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  1. no more spots unless someone doesn't sign or someone leaves
  2. 2018 SG Diante Wood (6-4, 175, 3★) has received an offer from South Florida.
  3. Luis Santos (6-9, 266, 3.3★) | Position Rank: 23 will be transferring to Saint Louis.
  4. Malik Fitts (6-8, 237, 3★) will be transferring to Saint Mary's.
  5. gotta like having another Collins on the team, worked well last time
  6. I hope the BIG UUUUUZZZ signs with usf
  7. need a SG top priority now other then that Usman Haruna, Laurent and Atewe would be nice if we can't get any of the above
  8. guess we go 15-18 next year since we are now south penn state
  9. Another new name to pop up on the transfer possibilities. Avg 8 pts as a Freshman 3* out of Orlando
  10. MBB

    Glad Bibby is gone. He wasn't going to get any PT. Very marginal D1 player. Was going to get exposed for all his shortcomings. Players are much better that are coming in then the ones leaving. Hope DaSilva stays but heard he and holston have 1 foot out the door. Starting from scratch doesn't look like such a bad thing. next years team will be much better then this years team already. To my surprise Gregory is doing a great job so far
  11. 7 foot JUCO transfer Usman Haruna is a possible get that’d help VCU’s frontcourt immensely....looks very athletic for 7ft. Him and Taco would be a nice matchup
  12. I assume the two newcomers start with a third taking Mandersons spot
  13. We also have Malik Martin Eligible. looking better then expected so far