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  1. Week 12 Injury Update

    Is it a high ankle sprain? If so he could be out a few more weeks
  2. we are horrible at finishing games

    They lost two games....
  3. Mack and Adams

    From JK's article.....our coach is an idiot. They stack the box so you continue to run right at them? Of USF's 36 first-down plays Saturday, 23 were runs. The Bulls totaled 22 yards on those runs. The first seven -- all in the opening quarter -- netted minus-2 yards. Afterward, Coach Charlie Strong was asked if his offense is creative enough."They loaded the box, so...whatever they give you, you've got to take," he said. "They loaded the box on us, which prevented us from getting the big long runs. We were able to get the 3 or 4 yards, but we weren't able to just go get the chunk yards."
  4. How did this putz get a job at the Times?

    We lost to the only opponent with a pulse on our schedule...what exactly did you expect? We don't deserve to be ranked
  5. Well we held on ...

    Your rational thoughts are not allowed here! We're 7-0, but we're basically the worst team in the nation. Don't you see that!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Well we held on ...

    We don't play Navy. Only way we would is in the conference championship. If we make it to that game I'd say all of this freaking out is for naught
  7. Promotions and marketing for Houston Game

    I was speaking strictly from a butts in the seat perspective. If you get more people interested in the games by going, you can potentially turn them into fans. Take a loss now, but hope the investment pays off.
  8. Nadelman recognized by AP

    Alvarado was awful. He cost us a lot of games during his years here. His punting was spotty too.
  9. Gilbert still doesn't get it

    Maybe someone can dig Willie's two page playbook out of the trash. I'm sure Flowers has some of the plays from last year written down
  10. Promotions and marketing for Houston Game

    Maybe but take into account fees and parking and concessions....$10 looks a lot better than $15
  11. Legitimate question

    Honestly who cares right now? We're the top 2 G5 teams right now. It'll be an awesome game if everything keeps falling the way it is right now. Both teams could very well be top 10 if....if we both win out. We'll know at the end of the season.
  12. Week 7 Games of Interest

    Bye bye Washington State. Weekend starting out really well for us
  13. AAC Expansion to 16 teams ("what if" edition)

    I thought BYU couldn't join a bigger conference due to their inability to play late games because they can't play on Sundays...or something like that