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  1. Memphis, Toledo, and USF in the top 5 best offenses in the country... it will be anarchy!!! Cats living with dogs!
  2. Wow, must have been a great game to watch in person. Go Bulls. 2 more wins!
  3. Keep the updates coming!!!
  4. Is it on Disney3 or tv?
  5. I'd rather be with their leftovers than the AAC scrubs, bring in us, Cincy, Houston, UConn, and the Whorelando chumps.
  6. We refer to him as Barry Jell-Rose
  7. The NHL left ESPN and went to Comcast/OLN/Versus each team got $1million more per season. The bad news was half the country didn't get Versus channel. A short sighted Gary Bettman almost killed the NHL. If you remember, ESPN and ESPN2 had NHL games on every night during the season. Then suddenly had zero presence in half the country. Then the NHL signed a slightly better deal with NBC Universal for 10 years. So ESPN wants to fill the massive programming void by losing the NHL (and their pissed at eachother) so ESPN goes down the path of "creating" programming. Every stupid kind of Texas Holdem tournaments to giving half hour slots to idiots like Steven A Smith... The NHL is a great product and in the 30 or so cities that have a team most are financially stable. I just think the NHL lost the casual fan who tuned into ESPN to catch a game. I hope the AAC doesn't do something shortsighted that will piss off ESPN. It will be like when the 3 Amigos get fired by Harry Flugelman
  8. She runs her dumb yapper like she did, she's always on the list. She's only kissing ass because everyone piled on her. Like getting caught and saying "sorry"when the truth is you're only sorry you got caught.
  9. I'd say #13 LSU would be a great add to the AAC...
  10. Gaytors can Pre-eminence Deez Nutz!
  11. Awesome!!!
  12. I wonder if the B12 had anything to do with this??? Mulder, Scully... Where are you