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  1. Agreed, Dukes did have a big spring, I'm sure he will be in the mix as well.
  2. QB- Flowers/Kean/Oladuken RB- Johnson/Tice/Mack TE- Wilcox, Dillon WR- Valdez Scanting/Salomon WR- McCants/Bronson Slot- Antoine/Barr LT- Mayes/Atterbury LG- Hall/Larkin/Robertson C- Ruff/Galati RG- Wiggs/Bethel RT-Norman/Polk * Transfer WR from Rice might make early impact DE- Love/Brown/Black DT- Senat/Gonzalez DT- Hector/Bronson DE- Livingstone/Jackson/Johnson LB- Sanchez/Thomas LB- Polk/Sawtelle/Bayes CB- Nichols/Hampton CB- Hoggins/Wilkins NB- McGee/Watts SS- Abraham/Ferguson FS- Fullwood/Thomas *Juco Farrar and freshman Naytron Culpepper maybe make early impact.
  3. Bandwagoners

    Multiple games the 200 level was completely empty including fsu and ucf. Not to mention the band now sits in the student section. Agreed the rest of attendance is also an issue.
  4. Bandwagoners

    Really hope that we have at least 30k in the seats for the ESPN games against illinois and temple. Student turnout needs to be much better then last year.
  5. Attendance Article

    http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bulls/usf-season-ticket-sales-up-by-more-than-3000/2291508 This article had season ticket sales over 15k last year. Hopefully be closer to 18-20 this year. If I remember correctly 2007-2008 had 22-23k.
  6. Crowd

    Student section looks awful.
  7. Fan base culture shift

    We had less show up last night then we did against NIU. Hopefully Navy on a Friday night we will get 30k.
  8. Does anybody know if Usf sees any revenue from vendor and parking sales at RJS it does it all go TSA.
  9. When does team report?

    I think first week of August we should see updated roster and find out news on transfers. Usually day before camp the team reports and CWT will have presser. Maybe updated depth chart as well.
  10. 2007: Southern Florida, Right?

    My senior year also. The WVU game was one for the ages.
  11. Sentinel Ranks USF 45

    Northern Illinois should have a good offense but with if this team wants to get to the next level we will need this one.
  12. I think Ivy still has to finish a class so I'm sure it's not a definite he makes it.
  13. 2016 Recruiting Class

    If Calloway makes it back the roster will not show it till camp starts up. Some with freshman.
  14. 2016 Recruiting Class

    Yes that is correct. The current roster has not been updated since spring practice and we won't see any changes till fall camp begins. Bethel is on team and participated in spring practice. Gibbons retired due to injury but was said to be remining with team in some sort of capacity. Not sure what that means.