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  1. http://www.tampabay.com/sports/college/report-oregon-players-hospitalized-after-intense-workouts/2309864
  2. Going on 10 years and you are bringing up "officiating?"......Nah, that had nothing to do with it. Nice try though.
  3. http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bulls/report-strong-expected-to-be-named-usf-coach/2305888
  4. It's all by design. ESPN/Media and the P5's colluded to ensure this. It's a "stacked deck" which in turn goes against the grain of what sports should be about....It is all based on greed to ensure their success. Pathetic. There are negative parallels relating to season tickets, trying to grow the fan base and overall excitement in the area. Programs with a history of success will bounce back pretty quickly relating to these areas but the USF brand is fragile and it will be interesting to see how momentum is affected.
  5. It would be great if Duemig had to eat crow.
  6. Weather will be nice. I estimate 40k.
  7. Fantastic movie..............Up until the "EM-50" project. They should have ended the movie after they win the competition. Just my opinion
  8. Possible "updraft" issues should it get stormy. Will need custom "L" brackets/braces.
  9. That would be quite a "shocker." ........Sorry, had to say it.
  10. ESPN is a joke. Nothing more than Enhanced Social Propaganda Network. The broadcasts and shows consist of nothing more than repeated soap opera dreck (ad nauseum),hypothetical questions, over-the-top exaggeration and phony exuberance. Sports talk radio and local news (tv) all follow the same script. It's all a joke.
  11. Thankfully they didn't blame us for stealing their "horn-finger" sign. I've always wondered why that bothered people so much. Weird.
  12. He's the stuttering-stammering-blithering-J'Off of daytime sports radio. He's pathetic.
  13. Send a message to the Big 12. Fire him.
  14. 65%, I feel good about this.
  15. Will someone please remove this post. Thanks.