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  1. Gregory’s Plan to Build a Winning MBB Team

    We always do well when Collins has been our leader
  2. Troy Holston Transferring

    The dude is a hack....but back on target We have another player transfering I think he was actually a walk on though so I don't think it opens a scholly
  3. Troy Holston Transferring

    Hope this opens up a spot for Rashawn Langston to rethink his decision since a space just opened up.
  4. The REAL Florida T-Shirt

    Need a Rays sunburst as the Dot marker for Tampa on the florida map
  5. Crap didn't see that.....hope he decides to stay but not looking good
  6. We have an actual point guard coming in (Rideau), another 3 point threat (Langston), the addition of Holston. A solid wing player (Lang), Solid rebounder in (Yeatna). The weakness will be the interior (Dura & Scekic). Would expect close to .500 next year. ITs nice to see a progression with the team as compared to the regression we have seen the last 5 years
  7. any game prediction contest for todays game
  8. 1) SMU2) 93) Collins - 164) Martin - 75) 83% The return of JM (Boo or not to BOO)?
  9. save some for the conf tourney
  10. Memphis 16 Collins 16 Manderson 6 76%
  11. Tulane 6 jiggets 16 manderson 9 79
  12. AAC Bubble Watch (02.19.18)

    Do I know you??? Me and a friend use to go every year, and met a group of USF alumni by chance out there years ago. Best time ever is first weekend of the tourney. Use to go to the Venetian
  13. AAC Bubble Watch (02.19.18)

    100% agree with that. Just creating conversation. Love March Madness talk even better if USF is involved
  14. AAC Bubble Watch (02.19.18)

    Agree with the fact that Temple could still play their way back on the bubble but highly doubltfull too many loses need to get to conf champ game at the min. to even be considered