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  1. I cant tell if you are saying you agree with Vanilla Ice and think he won the lawsuit so... Vanilla Ice realized it would be cheaper to buy the publication rights than pay a potential trademark infringement, so he bought the rights to the song.
  2. I saw part of the game the other day and meant to lookup to see if it was the same SJ Green. Good for him!
  3. I agree he needs to have his number called. Maybe I am an optimist but I think there is at least 6 and maybe as many as 10 games on the schedule he doesnt play in the 4th. That alone should knock his #'s down a bit. But I agree 150 is realistic. 10 carries a game over 15 games!
  4. Yeah this analysis is somewhat flawed. Buechele was sacked 31 times last year. That is pretty terrible. Without going through every play he was probably closer to 4-4.5 yards per carry. So the real starting QB had somewhere between 60-70 designed runs give or take. Calling Swoops a QB is akin to calling Flowers one in his freshman year. Swoops threw 9 passes last season. He was essentially a short yardage back. I DONT want Flowers on QB dives every 3rd and short. If Flowers is north of 150 carries this year its because the O-line is a complete failure and he is running for his life, or the passing game takes 10 steps back with accuracy and drops.
  5. Its humorous that you are like "that didnt happen". Then people post articles about the story and then its "well I cant trust that source" or "find me 15 more before I believe it otherwise I think this is what happened". I get it, like most things you will believe your version of history no matter what facts are presented. There is none, just commenting on the fact you are digging on message board posters while screaming into a keyboard. Every decision is judged on hindsight. Here is one mock that had Jenkins going as high as 15: Its not just my opinion that thought that both on the field and off Jenkins was the right fit.
  6. I can think of 2 reasons why a GM would tell a pick that in all of 30 seconds: A sign of good faith in what could be a contentious negotiation process "Leaking" information as a smoke screen hoping the player boasts about it before hand, or tells his agent who will spread the rumor to increase the stock of his client. I really don't understand why you feel you need to suspend your disbelief over this story. You and pigfacebull make it seem like Jenkins was some Al Bundy retelling his 4 touchdown game. He fell what another 5 picks?
  7. First, I didnt give a **** if the Bucs drafted Jenkins from a fan perspective. Second nothing you said in the second paragraph is any different from what I said about Jenkins/Talib draft status. You just threw a dig in about message board posters, all while arguing against facts about a conversation that happened a decade ago.
  8. This year it was 100% about Cook. Lets be honest here, the GM wasnt talking about a potential 4th rd pick. I find it quite humorous that people here questioned the Jenkins story, several articles were posted, and now its "well it was just an over eager kid hearing what he wanted to hear". Looking back Talib turned out to be the more talented player. At the time it seemed like Jenkins had a lot more of the boxes checked, with the "home town" kid aspect being the icing on the cake.
  9. TV deal. Management of Sun Dome. Here is hoping this was part of the trade off of having his group build a football stadium for USF.
  10. WTF are the Bears doing?
  11. So far the only back I was surprised to see go ahead was the kid from Toledo. I am a little surprised Mixon went as high as he did, but its the Bengals and they obviously think they get extra points for the team with the longest rap sheet.
  12. ESPN got forced into a bidding war with Fox and NBC at the same time people are cutting the chord in record numbers. Viewership is still fantastic for the NFL, but ESPN is paying $15 billion for what amounts to one game a week, the draft, and highlights. I also think this speaks volume to the change in content delivery, nobody wants to see the 4 talking heads yell at each other, they want quick highlight packages and instant results. Also for the popular sports debate:
  13. Yeah, Manchester United is a publicly traded company and is doing pretty well. Granted, the Glazers went into quite a bit of debt to purchase them if I remember right so their personal finances may be a bit more wishy washy.
  14. 13-0 is prereq #1 for making it. After that the question comes down to, how many multi loss teams could the committee justify putting in over a 13-0 team with a likely Heisman contender and a yuge name coach? WMU finished 15th in the final rankings last year, but really had no hype machine behind it. USF has a game with Houston which will be a highlight opportunity, UCF on the road, and if USF wins the division (assuming 13-0) another game vs. Memphis/Navy/Houston again. Plus factors mentioned above. Considering we are still 2 days away from the Spring Game, I am going to hold on to my delusion that 13-0 + no major team with a record better than say 10-3 gets USF in.
  15. Worth dropping a few hundred for this bet.