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  1. Innocent until proven guilty. I agree. Don't cut him just yet. But he definitely should be suspended indefinitely. And if he's charged with a crime, get him out of here.
  2. McMurphy fired

    Is he coming for Joey Knight's job?
  3. First report card for new coaching staff...

    You're a pretty generous grader
  4. Harlan to Arizona?

    Harlan just "committed" to USF via Twitter. Guess he turned down that AZ job? Or was never really being considered...
  5. OCS!!!

    We will build an OCS and make UCF pay for it!!!
  6. CWT and the brand

    And what does this have to do with USF? Our coach is Coach Strong. Let's move on.
  7. Marlon Mack should have stayed. Unless he has a stellar combine, He's likely a third rounder at the earliest. Rodney Adams will have some work ahead of him. I hope he gets drafted, but he'll need to post a pretty good 40 time. He'll at least make a roster as a special teams guy.
  8. USF love all over the Mothership networks this morning

    Last year Taggart parlayed his appearance during the coaches broadcast of the NCG to get his name out there. Now he's at Oregon. I'd like some exposure, but I just hope CCS keeps it at USF
  9. USF love all over the Mothership networks this morning

    You can download the podcast version once it comes out. I'll be listening to it later today.
  10. USF love all over the Mothership networks this morning

    Did she now...
  11. USF love all over the Mothership networks this morning

    Could it be we're finally being embraced by the big wigs at ESPN? Hello P5 conference!
  12. Jean-Mary sounds like he may be Haitian-American. If he can help with that pipeline, we'd be pretty set on defense. Wouldn't mind a few more Jason Pierre-Paul's around here.
  13. Antigua Fired

  14. Our first ever 11 win season! We should start next season ranked and Flowers should be on the Heisman watchlist. Pretty exciting times!
  15. SC Bowl Interview and USF Comments

    Yeah... We'll have that before the end of the 1st quarter