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  1. Bill Gramatica missed an extra point for them in 2004 and was cut after the game.
  2. Growing tired of the announcers mentioning Navy coming back on us but failing to mention our liberal substituting and taking our foot of their throat.
  3. Love the strength of schedule rankings... 5 - AAC 6 - Missouri Valley Conference 7 - BIg 12
  4. If WMU wins they go to the Cotton. Navy wins against 2 ranked teams won't move them up enough. If WMU loses and Navy does go to the Cotton, the AAC will send a western division team to play in Fort Worth. No effect on our bowl chances.
  5. He will probably triple his career high single game rushing yard total against us.
  6. Football

    Matt's 07 team had the signature wins the 16 team (or 15 team) does not. The 07 team won a road game in the big stadium against a hostile (though certainly very polite) fans...the 16 team beat up a bad Syracuse team on its homecoming in a half-full Carrier Dome. The 07 team won its big home game against a Top 10 opponent...the 16 team could not keep up with FSU. I understand why Matt would feel the way he does. The 16 team has a chance for a signature win this Friday. Let's hope they bounce back from adversity and get the job done. Go Bulls.
  7. The only solution is to keep showing up and stay in your seats. The players deserve to see fans in the stands, especially now that we're goo again. TV and those they pay for the broadcast rights do not care about the fans in the stands. If they did, they wouldn't schedule games in Florida for noon when games in Annapolis, Maryland start at 3:30. An OCS will solve nothing. No way the cost can be justified. I don't think the student section would have been much fuller if they only had to cross Fowler instead of journey down to RayJay. The fanbase need to suck it up. Apply sunscreen liberally and repeatedly (my knees and arms attest to my failure at doing this). Drink water. This is the best way to show support.
  8. Woodie is in line for a promotion that will not require him to be involved in the gameday activities of the defense.
  9. UCONN squeaked by Maine on a last minute field goal and Cincinnati was trailing UT-Martin at halftime. As expected, Tulane lost a middle-of-the-road ACC team. Not a great start for the AAC.
  10. UTSA or Rice to replace Houston...Northern Illinois or Toledo to replace Cincinnati
  11. College football in New England is mostly an afterthought. UMass below schools with growth potential such as UTSA and Georgia State.
  12. Just booked flights on Allegiant. Flying up Friday and back on Sunday out of Elmira. Any recommendations on a hotel?
  13. Price and Byrd toward the end of Day 3.
  14. The same team also drafted Delbert Alvarado and Julius Forte. I believe I read they will be playing in Orlando.