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  1. Charlie Strong needs to go!

    Lol yeah. I am serving 14 years in the military and go to USF games once in a while despite the travel (2004 grad by the way) but I’m a ucf fan like you say.
  2. Charlie Strong needs to go!

    He won’t get canned, but a P5 school may nav him, which is ok IMO. He isn’t a good coach.
  3. Charlie Strong needs to go!

    Good coaches adjust to the skill sets they have!
  4. Charlie Strong needs to go!

    I really have no confidence even if he has who he wants. If he can’t adjust to the skill set he has now.....he isn’t a good coach
  5. Charlie Strong needs to go!

    I hope he’s taken to a P5 team....honestly this has been an embarrassing season considering what we were coming into. I want a young coach who wants to be here. I’m so worried he is going to skip holz this program.
  6. This game exposed him (officially). He doesn’t know what to do with talent, so what will he do with a young and less talented team next year? He’s Skip Holz Redux. Really, can’t go through that again. He needs to go!!
  7. Nebraska

    Good news, and yes it will be a distraction IMO. I respect Frost, think he's a hell of a coach, but don't want him in this conference (especially UCF) and will gladly see him bolt. Next year, UCF is back to mediocre, because no matter who they hire they will make the changes to "their" style and nothing will be the same. They will get "STERLINGED"
  8. UCF is going to beat us down

    I wonder...have UCF fans accepted the fact that this is Frost's last game vs us? Let's make it 2-0 against him before he's gone.
  9. If I did not Know Better

    I think people can’t enjoy this season so far because with the way we’ve played, we are just waiting for that first loss.
  10. SoS means so much to the playoff committee,I remember last year they kept leaving Houston in the top 25 despite losing to SMU, all because of their wins over Louisville and OU. Even though we had a better record throughout the year, we never cracked the poll. Even after our quality win vs Navy who was 25 at the time.
  11. We are still one spot ahead....for some reason.... Can't get upset even if they end up passing us. They have looked more complete than we have and they have two good wins. I think the playoff committee will rank them ahead of us initially, and we will fall back into the 20s whenever they do their initial poll. As they've always said, SoS is one of the biggest factors when deciding on rankings. Now, imagine them leaving us unranked lol. We'd be in the teens in both the AP/Coaches, only not ranked at all in the playoff poll. Would kind of be funny in a way.
  12. This Game Has Me Worried

    For those that aren't worried about Tulane because they just lost to FIU, I'd take that with a grain of salt. I remember Pitt losing to Bowling Green back in our Big East games and they smashed us in our conference opener. Any given Saturday man. But with that said, I'm nervous every game, and this week is no different. I definately think that this game is going to be harder than I originally thought when going into the season. But I think we'll win this one. Just relax!
  13. It just hit me

    I think people are just pissed about the dumb false starts and mental mistakes before the ball is snapped. It kills drives. This game could have been like our UC killing two years ago had we capitalized on those drives in the first half.
  14. fCWT can't seem to settle in

    Lol! I just hope we go as good as we are expected this year.....will make this more funny.
  15. Football schedule announcement at...

    I am not worried about Temple one bit. They have lost so many seniors, and their star coach..... I don't even think they are a bowl team next year.