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  1. The Wire. Know that extra's gonna haunt
  2. psteazy

    Uniforms vs Houson

    what is the last game USF wore the traditional unis, helmet to toe? thanks.
  3. psteazy


    you're right, i don't. my rep is some West Coaster, claims he's a lawyer in Hollywood or something. just tells me to wire the monthly donations and he'll take care of the rest. shady if you ask me, but the guy's real passionate about USF. hell of a cynic tho. surely you'd wager our odds of 'succeeding' would outweigh football powerhouses like FAU, Mean Green, Tulane and Tulsa? ya'll postin in an OCS thread!
  4. psteazy


    that's putting a good deal of faith in the competence of USF braintrust steering this stampede. who are these mysterious figures, and why don't they reach out to me for loose change? regardless, i don't know what there is to be argued here, as it's a sharp bet Harlan will announce an OCS campaign if Chuck wins us an AAC title in '17. isn't that how these things go? fundraising should have begun a decade ago during the golden year, with CJL and Judy Botox panhandling door-to-door in a Billy Fuccillo Kia. gather your finest number lackeys, finagle together a debt-based finance plan of dubious legitimacy, and start divvying those construction contracts out to the cronies. build now, pay later, it's the american way. program autonomy now, or another decade sailing the cuckold Pirate Ship captained by TSA and the Glazers?
  5. psteazy


    unbelievable how many of you contest the OCS. playing the contrarian. time to capitalize on momentum and shout big announcements from tall building tops. every Philly news publication was running renderings of a Temple DT stadium before their season concluded in '15. USF being USF me guesses. we are operating in our own world at times. peep CSU's new stadium and tell me that doesn't make your piece tingle.
  6. psteazy


    support the war flamingo. closest USF fan's have ever gotten to a tradition.
  7. psteazy


    #CharlesInCharge #HiI'mChuckyWannaPlay?
  8. psteazy

    Next basketball coach

    only reason we haven't cut this dead weight clown loose is the financial implications of his termination, no?
  9. I'll be that guy. Assuming QF and Mack stick wit it, anything less than an undefeated regular season would be shocking for 2017.
  10. psteazy

    Oregon reaches out to Willie Taggart

    can't see Bill T captaining a program of this stature. still not convinced that this guy's built to operate under bright lights.
  11. psteazy

    Joel Miller's Father Speaks Out on CJL

    JM is a scuzzbag, spent time partying around that fool early in my undergrad. some journalist hack had to work this angle, right?
  12. psteazy

    10 win season!!!

    bowl win or bust.