget is big it is OK for individuals to misuse money, as long as it is a small portion of it. Try that with your boss.
  15. Irrelevant conclusion. The taxpayer budget has no influence on the ethical decisions made with that $37k.