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  1. Arizona may be interested in Charlie Strong

    He's not leaving us for Arizona. Besides, he's no spring chicken. A man his age isn't just going to keep moving around the country every couple years.
  2. Felt like that was happening in slow motion! 😄
  3. Should be six DBs on the field at least for this final play
  4. Nightmares of UCF and Houston in this one At least we stopped the return
  5. Willie to FSU is official

    Oregon has an endless supply of cash from Nike. They're at least neck and neck with FSU.
  6. AD Harlan Interviews with Arkansas

    I'm not taking this guy at his word. He can't even tell the difference between USF and UCF.
  7. If it's any consolation, many on r/cfb are dubbing this the game of the year. Flowers is getting accolades, and some even say USF should be ranked. Will be interesting to see the chatter in mainstream media on Monday. We played a great game.
  8. I don't know why people think we're now suddenly in rebuilding mode. We have two great QBs on our roster who'll battle for the starting job next season. Our defense will hopefully improve. I feel confident about our future.
  9. This time it was special teams that killed us. The missed FGs. And the poor kick return coverage.
  10. The missed PI against us, and the the awful PI against our D were killers. Changed the whole dynamic of the game.
  11. Hello Beef O Brady bowl 🤢
  12. Win. But score first!
  13. Shame. He literally could have won the game for us.
  14. Kick the ball in the end zone!!!!!