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  1. I don't see Coach Gregory playing a style like Heath now or ever. Coach Gregory didn't recruit or is currently recruiting players that fit into HeathBall. The notion that USF can only win that way doesn't make sense. Coach Gregory isn't going to play like Shaka Smart either but they will look to score off rebounds and steals. If the talent level increases then so will the offensive capabilities and output.
  2. USF men's hoops roster evolving

    Great Pickup again. Looks like Coach Gregory prefer his PGs be more towards the physical type then then the smaller shifty type. Stephan Jiggets will handle the lead this coming season and give way to LaQuincy Rideau the season after next. We are out least for right now.
  3. Head Coach Basketball

    Actually there were quite a few local guys looking to transfer from their previous school. USF didn't get one, not really a serious look so far. We'll see what Laquincy Rideau does soon since we still might want another PG. Two local PGs committed to Penn St and Akron respectfully today. You are right in that maybe years on down the line USF can get a good local prospect or two to play for them. In the meantime the coaching staff have identified the areas in recruiting they are going to attack for the 2018 and 2019 classes as I said earlier.
  4. Head Coach Basketball

    Mark Harlan said he wanted USF to recruit locally, Coach Bartow vowed to recruit locally if he got the job. Coach Gregory got the job and one of the first things he said was he would recruit locally. In fact Heath and Antigua said they wanted to recruit locally when they were here. I think it's very clear now that either local coaches aren't helping USF get their players and/or local HS, JC, or Prep kids just don't want to play for the USF Bulls. Unlike the previous head coaches, Coach Gregory and his experienced staff of coaches have identified that putting a bunch on eggs into the local basket has the potential to be disastrous. I love the way this staff is out there recruiting and I have noticed that they are really concentrating heavily in other southern states, and up in the Northern areas where you can really use the Florida weather as a recruiting advantage. Also basically leaving the West Coast alone which we should since there is nothing to sell to recruits out there imo.
  5. USF men's hoops roster evolving

    I don't think coach Gregory brought in any academic risk students. I think were a couple of JC guys that might have been in question but we backed off. I expect to are all these recruits on the floor playing next season.
  6. USF men's hoops roster evolving

    David Collins smiles just a little when he dunked over some big guy and the the whole game just stopped. Players, coaches, and fans went nuts over the play. Watch from the 2:50 mark to the end. Big Dude said, "I didn't know he had that!" Talking about how Collins went up and over him. Crazy stuff!
  7. USF men's hoops roster evolving

    I think that closes it out in style. I know there are two PGs scheduled to visit but I don't know now. Like I said somebody could still leave
  8. USF men's hoops roster evolving

    This is Coach Gregory's #1 guy and I think all the other 2017 prospects are in holding until we see what Collins will do. Getting Collins could cause someone else on the current team to maybe look elsewhere too. I don't see any other SG prospects left USF can get, but there are a couple of PGs that has serious interest in USF with KJ Fitzgerald and Jamari Wheeler. Also PF Matthew Atewe is still available.
  9. USF men's hoops roster evolving

    Make the call. Where do you think he'll go?
  10. USF men's hoops roster evolving

    Reading stuff from the Akron folks it seems like Coach Dambrot knows how to lay it on thick.... I'm sure he told this guy the same thing. New Haven Athletics‏ @NHHSRockets 8h8 hours ago New Photos: Eric Williams Jr. signs with Duquesne University …
  11. USF men's hoops roster evolving

    Better chance to play right away(maybe start), better team, better city, and better conference all favor USF imo. Akron has the coming back and playing for a school in your home state in their favor Honestly don't know why Duquense hasn't been eliminated since they got a signature from HS SG Eric Williams Jr today, and their roster is loaded with other guards. Unless Collins is hoping they run a 4 guard offense, it seems like the road to starting is filled with hurdles there.
  12. USF men's hoops roster evolving

    I truly believe that Big Nik can have the same impact at USF that Ron Anderson had while he was here. I think he brings a lot of intangibles to winning.
  13. USF men's hoops roster evolving

    Hard work and chemistry. The roster looks good right now just need to fill that SG spot with David Collins.
  14. USF men's hoops roster evolving

    3 more spots open.