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  1. Oregon reaches out to Willie Taggart

    im following here, on twitter, reddit, and by following this guy: https://twitter.com/FireHelfrich
  2. No Respect

    You can't compare USF to NDSU or UND. I'm from North Dakota. When I lived there, whether you had attended college or not, you pledged allegiance to one school or the other. A lot of NDSU fans are the midwest version of Cane fans. They didn't actually go to the school, but then cheer on the team and attend its games. With state schools in Florida having already established those sorts of fan allegiances, USF can only really rely on its alumni and their associates for support. So, North Dakota college football is not a fair comparison to USF college football. IMO
  3. Not looking at stats, but QF ...

    I know it's far fetched and the practical answer isn't the exciting one, but it's fun to think about: All-time USF offensive All Star team (besides players on THIS team) vs This season's offense?? Pretty sure you go with the former. But the fact that its seems a remotely reasonable question speaks volumes about the talent on this offense.
  4. Cbs sports net online question

    Never got firstrow to work for me tonight. First time thats been the case in the 2 or 3 seasons since I dropped cable. Used chrome with regular adblock plus; will have to try a different combo next time. I hate that I feel criminal doing this. I never even thought of it, but does any legal way even exist to pay to stream USF, outwide of a full cable package? That would be legit. Tonight, I depended on Louk's call on tuneinn, which I actually enjoy.
  5. 1) Winning team: USF 2) The final score: 42 - 24 3) Bulls leading rusher: Flowers 4) Bulls leading receiver: Adams 5) Bulls total offensive yards (closest without going over): 416
  6. Scary thought: this defense versus the old Big East running backs. Shady, Ray Rice. Our tackling is shameful. Hate being negative
  7. 2017 USF VS San Jose State Moved

    Must be a Tampa - DC - California migration pattern. I did the same thing!
  8. Uniforms vs. Cincinnati

  9. 2017 USF VS San Jose State Moved

  10. Unofficial AAC / Other Game Thread

    I guess I'm derailing this further (sorry!) but I wonder who is the best back we have ever faced. Cook's up there. Was it Jonathan Stewart who gashed us in the Sun Bowl? El Paso. Shudder.
  11. My heart and brain are not aligned: 1. FSU 2. 37 - 34 3. Flowers 4. Elkanah Dillon 5. 441
  12. Wear Green for the FSU/USF Game

    I hate to sound like I'm indicting anyone, but 20 year-old kids have promised us their max effort in a violent game for our entertainment, and we can't be bothered to match their enthusiasm by wearing green for a few hours? Seems weak. Though, I'm throwing stones from 3,000 miles away (while wearing green, however!) Ultimately, I'm just happy that fans will be in the stands. I guess I was just surprised by some of the responses in this thread. Totally unexpected, actually.