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  1. Lol! I just hope we go as good as we are expected this year.....will make this more funny.
  2. I am not worried about Temple one bit. They have lost so many seniors, and their star coach..... I don't even think they are a bowl team next year.
  3. Think maybe Dingle could be starting this year, or at least an impact player?
  4. You can't compare them IMO because how the landscape changed. The feel this season seems very different from '07.
  5. Yep. Once we cross that bridge nothing will matter anymore. We would have a title, finished the season ranked, more wins vs top 25 teams and more importantly hold that (likely) 7-2 record vs them, which to this day they say means nothing. We all know how much they would be bragging about the head-to-head record if it was reversed.
  6. Best part is, UCif fans can't use the "you've never finished the season ranked" argument against us anymore.
  7. I'd take it in a heartbeat.
  8. I want an undefeated season. We won't make the playoffs even if we canx Stony Brook and add a P5 ranked game (and win). Our conference is weaker next year, and I doubt with the bowl performances we had last year the American would be looked at seriously. Just embrace it for what it is: Run the table, NY6 bowl date. QF with Heisman consideration. That's our best case.
  9. 13-0 next year, and a date with UF in a NY6 Bowl. Book it.
  10. Well ****. We will still be in good hands though. Thanks Mack. Good luck.
  11. That was my first thought! Lol a lot of them still don't like the CWT hire, but I think CWT has a hell of a staff with him there.
  12. True. They were in it until the very end.
  13. I think we could jump WMU. Anytime a top 25 G5 teams loses a game, they fall in the polls hard. Very little room for error.
  14. Come on guys, as much as I hope QF gets in the Heisman running next year, our SoS will never allow that. Even if we are ranked going into the season, 100% no chance the media gives him the attention that QF deserves. He'll be looked at as a nice story, and that will be all.
  15. Thanks for the info, I didn't know this. That's good for us, obviously.