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  1. It'll be nice for those games later in the season when there are injuries or guys aren't performing. Gives the young guys a chance to play. It could also be useful for early on in the season if you have blow out games. Say we're blowing out San Jose State or whoever we play week could give both Oladukan and Kean time under center in a real game. That's valuable playing time
  2. No one compares to the legend
  3. Doubt he comes here if he wants to be a pocket passer. It is possible though. The Baylor Qb's haven't been super mobile since RG 3 left so maybe our OC can work with it. As someone else said, you can never have too much talent. We are not in the position to say no to guys with talent.
  4. QF's arm strength has never been an issue, it's the accuracy.
  5. His tenure there has been nothing short of a **** show and this doesn't help. He sounds whiny as hell. His strength coach got suspended for a month. His OC gets a DUI. His WR coach is in the car and leaves the school after the incident. I feel like this is just the beginning. If WT doesn't win quick there, he could be out quick.
  6. He's a grown man. His actions have consequences.
  7. About $100k jump
  8. Three DUI's within ten years Four or more DUI's total Both are felonies. Reaves absolutely deserves to be fired. He was just hired. He's representing an entire university and he's supposed to be a role model for the guys on the team. This is the real world. Actions have consequences.
  9. NCAA games feel nowhere near as long as an NFL game does. The length doesn't bother me at all
  10. So he's the FAU version of Woodie?
  11. Correct
  12. Allen's defense forced turnovers which is exactly the kind of defense we need with this offense. Replicate the Oregon teams from a few years ago
  13. Idk but I love those uniforms. Wish we would use them more
  14. So Strong is leaving with 10 year contract at $5 million a year with an automatic extension after year 2?
  15. I would love having Les Miles. If we could have both.... amazing pipe dream.