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  1. USF vs Temple Game Line

    And we barely beat Stoney Brook.....
  2. Report Card: Stony Brook

    I only got to see the first half, but I thought Nichols played really bad. He looked like he didn't care to be out there on most of the plays that came his way.
  3. His offense was pretty good last year I thought. I think the defense was the issue which apparently is still an issue for Texas
  4. We lost some our of best guys. We have a former D-Line player starting
  5. Zone read up the middle just like last week. You haven't missed anything
  6. Playing in slow motion again. Cool
  7. Depth Chart 8/28 Stony Brook

    As I said last week, these basically mean nothing for positions like RB/WR this early on. Sutton had 10 carries to Sands 2. Alaka, McCants, Dukes, and Phillips all had catches and Barr did not ( I know he dropped some). Our offense uses so many guys that the best ones will show up. This is basically another preseason game for us. Everyone is going to get involved. Hopefully there are no injuries.
  8. Bulls Unlimited - new iheartradio channel

    So just to be clear, we can listen to the games on this station and not just pregame etc....?
  9. Depth Chart Released

    Not really worried about week one depth chart. Marlon Mack wasn't the starter in 2014 and we all know how that ended. We know things will change in game and from week 1 to week 2
  10. Hulu to Carry CBS Sports Network

    Hmmm maybe its because you still have Brighthouse and your login stuff hasn't changed. I know i was able to use their wifi hotspots even after I completed dropped them until I got a new phone. Regardless, you need some kind of cable/streaming login in credentials to get watchespn
  11. Hulu to Carry CBS Sports Network

  12. Deatrick Nichols gettin' some love

    He's already been designated as the number one overall pick regardless of who gets the pick
  13. Interesting Rule Proposal

    It'll be nice for those games later in the season when there are injuries or guys aren't performing. Gives the young guys a chance to play. It could also be useful for early on in the season if you have blow out games. Say we're blowing out San Jose State or whoever we play week could give both Oladukan and Kean time under center in a real game. That's valuable playing time
  14. Formerly offered QB Jack Allison leaves Miami, back in play

    No one compares to the legend
  15. Formerly offered QB Jack Allison leaves Miami, back in play

    Doubt he comes here if he wants to be a pocket passer. It is possible though. The Baylor Qb's haven't been super mobile since RG 3 left so maybe our OC can work with it. As someone else said, you can never have too much talent. We are not in the position to say no to guys with talent.