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  1. CCS hates it here

    Who cares if he's not happy. He's getting paid millions of dollars to do a job. We're never going to find a coach as committed to us as Leavitt was. If he hates it here so much, just go out and win some games and he'll be picked up by a bigger program (where he can be fired for failing to win a national championship again).
  2. 9-1

    Ironically, this has turned out to be the silver lining in our plain vanilla offense all season. We will be pulling out the entire playbook for UCF and they won't be able to prepare for it. I'm expecting triple options, deep passes, and trick plays.
  3. War on I-4 - 3:30p on ABC . (all eyes on Florida)

    Because it's a noon game on the West Coast, this game will have maximum national coverage. 3:30pm is perfect for exposure. Should get awesome ratings.
  4. Technically it's a read-option. Not a dive.
  5. At this point, I hardly want him. That play calling was so bad, even the commentators noted it was predictable.
  6. There will be some keggers in Orlando tonight
  7. Your autocorrect meant "now," right? We're to the beef o freaking Brady's now
  8. Five guys in the area and not one Bull could knock that pass away
  9. Well, Beef O Brady bowl here we come!
  10. An orangutan could take Gilbert's job. He's trash.
  11. I made my post before the latest TD.
  12. But they have to get a field goal to cover. I think we stop them on this drive. Edit I stand corrected.
  13. We're going to win this game. But I won't be happy about the score.