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  1. Good hire on paper because I was worried when I saw the other name pop up as a strong possibility for Coach Gregory's staff. Thank you Coach Gregory and Coach Bartow for having a guy who knows and has ties to the state of Florida to come on board. Just need to hire 1 more guy with state ties. Hopefully a current very successful Florida HS coach to join the staff.
  2. He said all the things you would expect a new head coach to say in an introduction news conference. What I will say is I HOPE Coach Gregory has learned much in his short time between jobs after being fired from GT. Poor bench coaching and even worse recruiting was his rep and rightfully so at GT. The recruiting part was very disappointing considering the school's location and brand new facilities built while he was there. That is alarming considering USF suppose to be a harder job to recruit to and with the sate of the program being what it is, recruiting has to be the top priority. Having said all that I do HOPE Coach Gregory can build USF into a top level AAC program in a few seasons because he is the HC and needs all our support and patience. I won't be calling for his firing anytime soon if things start off a little slow.
  3. Watching Joe Dooley FGCU give a very talented FSU team a great battle so far
  4. Again if Harlan was concerned about a mass exodus then he should have made Bartow the HC as soon as the season ended. Right now where USF is at, the threat of more players leaving really doesn't matter all that much. We need a lot of players, good players to turn this program into something other then a bottom feeder. Unless Gregory has turned around his approach to building a program then USF could have waited 2 or 3 threes to gauge the interest of other coaches. Gregory is known as a terrible recruiter, a coach who has a hard time closes the deal, easily the worse in the ACC. Hoping to build a team full of decent to good transfers will not do it at USF. I'm real interested in his hiring of asst coaches because he needs some real bulldogs who can get some solid players into USF for him.
  5. Or how many possible coaches they could have gotten interest from since they were more then capable of putting a good package deal together. Patience like life....good things come to those who just have the patience to wait. We'll see if the opposite takes place here.
  6. Well if Gregory follows the history of Izzo's former assistant coaches he'll be getting fired after failing to produce a successful program. Gregory has already contributed to the firing history of the Izzo coaching tree once but maybe he can be the only one to break the trend. Being a fan I hope he can do just that.
  7. Which is why USF needs to pick up the recruiting in a hurry or they will stay buried at the bottom of the league. I love what UCF did with getting Dawkins and they should be a mainstay in the upper half of the AAC on a yearly bases. I, like other fans are very concerned if Gregory can recruit, namely Florida which Harlan and Bartow knows is crucial to turning USF basketball into a winning program.If Bartow is staying on as Gregory's top asst then to other two hires must be able to recruit, just recruit
  8. Whenever a sports team hires a new coach, we all immediately ask the same question: Good or bad hire? That's the question we asked Tuesday when we learned USF was going to hire Brian Gregory to be its new men's basketball coach. Good or bad hire? The answer is not so cut-and-dried. Or exciting. Instead, the answer is "Who knows?" accompanied by a shrug and, maybe, a yawn. That's what USF basketball has come to. Frankly, this is what we've come to expect. Another wait-and-see hire that doesn't make much of a splash. Because of its sorry history, USF can't expect anyone to uncross his or her arms and give the Bulls the benefit of the doubt on anything related to men's hoops. Gregory might be a heck of a nice guy and really sharp when it comes to basketball. But this isn't the type of hire that excites whatever little fan base remains and entices skeptical recruits to one of the worst basketball programs we have ever seen. This is the man who is going to turn USF into a winner? This is the best USF could do? A 50-year-old whose career coaching highlight was getting to the second round of the NCAA Tournament eight years ago? Was there no one else? What about Joe Dooley, the coach who has Florida Gulf Coast in the big dance? What about former Alabama coach and Florida assistant Anthony Grant? There was intriguing talk about LeBron James' old high school coach. When you see what else is out there and how quickly USF moved on the hire, you wonder if Gregory was the only guy who returned USF's phone call. Surprising that USF athletic director Mark Harlan didn't jump in his car and use $10 worth of gas to drive over to Orlando where coaches such as Kevin Keatts (UNC-Wilmington) and Steve Forbes (East Tennessee State), as well as Dooley, will be coaching this weekend in the NCAA Tournament. What, Gregory was in such hot demand that he wasn't going to be available in a week? This hire was squarely inside the box. Then again, why do we think any of those other coaches would even be interested in USF? Let's face it, this is not a good job. Other than a season here and there, no one has been able to win at USF consistently. And the last guy, Orlando Antigua, turned out to be a complete disaster. The Bulls went 23-55 under his watch and now the NCAA is sniffing around to see if everything was done on the up-and-up. Now it's Coach Next — just the latest in a string of coaches searching for the key to unlocking the rusty door of success at the Sun Dome. So, can Gregory win at a place where no one seems to know how to win? While there won't be a flood on season tickets with this hire, Gregory does deserve a few minutes before we proclaim his is a good or bad move. That brings us back to Harlan. So far, he's 0-for-2 on basketball hires. Harlan had to turn to Antigua after his first hire, Steve Masiello, was discovered not to have a college degree as his resume stated. Two big swings and misses. It's about time Harlan got one right, wouldn't you say? As far as Gregory goes, we'll believe it when we see it. After all, this is USF men's basketball.
