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  1. USF realignment "Rumors" "tweets" "etc"

    I have to call urban legend on that one (Texas legislature on record about UT and TT). Many people have perpetuated that but to my knowledge nobody has shown any evidence.
  2. For you OCS fans.

    Details please for us out of towners!!!!
  3. WBB Non-con Announced

  4. For you OCS fans.

    The problem is nobody wants to watch Tulane play Tulsa. We have to start having better OOC matchups to draw fans around the country to watch
  5. JPP and all Athletes

    Had no idea where this was going when I clicked.... Awesome!
  6. Thank You TBP and Brad

    Got my car charger the other day too. Wife is like, "Who's sending you **** from Arizona?". I told her it was my innerwebz friends and to STFU. She broke my charger and tried to shove it up my assss. Just kidding, she didn't break it. Thanks B-Rad!
  7. Game vs the Gators today

    Mental error... Just a killer
  8. American Cup III - (Final Standings)

    I appreciate all the sports, but winning in football is all that matters.
  9. Steven Bench arrested

    What an idiot....
  10. USF picked as top 5 Offense in 2017

    Memphis, Toledo, and USF in the top 5 best offenses in the country... it will be anarchy!!! Cats living with dogs!
  11. UCF Game 1

    Wow, must have been a great game to watch in person. Go Bulls. 2 more wins!
  12. UCF Game 1

    Keep the updates coming!!!
  13. UCF Game 1

    Is it on Disney3 or tv?