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  1. USF looking tired agan as depth is going to be a problem
  2. You are right and so far USF is losing in the turnover battle
  3. Take care of the ball better, keep limiting Indiana to 1 shot, and get De Silva going and the Bulls might pull off a great win for the program.
  4. Good half for the most part. Collins looked like the player we expected coming out of high school. Big Nik and Martin have to do better for the front court guys. The whole team needs to play under control better. To many unforced turnovers.
  5. Alexis Yetna - USF Basketball

    Makes the team better if/when he plays. High ceiling young prospect
  6. His team is 0-1 so far looking to break into the win column tonight. They are currently playing on ESPNU.
  7. Hopefully T Samuels isn't hurt bad enough to miss time as the Bulls really needs him. Alexis Yetna not being there could be concerning, hopefully something comes out tomorrow as to why he couldn't play.
  8. Yep they will crawl before they walk and walk before they can run. This team will probably start to play better as the season comes to an end but do expect growth under Coach Gregory. No doubt he will be the 1st HC at USF to stablize the program. Better days are coming.
  9. Secret Scrimmage MBB

    True...also let's add the fact that Miami got a 1st place vote to win the ACC. They have a potential POY candidate and are easily a Final 4 pick for some. They are really good.
  10. I think the Antigua debacle will soon be in the past. COA wasn't ready to be a head coach but he sure can recruit for another head coach. He's doing a good job for Illinois.
  11. They scrimmage Miami Saturday. It's almost that time...YES
  12. Mens Basketball picked to finish last

    They'll do better then that imo.
  13. Men's Bball: What are your thoughts?

    Very impressed with coach Gregory and his staff. Amazing that he can recruit better at USF then at GT. Since recruiting was suppose to be his weakness, you have to be hyped about what he can do for USF since that is no longer the case. My prediction is that barring any more injuries USF finishes with a .500 or barely below record this season. By year 3 USF makes the NCAAT and the program will be at a level it has never been before. I say this because with the way they're able to recruit to a down program, just imagine what they can do with just a taste of success. If everything plays out the way I predict, USF will be running the AAC in the major sports for years to come. Yes I am the real Vega lol
  14. Problem with Troy Holston

    I'll be stunned if he comes back to play next season. The backcourt next season come be a strength for USF. Don't see where he fits
  15. Bruce Pearl

    Yeah he has been incredible. Recruiting was suppose to be his weakness at GT, but he has turned that around here at USF and then some.