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  1. AAC Bubble Watch (02.19.18)

    Do I know you??? Me and a friend use to go every year, and met a group of USF alumni by chance out there years ago. Best time ever is first weekend of the tourney. Use to go to the Venetian
  2. AAC Bubble Watch (02.19.18)

    100% agree with that. Just creating conversation. Love March Madness talk even better if USF is involved
  3. AAC Bubble Watch (02.19.18)

    Agree with the fact that Temple could still play their way back on the bubble but highly doubltfull too many loses need to get to conf champ game at the min. to even be considered
  4. Loved that team, was almost as good as winning the two tourney games
  5. Collins something to look forward to.
  6. Tulsa 7 Collins 16 Manderson 9 79%
  7. AAC Bubble Watch (02.05.18)

    left out MVC could be two, WCC for sure will be two, C-USA very likely 2 or 3, OVC possible 2, SC possible 2, SB possible 2, WAC possible 2. Lots still online Temple will be on the bubble for sure unless they lose 2-3 games then no way they get in
  8. AAC Bubble Watch (02.05.18)

    thats if all the favorites all win conf tourney
  9. Temple 10 Jiggetts 16 Martin 7 76%
  10. Isaiah Manderson Redshirt

    All along thought he was a Jr, but see he is listed as a SR. So I guess he could actually be a grad transfer and go somewhere else too
  11. a little to late, since there are only a handful of games left in his time here
  12. 1) UConn2) 103) Samual - 164) Samual - 95) 79%
  13. 1) Tulsa2) 93) Banks - 164) Martin - 75) 79%