  9. As a head coach I would probably take Heath over Gregory.
  10. What Johnny Dawkins are you talking about? It can't be the one UCF has leading their program to 21 wins in his 1st season.
  11. I'm sure it can be spun to look that way...
  12. A smart and confident AD would. Doesn't look like USF has one though.
  13. What's Doug doing these days? Harlan is just clueless when it comes to basketball hiring imo. I hope I'm wrong but I don't think Gregory is half the coach Heath was. I'm gonna wait and see what his assistants look like but Bartow would have been a better hire since Gregory is the best a sorry AD like Harlan can do.
  14. Dooley would be a home run hire imo too. Damrot turning USF is good news for me. The bad news is why was Harlan going that rout with another coaching candidate that doesn't have southern/florida ties. I really have lost confidence is Harlan's ability to find a quality head coach that can bring USF out of this deep hole. If USF can't recruit the home state and JC then there is no hope.
  15. If there was ever any doubt about Bob Knight’s irrelevance and bitterness, he confirmed both on Friday. Knight, who lost touch with modern college basketball and common decency long ago, reaffirmed his despicable personality with some classless quotes on “The Dan Patrick Show.” “I hope they’re all dead,” Knight, a man who makes the Grinch seem like the Pope, told Patrick when cued up about his former bosses at Indiana. It’s those people who rightfully booted a lifelong bully out the door at IU in 2000. They moved on. Knight’s incapable of doing so, harboring anger and acidity that he’ll die with. Patrick brought to mind the fact that some of those people Knight wished dead might still be alive. When given the chance to walk back such a disgusting sentiment, Knight did what he’s always done: dug in his heels and made himself look worse in the process. “Well, I hope the rest of them go,” Knight said. They’ll go, just as the 76-year-old Knight will, eventually. But they’ll all die knowing they did the right thing. Knight can’t claim the same. The man singularly responsible for telling Knight he was no longer going to coach in Bloomington: the respected, departed Myles Brand, who died in 2009 from cancer. He was Indiana’s president then. In the years since, Brand has been proven correct. Knight’s legacy has only been soiled by his own accord. Knight, the mascot of a man-child for the worst of the worst when it comes to mental and verbal abuse in the coaching culture of yesteryear, was once placed alongside John Wooden as the greatest college basketball coach in history. In the December of his life, he has watched his protege, Mike Krzyzewski, breeze past him in that standing. This is a man who reached the Sweet 16 once in his final 13 years of coaching, a tyrant who sputtered off the sport’s sidelines before underwhelming as an unprepared color analyst. Now Knight’s only redeeming quality is his still-evident influence and brilliant innovation of the motion offense. Everything else about him carries a stench of rage, irrationality and contempt. He is a bitter, aging man who is incapable of letting go. Knight still holds in contempt those who had the audacity, in his mind, to push him out in Bloomington. He hasn’t returned since. And never will. “On my dying day, I will think about how great the fans at Indiana were,” Knight said, speaking to an imaginary contingent, a faction of supporters who are a fraction of the size in reality to what he believes exists. “And as far as the hierarchy at Indiana University at that time, I have absolutely no respect whatsoever for those people. With that in mind, I have no interest in ever going back to that university.” Indiana shouldn’t welcome him. In fact, in light of Knight’s abhorrent quotes to millions over public radio on Friday, the school should ban him for life. Endorsing the deaths of school administrators is crossing the line. Knight lived far too long doing what he wanted to do, saying what he wanted to say, choking who he wanted to choke. Indiana can let his memory linger with whatever trophies and photos adorn Assembly Hall, but let that be it. Knight thinks he’s won by cutting ties with IU. Truth is, Indiana’s too good for Knight now. In the 17 years since the divorce, the school has moved on, but been willing to welcome him back. That can end now. Bob Knight is not Basketball Jesus in Indiana, and he isn’t worthy of a homecoming. His style of coaching is going extinct, his force of personality fades further into irrelevance, and with these latest remarks, Knight’s place in college basketball and at Indiana University is no longer worthy of discussion. Let him live out his days in isolated anger, punching at ghosts, while the rest of the sport and the place he helped build leaves him behind.