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  1. I ordered 4 club seats with moon shaped tables and 4 field club seats
  2. Sellular1

    Last Basketball Projection

    And BOOM. 6th seed in same bracket with UConn... No respect
  3. Sellular1


    Im not counting eccrappany Plus. Also the fact I live in Atlanta and everyone has to fly delta
  4. Sellular1


    Ha! Like silver medallion gets you anything. I'm platinum, fly every week and still rarely get upgraded. Every flight I'm on has 50 Diamond medallions in front of me.
  5. Sellular1

    Incredible: Jose Fernandez

    Total class. Also love the permanently endowed scholorship he created.
  6. Sellular1

    What would you prefer?

    Like Trip said, I'd take a B1G invite everyday
  7. Sellular1

    Illinois Attendance

    When you play and BEAT other teams that contend for titles like we did in back then like Auburn and WV we get big support. We had a path to the championship. Now we're stuck playing crap teams that nobody cares about with a best case scenario of getting a pity bowl NY6 game against the biggest loser G5 team.
  8. Sellular1

    Illinois Attendance

    Just wow. Difference in playing BCS conf with national champion path vs kiddie table.
  9. Sellular1


    Worst part is it wasn't his fault. Can only run the play called in.
  10. Sellular1

    Glad we didn't dump $200 mill on an OCS

    Jeez, should have used my sarcasm font. Can't a guy just vent???
  11. The good news is nobody other than us are watching this turd fight
  12. So much suckage the last 2 weeks across the board