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  1. Do him Lane Kiffin style. Fire up the buses before he gets out the locker room.
  2. Conservative play call at the wrong time.
  3. Next weeks' games on shaky ground...

    Big game on ESPN after a hurricane hit the area. I'm nervous. We need a big win Friday. Please let Flowers be Flowers!
  4. Lets Just Enjoy This Win

    Also on the bright side, if pollsters are just watching ESPN highlights and didn't see the actual game, our narrow win is being portrayed as "a solid start for new HC Charlie Strong."
  5. Lets Just Enjoy This Win

    Uhh... You're welcome?
  6. Lets Just Enjoy This Win

    I guess it could a lot worse. Just look at FSU. Lost the game and their quarterback.
  7. We may well win this game, but Strong has lost me. Our 3rd string qb should be in this game by now.