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  1. BYU has a great schedule this season. On Sept. 2, BYU plays LSU at a neutral-site game in Houston. The following week, it gets a home game against nemesis Utah. After that, it’s another home game vs. Wisconsin. October doesn’t let up much with back-to-back games against Boise State and at Mississippi State. We have.... Um.... Well.... Ah... B1G powerhouse illynois Woot!
  2. I just hope we don't finish DFL next season...
  3. MBB and WBB both end tournament streak at the hands of UConn
  4. Ha, you beat me to it. I can drop a 5lb brown bass regularly.
  5. We're only down by 60. A good 4th quarter and we can get right back in this game. still proud of our team.
  6. And to think we are the 2nd best team in the conference. It's amazing how UConn just dominates every team. Lou is 7-7 from 3
  7. We are something like 0-47 all time against UConn. tonite could be the nite.
  8. She went 1-6 from the line... Wowza
  9. Yes we are, it's just a secret right now.
  10. Too funny.... Exactly, like they were in mortal danger at some point
  11. Pretty sure they weren't asleep in plain sight in front of the gate. Use your brain.