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  1. Craig Watts

    He was a big get for us a few years ago
  2. You want to watch another RB dive up the middle fail us?
  3. Why is it so hard to get McCants involved? Dude dominates everytime he gets the ball in his hands
  4. And another RB dive that barely makes it
  5. Feeling like the old days where 7 to 8 wins are our ceiling
  6. it hasn't worked 3 out of 4 times. Yes the o-line needs to get it done but Gilbert is still an idiot. It is clearly not working. Stop that play
  7. It really isn't though. Bowl games are always a complete crap shoot
  8. Can they get the mic away from that stupid bell? Good lord
  9. Loving these dives up the middle. Is that a new wrinkle in the offense Gilbert's been saving all year?
  10. What can we expect from Oladokun next year?

    Defense could be bad....losing a lot of seniors.
  11. What can we expect from Oladokun next year?

    Ah I thought you were referring to the legend Ironside
  12. USF switching to Adidas? UA doesn't exactly have a ton of leverage right now. I'd hate to see us leave them. I like UA stuff more than Nike
  13. Week 12 Injury Update

    Is it a high ankle sprain? If so he could be out a few more weeks
  14. we are horrible at finishing games

    They lost two games....