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  1. If you are getting Bogo at Publix, it is usually marked up before they take the "half off". For instance if a 2 liter is $1.99 regularly, for BOGO it is usually around $2.05-$2.10 depending on the store. At least this was a regular occurrence at the Lakeside Publix in Winderemere, FL.
  2. Jeff Odom Moving on from TBT to Dallas Stars

    Dallas has In n Out now. Unless he is smoking copious amounts or weed of 400 lbs Whataburger should be a distant second.
  3. Not surprising some of these gifted athletes who didnt have the right mindset as teenagers are finding second lives in combat sports. Kid from Bama made his UFC debut the other night with a resounding KO. These are big, strong, athletic men.
  4. The King Has Spoken

    Saban and the SEC has a lot more influence then you are willing to admit. It starts with talk and then soon the SEC follows the B16 and schedules only P5 teams. Every coach who publicly states stuff like this puts another brick in the wall, and we are on the Mexico side right now my friends.
  5. Dom Dwyer

    As a semi-supporter of Orlando City Soccer it makes me happy to have a Bull on the squad.
  6. Honestly though you know on their forum someone is wondering how the Knights are favored by 21 on the road. :/
  7. Thats San DIEGO. We are Playing San JOSE.
  8. The King Has Spoken

    It was fun while it lasted... Alabama coach Nick Saban has a theory for the College Football Playoff that he thinks is "so far out" that nobody will listen to him. "We should play all teams in the Power 5 conferences," Saban said Wednesday.
  9. Former USF Footballer...

    Thats what I said!
  10. Former USF Footballer...

    Dom Dwyer has netted again for the USMNT! Has a legit chance to represent USA in Russia.
  11. Horn sign \m/ article on ESPN

    I personal say we ditch the bull horn sign, for the bull penis sign, to really commemorate our Brahman bull roots.
  12. Horn sign \m/ article on ESPN

    I cant tell if you are saying you agree with Vanilla Ice and think he won the lawsuit so... Vanilla Ice realized it would be cheaper to buy the publication rights than pay a potential trademark infringement, so he bought the rights to the song.
  13. SJ Green

    I saw part of the game the other day and meant to lookup to see if it was the same SJ Green. Good for him!
  14. Quinton's 2017 numbers

    I agree he needs to have his number called. Maybe I am an optimist but I think there is at least 6 and maybe as many as 10 games on the schedule he doesnt play in the 4th. That alone should knock his #'s down a bit. But I agree 150 is realistic. 10 carries a game over 15 games!
  15. Quinton's 2017 numbers

    Yeah this analysis is somewhat flawed. Buechele was sacked 31 times last year. That is pretty terrible. Without going through every play he was probably closer to 4-4.5 yards per carry. So the real starting QB had somewhere between 60-70 designed runs give or take. Calling Swoops a QB is akin to calling Flowers one in his freshman year. Swoops threw 9 passes last season. He was essentially a short yardage back. I DONT want Flowers on QB dives every 3rd and short. If Flowers is north of 150 carries this year its because the O-line is a complete failure and he is running for his life, or the passing game takes 10 steps back with accuracy and drops.