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  1. Gameday y'all. Greeeeeeen
  2. I'll have to give them a try. But b4 a baseball/ basketball game it's going to be hard to convince the wife on not going to Dunderbachs. Although CDB is always runner up
  3. Never liked the idea of the band ditching the football team like that at the bowl game. Marching band is for football entertainment. And this is coming from a former band member.
  4. Great this means I can't go. ****.
  5. ^Post of the year!
  6. I need about $3.50
  7. Giving the Bulls pen app a try instead of just using the mobile web.
  8. And with that up vote. You have reached 1000 positive votes
  9. I'd take that line. I would also take the over of 59.5. The over is a very easy bet
  10. I have neither anything constructive nor desconstructive to say in this thread. But that didn't stop the others from posting there 2 cents. So When in Rome
  11. MFGD
  12. I don't know if he graduated. But he did go to Usf.
  13. Please lord baby Jesus!
  14. I almost got a fight once with a guy in a piggly wiggly. Coming back from talladega I was talking trash about his dale jr driver.